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Mickey and a Patent

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  1. Me McP

    I love the idea. My daughter got knocked down by Goofy when she was almost 3 and she was scared of him the rest of the trip. It wasn’t his fault. She ran up so fast, he couldn’t see past the nose, and his handler wasn’t paying attention.

  2. Cathy Knight

    I think it would be a wonderful idea anything to help out the characters we go to Disney at least every 3 or 4 years we love it I hate to see the meet and greet disappear

  3. Guest Relations

    As nice as this sounds, there will be challenges beyond extra cost per costume.

    First, the system cannot result in increased temperatures or decreased air circulation. These are absolutes. Any increase in temp or reduction in airflow is an immediate termination of such a system.

    Second, every time it is turned in, it has to be cleaned. The cleaners cannot damage the system, something that can easily happen with VR and AR headsets. This may seem simple, it is not.

    Third, have to make sure system performs without lag, in any and all lighting situations, which can be problematic when in dappled lighting. Cannot have lens flares.

    Finally, how much extra weight is added to the head? Again, might seem trivial, but performers do not wear cooling packs as they only stay cool a few moments and then they are carrying weight they results in more fatigue than the cool pack provides as a benefit. Also, the extra weight can be a factor in increased neck and back injuries.

    I have seen these elements first hand. I am skeptical at best that such a system can be implemented. Maybe a few very specific scenarios, but doubt it is implemented 100%. As always, Guests need to be aware and help protect Disney performers. Be smart, be safe.

  4. DH

    The biggest mistake management made was discontinuing Talking Mickey which I personally thought was another nail in WDW’s Coffin

    1. Mason

      Disney Parks haven’t been the same since 2020.

  5. Mason

    So Disney is redesigning character suits. For people to see better.

  6. Terry

    I totally agree with Cathy Knight.
    DO NOT want character meet & greet to go away.
    LOVED the Mickey on main street that would interact with us with actual conversations! Made the experience more MAGICAL.

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