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  1. PPP

    Bob Iger’s return is supposed to bring back the old Disney. Wrong. He was always there. He never left.

    1. CHESEAN

      Iger never wanted to leave in the first place. He set up Chapek and left him in a situation guaranteed to fail. I don’t understand how people didn’t see what was happening the whole time.

      1. Sue

        Last time we were there was September 2018 and everything was open and went to the 3 parks. Test track was closed for 3 hours but everything we wanted to ride was open. I don’t think anything has recovered since the pandemic.

        1. Jeff

          Bob Iger Is the one who turned Disney hard left. It was his plans for the woke Movies and TV programs that have driven many people like myself away. I love Disney and supported it have been to the parks my whole life. Now Disney just makes me sick.

  2. DLH

    The quality particularly on the Florida property has been declining since the early 2000s. My trip in 2007, literally every attraction we rode had many faults. But at least there was still live entertainment everywhere. This is no longer the case

  3. Melissa

    It used to be that you could tell when a ride was going to be closed down because they;d stop doing routine maintenance on it. But nowadays they’re so far behind on routine maintenance of everything that it’s impossible to tell.

    1. Beth

      Just rode it yesterday. Everything was working. It needs some TLC but it wasn’t ” destroyed “

      1. Jody

        Us, too. Not getting all these comments. There was a lot of live shows, too.

        1. Ruth

          Visited WDW for like the 100th time since 1971. Had not been since 2019. Very disappointed and will seek out different parks. Universal, Sea world, etc. Prices way too expensive for the quality and condition of parks. Garbage and litter, maintenance not up to par, employees seemed tired, overwhelmed and overworked. Management is putting profits over customer satisfaction

  4. PJ

    It’s been bad for years now, it’s just so sad. Garbage overflowing at the Polynesian parking lot a couple years ago, was my “oh crap!” moment. The attention-to-details-Disney is fighting for survival. It ain’t pretty.

  5. Trisec

    Funny, I was there on December 21 and everything was working fine. Also in November, and it was good then, too.

    1. A mad customer

      They’re destroying Disney world Disneyland these people that are destroying America’s beautiful Park that Walt Disney created needs to be fired on the spot they’re making things worse not better.

  6. Carl

    I have a relative that is a cast member and I asked about why so many rides are in such bad shape. Their reply was not enough maintenance staff to keep them working properly much less ensuring they are clean, painted and look great like they used to. They said when a ride breaks down the service staff band aid the problem just to get it running and not to fix the problem. They also said not enough staff after-hours to fix problems. They said in the 7 years they have been working at Disney it is a steep decline and the cast members have zero hope that Iger can really do anything…he is being called a place holder and nothing more.

    1. dorothy

      I’ve seen the decline also over many years ! Very sad….Maybe if Disney paid their employees more then 12 dollars an hour and gave them an incentive things would change,

      1. Have you talked to Cast Members? I have, and most are happy with their pay and incentives. Some unhappy just like everywhere, but they get incentives! If I lived closer I’d apply there.

        1. Theresa

          You have no idea what you are talking about! The only cast members that get paid a living wage work on the offices. The cost members actually working on the parks are living in poverty. I am a former cast member. I have lots of family and friends that are current cast members. They deserve to be paid a living wage. We can’t afford to buy food and play rent. We work at disney because we love disney but deserve better.

        2. Scott

          Connie, you’re wrong. Most cast members are unhappy with their work conditions and pay. Florida does not have employee protections other states have and Disney is taking advantage. It’s a sad situation and I suspect you’re a Disney plant here to contradict the comments reflecting the reality of the situation.

  7. Robert

    I was there in September and was amazed at the lack of maintenance. Things broken or not working on many of the rides and attractions. A couple of things that stuck out were animatronics not working on the Little Mermaid, Splash Mountain, Carousel of Progress, and more. Didn’t know if it was due to lack of maintenance personnel or trying to save a buck.

    1. Lack of maintenance because they are saving a buck results in broken animatronics for all to see whilst they are making money hand over fist driving Disney into the ground.

  8. DB

    Went during the pandemic, which actually was great, no live shows, but 30% park capacity & COVID adaptations made it pretty great. Well done, in that respect, Disney.
    Having said that, my biggest surprise was that the topiaries that scattered all the parks were now gone, and were delegated to a once a year “seasonal festival.” Magic lost!
    Also shocked at the empty aquarium at Epcot, ( the MOA has a better array of sea life to view.) More magic lost.
    Elimination of the bus from the airport to your Disney resort, is also a blow to the old magic of Disney World .
    Seems more attention is being given to the retail ventures such as “Disney springs”, than the parks themselves!
    Hint to Disney to re-evaluate priorities!

    1. Christine

      My kids have been begging me to go to Disney.
      We were ready to go, had our down payment then the pandemic hit. Since then I have watched the websites, blogs, and YouTube channels about Disney, including from former cast members.
      In my heart of hearts I can’t bring my kids to Disney right now because that magical aspect that made it Disney is just gone.
      Now we are thinking about a Universal trip instead, so they can have that sense of magic.
      My kids are growing up, as the Disney magic is dying. It hurts to watch.

    2. Heather

      If Disney world stop paying for & supporting young children to get sex changes & hire more employees & concentrate on the park & magic, maybe then Disney wouldn’t be dying out?
      If an adult wants to get that surgery, go for it. Wait until children grow up & mature & decide for themselves.

      1. Carl Maltzman

        Seems like a lot of YOUR budget goes for Kool Aid.

        1. Michael

          Good one! LOL!

      2. Judy

        Get a grip!!! Stop talking about things you have no idea about.

      3. Dee

        Wow! Are you serious?!

  9. Kae Blake

    I don’t know when they started letting Gum back into the parks again but it’s disgusting. I grew up knowing to leave the Gum in my carry on because security would take it from my purse. The amount of gum under tables and even rails just grossed me out incredibly. This is not what Walt wanted for his parks.

    1. Have you talked to Cast Members? I have, and most are happy with their pay and incentives. Some don’t like anything, just like everywhere, but they get incentives! If I lived closer I’d apply there.

  10. MT

    This ride is a drag at this point. Figment was great and the Dreamfinder was awesome but the way it is now? It’s a shell of its former-self. Much like Disney since way back when Iger took over, come to think of it. Decrease creativity and just focus on obtaining IPs while overshadowing the things that made Disney have its identity.

  11. Carl Maltzman

    First time I rode it was on my first visit to WDW, March 2006. I rode it right before closing and was the only one on the ride. In one of the rooms, much to my shock as a newbie, Figment was supposed to be speaking but there was no sound. I told a CM when I got off the ride, and he kind of shrugged. So defects on this ride are nothing new.

    1. Rosy

      Can’t afford Disney anymore. I’m surprised they don’t charge for breathing. First time I went I was 45. Went back and now have no desire. Going to either Universal or go to cedar point. May have a longer drive but so much better and cheaper. From Arizona to Ohio we’ll worth it

  12. Linda

    You must be talking about DW. It has always been that way. We go to DL all the time and it is as clean and well groomed as ever. I was at DW in the 2000 and it was nothing like DL. Trash cans running over, trash in the flowers, railings all scratched up. Peoples name craved in the railings. It wasn’t dirty really but when your used to DL it is noticeable

  13. ED

    The last trip to Disney World was in 2022. My kid, who are 20 and 18, said most of the rides looked like carnival rides…I had to agree

  14. Ad

    I was just there for 4 days and everything seemed fine.

  15. Noone wants to work anywhere anymore! All businesses are short staffed because they say they hire people and they don’t show up or they quit shortly after starting. They get more wages from the government and can stay home rather than working. I go to Disney World every few months, and things seem to be OK to me. Things are clean and working as well as always, with a few problems now and then, just as in the past. Yes, there’s a shortage of workers but that’s everywhere, not just Disney!

  16. Some comments about gum every where and craving on railings, etc. Things we would never have thought of doing as young people. It’s not Disney’s fault as much as parents on their phones not watching children or adults just being destructive because they think they’re entitled. And when they’re caught being destructive, they film cast member and post how awful they were treated at a Disney Parks!

  17. C

    These comments are ridiculous, I was just there in November. Nothing is destroyed, nothing is covered in mold. No garbage is over flowing or visable anywhere. People want to complain to feel important. They aren’t important. Disney is and always has done a great job at taking care of their property, rides and guests.

    1. Boss Man

      You have never been outside your Section 8 complex.

  18. Beth W.

    After reading many posts on Disney’s problems, and after all the trips we’ve made down there (WDW), it sounds like a lot of people are over-dramatizing the problems. There have been more problems the past 5-7 years, but I think that’s because routine maintenance just wasn’t being done at all. And the dressing down in all the hotel rooms was being done just to save money…not because they needed to cut costs, but because they had a nickel and dime guy leading it all. I doubt Iger will have time to get everything straightened up, but at least he can maybe get started on it, and point out what all needs to be done. We can only hope!

  19. Boss Man

    Stop giving these groomers your welfare dollars.

  20. Gino

    The lack of maintenance at Disney World has been on a downward spiral for about a decade now. Not just attractions, but everything from hotels to basic road work has been suffering. I remember my father talking with a maintenance man in the Magic Kingdom sometime in the late 70’s or early 80’s and his job was to change lightbulbs. That’s it, that’s all he did. He had a map that he followed and he changed every lightbulb, working or not, to ensure that there was never a lightbulb out for a guest to see. That is the level of perfection that Disney once strived for. Those days are long gone. There was a time you never saw a wall with a single paint chip, a crack in the sidewalk, or even a burned out lightbulb. Today everything looks old and tired, there are cracks in the cement, the paint is faded, and lightbulbs aren’t the only things that aren’t working.

    1. Gsp

      Pride and commitment have gone out the window.

  21. Gsp Piatti

    Chapek, should have kept his mouth shut and not butted into the government business in Florida. Also the outrageous prices for everything is insane, my granddaughters are die hard Disney fans and even they are saying that they need to curb and reduce their prices because it is ruining the fun and the spirit of Disney. I bet Walt and Roy are rolling over in their graves.

    1. Hillc

      Maybe stop being poor hillbillies and you’ll enjoy WDW more. If not there’s gator land and cracker barrel

  22. Connie

    Now I don’t want to go there. The cost is ridiculous and now to hear rides are broken and it’s lack of upkeep, I will not be going there anytime soon..

  23. Lc

    I was just there on 1/3 and everything was working fine.

  24. Waterbug

    A local ap holder who has been going since the 70’s and I’ve watched Disney decline for a couple of decades, but it has really increased post pandemic.
    It’s not BAD, but it’s not DISNEY! Old timers will know.
    Universal is nipping at Disney’s heels. I hope they wake up in time

  25. Rich Fa

    Used to go regularly. Then saw the upkeep was going downhill. Then the prices sky-rocketed. Haven’t been back in a while. Not sure if I ever will

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