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Rise of the Resistance queue at Disneyland Park

Credit: Inside the Magic Alex Lue


  1. We had to go to the bathroom in that line. We were in that line 5 hours because the ride broke down 3 times. Before you judge, I wanted to leave the line, but my family insisted on staying in. A cast member had to take me to the back parking lot where there are bathrooms. If they didn’t, someone would have had to get a mop.

  2. Daisy

    People need to understand that sometimes you have to go, as this was only one person that was rejoining her party it should not have been an issue.

  3. Pocho Villa

    The worst part is when you go solo to Disneyland. I was in line for the Haunted Mansion and had to go pee. I never left the line but did lightly tinkle. I’m not mad that groups have an advantage with the return back to their place in line.

  4. Deb

    Large amounts of kids skipping the line is irritating but overall I dnt care too much nothing is ever really that big of an issue,I may get on the ride 5mins ,later not that bigger a deal, jmo

  5. Rodney Simonson

    Nope, it is part of the “attitude of entitlement” problem exacerbated since our return from COVID. No matter how you “cut” it, saving a place in line is an offense. Yes, emergencies come up. They are your emergencies, not mine. Your desire to return to your family, rather than have them return to you identifies a thought process. Why should I have to accept that you “have a good reason” for line jumping? Thankfully, I have begun to see a few signs telling guests that they MUST keep their party together before and after entering the queue.

    1. Rodney HasNoEmpathy

      Your sound like you’re fun at parties. I’ve had to take my kid out of line before and then rush back. It’s part of the park culture.

  6. mark

    moral of the story is to go in your pants and let the other guests suffer from the stench or your appearance.

  7. Terri Blackmon

    I hope these people never have to suffer from Crohn’s disease or IBSD. It can hit any time, anyplace and with severe urgency. My husband didn’t ask for the effects from Agent Orange but it is what it is.

  8. Charlene

    Omg it was not a happy day before Christmas when
    My husband and I went …
    It started off waiting to park for 45 min then the lines and people , over 50,000 !! It’s not the happy place they portrayed!! All this after making a reservation and paying 360
    For one park as a resident and waiting a month to get in!!! Oh and forget about getting into a restaurant it’s a 2 mo waiting period for a reservation!!
    The topper was 1 day later we both came done with the flu and mine turned into pneumonia!! Never again shame on u Disneyland for letting to many people in to enjoy the park the way it was 40 years ago when I was a kid!! At least I can say I saw it then and I will hold onto that!!

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