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  1. faackanders2

    Finally some prices aproaching what they originaly were when starwars land first openend.

  2. stephanie

    Anyone who paid pay these crazy prices for a toy is out of their minds. I see so many kids and adult men walking around with them in Disney. Really? Are you going to use that when you get home? No wonder people always cry poor – they make foolish choices in spending. That’s just what Disney wants.

    1. Tina

      Ike Turner gonna use that when he gets home.

    2. lola

      I bet your a joy to be around

  3. Jen

    I don’t consider a $30 dollar price cut from $250 to $220 considerably cheaper. That’s what I call a token discount.

  4. Anthony

    You heard wrong. Mine is 3 years old and still going strong. But you don’t just pay for the saber you also pay for the experience. The show and to answer the other lady yes I use my Droid at home. I use it to interact with my bird.

  5. Donna B

    Still not interested in dismal Disney Star Wars. They bought LF strictly to make money and to hell with art, the lore and the mythology. The moment they booted George Lucas out, is what killed it for them!

    1. Paul D.

      Yeah, cause Lucas didn’t milk things with the Ewoks in ’83, or the monstrosity that was Jar-Jar and most of the prequels?

      It’s all a business. Lucas admitted he became like the evil Empire himself over time- it’s in the Empire of Dreams documentary.

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