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Walt Disney World Cinderella Castle

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  1. Michael C.

    Look, I don’t want to be the fly in the ointment, but I have been at the parks, at least a dozen times over the last three weeks., Including Christmas Day at the Magic Kingdom. Now I don’t care for crowds either, but it goes with the territory when you are visiting Disney. However, the crowds have not been your typical elbow-to-elbow type visits. I can’t speak for NYE, but I don’t think it is ethically correct to post material that is obviously incorrect. Of course, your version of crowded in my version of crowded may be very different. But never once did I encounter any ride that had over a 90-minute wait. You were once a very reputable website that people could turn to for great advice and other useful information. Maybe it’s not Disney’s “Magic” that is disappearing, but possibly it’s those of you that are lucky enough to have decent websites and many supporters that are losing the magic and focusing only on the negative. That’s just my opinion and it’s not gospel. Perhaps others feel differently.

    Thank you for your time.

    1. Steve

      You must have been very lucky, because most parks have rides over 90 minutes on a normal day.

    2. your weird and not in a good way. crowds are gross and ride times way too long for average person. wake up weirdo!

  2. Maybe you shouldnt take away fastpass and relabel it as genie plus and act like we are gonna keep coming to your parks? The blatant money grab will cost them in the end and when epic universe opens and when 50 percent of your annual passholders have cancelled good luck!! I for one cant wait to watch them suffer…..longtime passholder cancelling when my passes runout ill be at universal!

  3. Jerry

    The thing is, Disney claimed the Genie+ and Lightning Lane would ultimately make the stand-by line shorter wait times and smoother. That has not happened. And with an increase in rides going down due to lacking maintenance is compounding the problem.

  4. Mandie

    We have just returned from Disney World. My husband and I have been quite a few times, our eldest granddaughter (15)once before but for my daughter and youngest g/d (6) it was their first visit and I was very disappointed for them. I believe in the ‘magic’ of Disney but I thought it was missing that magical feeling this time. I thought it was because we are older now but eldest g/d said the same. There wasn’t the excitement or wow factor.
    We don’t mind the crowds as it’s expected especially over Christmas and New Year but the lightening lanes were almost empty while general lines were 90+ minutes no matter what time of day it was. Some lines were shorter but the majority were very long.
    The reservation system doesn’t really work either as there is no spontaneity any more and you might not get into the park of choice which is disappointing for children.
    We also thought that everything was a lot more expensive this time regardless of the exchange rate (gbp to usd) being lower than usual.
    We have decided that this will be our last trip to Disney World

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