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mom taking picture of two daughters by cinderella castle at disney world

Credit: Disney


  1. Royz

    Elementary My Dear Imagineering…

    Tron Coaster should have been designed as a completely indoor attraction. Yes The same track could have been built within a clear plastic tube so that gueats could still see a portion of the coaster kinda outside but well.enclosed from the elements.

    But place on organic shap tarp of outdoor coaster track…..Budget Budget Budget….Oh yeah in Toy Storyland, wheres Als Toy Barn as the merch shop? Budget cuts.

    Pretty soon Imagineers will have to make do with supplies from the Dollar Tree catalog to build the next attractions.

  2. JB

    The thing looks like a giant Maxi-pad. It doesn’t belong in the MK to begin with, it just doesn’t fit the look or feel. The fact that it is already showing wear is no surprise Disney has been doing things as cheap as possible for way too long, just take a walk around and you see it everywhere. If Walt weren’t already dead the the cheap Six Flags approach the parks have taken over the past 15-20 years would kill him.

  3. Beth W.

    So it’s not really “falling apart” before it’s opened, it simply has weathering on it, which, considering how long it’s taking to build it, and that this is humid Florida, is not surprising. Why even suggest something like that?

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