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Sunset Boulevard at Disney's Hollywood Studios Theme Park

Credit: Disney


  1. Mike Lloyd

    Previously known as a “E-Ticket” night

    1. Drew

      I thought it was previously known as “free extra magic hours” for those staying at a Disney resort. So they’ve figured out another way to squeeze even more blood from a rock. They must have trained with the IRS.

  2. LBaker

    $50 per hour per person takes alot of the Magic away. The cost makes this event unreachable for many Disney lovers.

  3. Steve-O

    So they’ve figured out a way to monetize days that don’t have ‘parties’ going on? Great. I assume that on those days (like party days), the regular admission for the parks still cost the same, but guests have to leave if they don’t have a ticket for the event? It’s just another way to nickel-and-dime paying customers while squeezing people willing to pay higher-than-park prices for three hours in the park with low wait times. Which isn’t terrible, I guess….until they start over-selling these like they did the Halloween party and the Christmas party. Those used to have low wait times, but now are almost as crowded as regular park days. I guess it won’t be long before every day at Disney essentially has two admission times.

    1. K

      Instead of visiting each park 2x, do this and go only once. Be complete with Disney in 4 days and have leisure time I guess with less stress.

  4. Joanne Heckman

    Wait times for after hours have always been non existent ?? This is nothing new. We got lanyards and wrist bands for our first after hours in 2018/9 not sure and unlimited free ice creams … popcorn….and bottled drinks .. my kids brought their friends and had a blast!

  5. CoasterFan

    My son and I did the Disney After Hours at Hollywood Studios last week. We were just going to do Magic Kingdom and Epcot on our trip, but decided to do the after hours event as an addition because we had not been to that park since they added Toy Story Land and Galaxies Edge. We thought it was excellent. Disney officially lets you in at 7:00 PM so you really get 2 extra hours in the park. We were able to ride all the rides in the park as walk ons with no wait. Not to mention all the Mickey Premium Bars, Ice Cream Sandwiches, Popcorn, bottled drinks we wanted and parking included. It was well worth it to not have to worry about getting our chance on Rise of the Resistance and Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway.

  6. Aaron

    Best idea I’ve heard of in awhile. Is go back after all these years just to do it.

  7. Emily

    My husband and I have done this at magic kingdom, and I think it’s amazing, I would skip the daytime and just do this! It sort of feels like you rented out the park yourself and you can just ride everything with just about no lines, and usually no lines. Downside is, it’s too late for our little kids. The other note is that you feel more like a ride junkie than soaking in the general theme park experience. But it’s like my childhood dream of no lines come true. I highly recommend, switch the money you’d spend on a ticket that day and use it for a night with no planning needed, just rides!

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