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Will Smith holding award at 2022 Oscars

Credit: ABC


  1. Sam

    Will Smith and his whole family are so annoying. What he did at the Oscars was not acceptable and I’m disappointed in any company for continuing to work with them after that.

  2. Dave

    As with other recent Disney movies…. Another one bites the Dust…. ya want Will Smith…. keep your movie.

  3. So this is really interesting, and I am a fan of Will Smiths movies BUUUTTT, what he did on a national television show- in front of millions was completely wrong YET he gets to star in a movie role YET j Depp was shunned and blackballed — talk about being hypocritical and reverse discrimination….if this is not an example of both, I dont know what is


    I watch a man basically sucker punch another on live tv and he gets a movie, while another is exonerated and he is black listed. So wrong.

  5. Nancy

    If you bring him back you need to bring Johnny back

  6. destane

    Will who keep your damn movie!!!!

  7. Jack

    Terrible decision by Disney.

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