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Tree of Life

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    1. Elizabeth

      They R open ur round

      1. DWexpress

        It is open year round…

  2. Splash Mountain is an iconic ride at Disney World. Why is this classic family fun ride being replaced? It is one of the main attractions. It is because of Disney Corp. going extremely WOKE. My family are park addicts. We have spent many spring breaks in Disney World Parks. The park will never be the same for true Disney enthusiasts. Walt will be turning in his grave. Sad!! Shame on Disney Corp. It is still one of the most popular rides in Magic Kingdom.

    1. Nathan Lee

      except, it seems you do not know much about Walt Disney. He was always wanting to plus the parks and closing attractions and replacing them. So, Walt would not only in favor of this, but would have done this years ago.

      1. Walt's Friend

        This isn’t making the attraction better or adding new technology it’s a reskinning of the ride pure and simple for woke ideology. I love the Princess and the Frog it was a great movie and the music was fantastic and I would love to see it represented in the parks for sure. Why not give them a proper attraction in an area that makes sense? Frontierland really?? Come on it doesn’t even fit into the land

        1. Jordan

          You miss the part about Walt being for change? And you should really stop trying to use woke like an insult. It’s only making you look foolish. It’s the same reason they change the tree house into tarzan’s tree house, because more people would be familiar with it and know what it is while also bringing new life to it. Walt wouldn’t want it to stay the same over all of these years

    2. Garnett

      So sad. Disney will never be the same. Been there thousands of times and splash mt was one of my favorites. I’m glad I knew Disney the way it was.

      1. DWexpress

        You’ve been to Disney world “thousands of times”? Hm. Find that hard to believe.

    3. Jordan

      1. Only ignorant people try using woke as an insult
      2. True Disney enthusiasts know that the park is always going to change and love the parks for more than just a theme.
      3. Walt himself was all about change and is totally ok with things changing, especially if it helps bring new people in. Tiana is newer and more well known in this day and age compared to anything from Songs of the South. People will still go to the park and love the ride, with or without you.

  3. Marcus

    Kali River Rapids should be updated. Adding the Jungle Book IP would be the correct decision.

    1. DWexpress

      That’d be awesome if they did that. I love the ride but the logging area is depressing and doesn’t need to be there.

  4. Lisa

    Ugh, this is so disheartening! Bringing my adult sister there for her first visit in March and SO disappointed it won’t be there to ride.

  5. Funk and Wagnalls

    Not very self aware…what is that jumbled mess you posted? Talk about no English

  6. JC

    Splash Mountain has nothing to do with Dong of the south.the new ride will not make it.

    1. Jordan

      You should really look up things online before making such bold statements like that. The characters from splash mountain are from the movie Song of the South. Also, Tiana’s ride is probably going to do very well

    2. Captain Jack's Revenge


  7. Elizabeth

    Will miss Splash Mountain. Just went yesterday to ride it for the last time. The lightening lane was quite long because the ride was down most of the day. It is going to be strange to have a 1930 attraction in the middle of Frontierland . I agree this is just going to a Woke token ride. I loved The Princess and the Frog but it doesn’t fit into Frontierland. I looked at all the detail in the ride from outside to the queue to the ride itself. There is a lot of rustic construction and detail that needs to be scrapped completely . Again to do the ride justice there needs to be a complete demolition of Splash Mountain . By using a Bayou theme it can be more believable because it could be a bit rustic. I just hope it has great new animatronics and theming and not done on the cheap. Splash Mountain covers a lot of territory in that corner of the park . There is a lot of building and theming to be done hopefully by a imagineers that are given a large budget and a free hand.

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