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Trail's End Restaurant, popular Disney World restaurant located in The Campsites at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort

Credit: Walt Disney World Resort


  1. Mark

    Yet, another reason to share my vacation dollars elsewhere. They keep removing the little touches that made WDW special. Are they trying to drive people away? Declining by degrees.

    1. Scott

      I’m 44 years old and I can vividly remember being 3 years old and eating in this restaurant. My family visited Disney World 2 – 4 times a year and we stayed at the Campground. I still love this restaurant today and have taken my own children there to eat and see where their father spent time when he was their age.

      Aside from being the only restaurant in the Campground, it is the only restaurant that hails from the original opening days of WDW. Why do they have to change every single thing….people stay at the Campground and expect that kind of enviorment….they love it. So now, all the campers will have to pay the overly inflated cost to go to the HDDR…or will have to cook at their campsite….else it’s get on a bus or drive to a restaurant. Why to take care you the customers/guests Disney!!! This is an end of an Era for sure. Disney is definitely not what it used to be.

      1. TERRY Spann

        I agree with you Scott! It is an truly unacceptable that Disney is ruining all the original things that we DISNEY! Why did Iger come back?? a question everyone should ask!

        1. Sadly just one more thing Disney is taking away!! WTH!! There is virtually nothing left at Disney that was or is iconic!! Let the millennial have it!!

    2. James

      Jesus, get over yourselves your freaking Disney adults losers. Who cares if you spend your buck fifty somewhere else. Go. The less people like you at Disney works for everyone.

      1. TrollJim

        Shut it Jim – you can’t afford DW anyway you basement dweller. PS – your mom wants you to turn off the lights down there and go to bed.

      2. Charles Pryor

        You sound like your professing hate speech against a group of seniors who have supported Disney Ft Wilderness over many years! How dare you swear at us! Bless Your Heart!

      3. jal11180

        Shut up, James. Some things need to remain. There is a reason why people flock to a certain pub in Ireland that literally has been in existence since the beginning of the Middle Ages and why a family owned inn in Japan had been around since 576 A.D./C.E. The reason is that they consistently run good service, that they could honestly care less what other businesses are doing around them, and that those two businesses are not about chasing the latest fads or trends, and that creates a business that is literally timeless. Disney is supposed to be like that, but their political, fad, and trend chasing self only cares about money rather than the customer service, the fan, and the message is sent to the customers and fans, and when a business forgets about the people that give them their business, then that is a reason why people are, as well as should, take their business elsewhere.

        1. jal11180

          are taking, as well as should be taking, their business elsewhere.^

        2. jal11180

          the message that is sent to fans, as well as the customers,^

    3. TJ

      Death of a great vacation…..by a thousand cuts. We never minded spending more to take the family to Disney but at every turn they remove more and more of things that we looked forward to while visiting. This is just one more example – we almost always ate at Trails End almost every visit no matter where we stayed.

    4. jal11180

      Bye bye, Robert, because you will no longer have a Walt Disney World Resort, or ANY Walt Disney products that will exist within the next two decades. There is a reason why Bob Iver got fired the first time and it will happen again. The company is on shakier and more unstable ground than the places with which it has established it’s businesses over the years.

      1. jal11180

        That should read Bog Iger, but Autocorrect, despite its rather ironic existence to help people not misspell words, ironically misspelled his name.

        1. jal11180

          I said Bob Iger, Autocorrect! Do you seriously think that you are an actual grammar and spelling service with those kinds of egregious mistakes?

  2. Jim

    To. Get rid of trails end sit down,I understand,to close for many months to refurbish means P j will close ,which means campers at fort will get a big shaft,oh food trucks yay, PJ needed at fort.

    1. Lynda

      So sad to see this go. We enjoyed dinner and breakfast there while staying in one of the cabins with our granddaughter. Was looking forward to coming down with our camper and it was one of our things we planned on doing. Why change the one sit down restaurant in the campground? Not everyone one wants to go to HDDR or leave the campground for a sit down meal that you did not fix.

      1. Patty

        We made reservations in October to stay at the cabins, and my Granddaughters couldn’t wait to eat at trails end. So now no sit down resturants is Fort Wilderness. I couldn’t wait to enjoy this since we would eat there when I was little myself, top reason I booked this resort!

        1. Shelley

          Will this affect Crockett’s Tavern??

      2. Jennie

        Terrible decision. As a large extended family, we have been here many times. This truly will be missed.

      3. zara

        This is a disgrace, for the amount of money they charge to camp or holiday in a cabin and you can’t even get a sit down meal on site…

      4. James s.

        What a shame . I’ve been going there almost since the park opened. The management at Disney apparently doesn’t care about keeping the traditional things going that enticed so many to return time and again. Probably another cost cutting move. It’s sad what has become of Disney world. And the bandits that have taken over.

  3. Kevin Hemmingway

    Why keep keep changing things like Trails End Restaurant? Is it because the well to do don’t like country cooking? Higher entrance prices and now closing a rustic style restaurant with country cooking. “IMAGINE “. Makes you wonder. And you want to change the name to only Disney World? Far cry from when we were last able to afford it when our kids were young in 1992. Now we r 66 and on social security and have no extra to be able to go again . We are native Floridians. Thank you for 1992

    1. Lee

      that’s about the LAST time we were there. once you get on the wrong side of 40 WDW is not gonna cater to you. River Country was still open when we last visited there how long ago has that gone bye-bye?

  4. Carmela

    One of my favorite dining locations. Disney greed strikes again. It was the last of the reasonable dining offerings

  5. Greg B

    Yet another vehicle for Disney to soak every dollar out of guests that they can get away with….have you seen the prices of their “quick service” offerings lately??? To take away the elements that made this restaurant special and unique is unacceptable.

  6. JackieP

    With so many restaurants that have a legitimate need to close and refurbish, this is certainly a curious choice. Clearly, I am an outsider and am not privy to the data that the execs who ordered the change have in making this decision, but there are at least a dozen restaurants on property that need to step up[ their game, and this is not one of them.

    1. Jim Thompson

      Just Disney screwing up something else. Think I’ll cancel our May reservations. After almost 50 years we’re done with Disney.

      1. Carol Forman

        So sad to hear this. It was a great place to dine when we camped at Fort Widerness. We haven’t been there in years, but recently thought it would be great to visit again.

      2. jal11180

        See my previous statement to you, Robert. Also, I am pretty sure that a. you are a relative of one of the executives that thought that doing things like this constantly and consistently is a good idea, b. that you are a fake sock puppet username account, along with James, of some member of the executive team that thought that doing these things are a good idea, and/or c. that you are a part of the clueless woke/broke/joke crowd that does not respect the traditions of this place…not all change is good, and just because you could does not necessarily mean that you should.

      3. Jim? Do everyone a favor and cancel your reservation. I have been reading all of these annoying posts. I’m going to do this” “. I am going to do that” “. People! If you do not like what is going on in FW campgrounds then, stay somewhere else. If it doesn’t have what it used to have 50 years ago, stay elsewhere! As for rising prices, everything has gone up. Not just WDW. Fort Wilderness Campgrounds cabins are still a great value. I will only stay there because I can relax and enjoy the wildlife and the beautiful scenery. Please stop threatening to do something then turn around and do nothing!

        1. BTW, I am one of the 2222 Fort Wilderness Campgrounds cabin girls. We love it and we are still quite popular. Enjoy your stay or, find something else to your liking. You only live once!

  7. Jayne1955

    My favorite restaurant at Disney World. My whole family just loves it and they better not screw it up.

    1. Jules

      I’ve been a disney park fan since I was a child. I chose Ft wilderness for my senior trip. I spent my honeymoon there and having taken my own children several times up until 2019 before C19. We were so looking forward to returning this year. But refuse with all the restrictions and policies. Trails end was our family place to eat several times during our stays which usually lasted 1-2 weeks at a time. This year we are taking the kids to a theme park. But for the first time ever, it won’t be disney. Such a shame.

      1. WSRes

        I have a friend who works in that area. Trails End was only open 5 days a week due to staffing problems. After the refurbishment, P&J’s will become to go only.

      2. jal11180

        Repeating the same message three times does not make you right, Robert, it makes you intellectually dishonest, disreputable, and lazy, as well as desperate and pathetic because no one wants to hear from you, let alone wanted to hear your stupid opinion the first time.

      3. jal11180

        Repeating your same message three times does not make you right three times, Robert, it makes you wrong three times, as well as lazy in your comments.

    2. I’m thinking that eventually the campground will no longer exist. Too much money to be made elsewhere. So so sad. Oh well there is always Universal!

  8. Sue

    Terrible decision. We loved going to trails end for breakfast and dinner. Prices were reasonable, food was great and the service and staff were fabulous.

    1. Kate

      Totally agree. So sorry to see it go. The atmosphere was always fun and the food was terrific.

      1. I’m thinking that eventually the campground will no longer exist. Too much money to be made elsewhere. So so sad. Oh well there is always Universal!

  9. Jennifer

    Disney is so not what it used to be. My last trip in 2019 was my last. Sadly not happy with the park and everything that has changed. Walt did not want this mess.

    1. jal11180

      Oh, bye bye to other people for your family? Yeah, well, when airlines quit caring about their customers, it was essentially the straw that broke the camel’s back that led to some of those airlines ceasing to exist, such as Pan-Am and TWA. Disney will inevitably go on that route because of short sighted people like yourself and your family, Robert, and then no one will have ANY Disney resorts, or cruise ships, with which to take a vacation on within the next two decades…respect the customers and fans and they will respect you, but listen to the shortsighted executives, as well as their greed, and the political woke/broke/joke activist crowds, and the business will dry up quicker than the Aral Sea.

    2. jal11180

      Oh, repeating the same message four times there Robert? What, was being wrong three times not enough for you?

  10. Wcjeep

    Never heard of this restaurant. Seems it caters to the RVs and campers? RVs already have their own chairs /tables. Don’t see the problem with an update.

    1. wesley

      You clearly don’t know what Fort Wilderness offers to say that. Yes there are sports for RVs and trailers to stay but they offer cabins and rooms for people to stay in like other resorts at WDW as well.

  11. Lee

    I think we ate there once or twice. haven’t been there in over 20 years. kids grown & the entire place has priced the middle-class out of ever visiting there again. There’s venue’s a lot cheaper IF one desires the theme park route at all (which we no longer care to visit). And we live in FL to boot but they don’t care about us any longer. Its sad what has happened to that place people are treated more and more like cattle every year… and at ludicrous prices. we stopped going to Fort Wilderness when prices went over about $30/night. that was years ago.

  12. Rw

    Absolutely terrible move just one more move proving the powers that be don’t care about tradition or the fact that was the only restaurant there.

  13. Esther

    We have stayed at the campground 2x’s a year every year for the last 33 years and we stay for a week or more. We take our fridge full of food and love Trails End so much that most of the food comes home with us even though I have not been that impressed with the family style menu they offer now. But the atmosphere makes it worthwhile and the tavern is great when you can order a drink and sit on the porch in a rocking chair enjoying the music and the night. We continue to renew our annual passes as well but it has gotten to the point where we are considering not renewing or staying at the campground anymore. We love seeing the campground all decorated by the campers during Halloween and Christmas and partaking in all of the other actives they offer. There are a lot of other beautiful places to camp across the country that don’t cost an arm and a leg.
    They are pricing themselves out of existence. They are trying to get the big money makers in. So those of us who love Disney for the places like Trails End, the campground, the tavern and the activities out there aren’t important.
    I wonder what’s going to happen when they lose guests to places like Universal, Sea World, even Legoland and for an hour ride there’s Busch Gardens.
    It breaks my heart to see everything go away.

    1. jal11180

      Not if Walt Disney ceases to exist as a company, which is well on its way for a variety of reasons, Robert.

  14. Charles Pryor

    Is this another left over Chapek decision? Iger, what’s wrong with you?

  15. Norman

    Yet another reason to dine off property out on HWY 192. They’ll probably close Liberty Tree next, in favor of more mashed up hamburgers and chicken nuggets.

  16. Ken B

    Just another disappointment. As a family we always went to campground for a great supper are breakfast ( loved the breakfast) . The memories are dying slowly but surely. We grew up going to Disney all five of us! Going to truly miss it. We will miss all the waiters who took good care of us . Many years have passed now and kids are grown up. So , so long Trails End , it was great !

  17. Kurt

    The last time we went to Disneyland (haven’t been to Florida), we took peanut butter & jelly and changed our shoes at lunchtime. I wonder if you can still bring in your own food?

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