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father and daughter wearing masks in front of cinderella castle at disney world

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  1. Mike K

    It is a private company they can make whatever rules they want and sorry but the religion of the people who are filing a lawsuit doesn’t ban vaccinations or science…it is complete nonsense from some religious nut jobs…

    1. Chris

      Actually, even as a private company, they are legally required to no discriminate based on any of the following:
      Sexual Preference

      There are more protected classes as well, but these are the big ones. This means they cannot fire someone (or make different rules) for refusing to get vaccinated based on religious reasons.

      Now the tricky part here is that I haven’t seen a single religion come out against COVID vaccines, even the religions that are normally against such things have supported the vaccines, so it is harder to claim religious discrimination.

      It is also hard to prove religious discrimination, as companies will almost always find another reason for firing than what can be proven in a court of law as religious discrimination.

      But these lawsuits are important to make sure that people have the freedom of choice of what they do with their own bodies. Oh, wait that only applies if they want to get an abortion, right? Sorry, but that kills people (babies even) too, so if abortion should be legal, as it is freedom of choice with your body (not that I totally buy into that), no one should have the right to say I have to get vaccinated, it should be my choice by the very same logic.

  2. Jarvis

    These covid crazies ruined everything for their left wing extremism. Thank God for Ron Desantis to stop these real nut jobs. We can never let these maniacs take away our rights again.

    1. Bert

      You’ll get over it. Or not….

    2. lrak

      amen. you said it friend

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