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Two PhotoPass Cast Members stand back to back in front of Cinderella Castle wearing lime green costumes.

Credit: Disney Parks Blog


  1. Cyndi

    Good grief! Why are people complaining about a shirt? So it green?! I’m all for cast members being comfortable and Disney using our trash to do some good in this country! Quit finding things to complain about!

  2. TinaS

    First, what do you care what color the photographers shirts are? They are not in your picture, so….
    Making them easier to spot is great.
    As for tucking versus non-tucking. Have you ever lived in FL? Tucking traps body heat and makes it worse. Yes, I was born and raised in FL so I have first hand experience.
    People, stop being a “snowflake’! There are more important things to be upset about.
    Just an FYI – I have been going to WDW since 1972 and love that Disney is trying to make some CMs jobs easier and safer.

  3. Jaxx

    Love the green shirts! Now you can tell EXACTLY where the PhotoPass photographers are!

    For everyone who doesn’t like them – no one asked your opinion. I’m sure I could say something about what you wear, too. Stop whining about everything, for heaven’s sake!

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