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A couple of Guests using Disney Genie+ in front of Cinderella Castle at Disney World

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  1. Mickeymouse3

    For all the negatives and comments to such regarding the Genie+ system, if people stop buying it, it would go away. But alas, to many think this system actually saves them time standing in lines. It does for 2-3 attractions. Is the pay for fastpasses system…aka Genie+…worth it? Not in my book.

  2. Bren

    I think it’s time for everyone to come together, no matter what side you’re on. For us “old timers” we should be able to reflect to when Carter was in office. Remember the gas, heating, grocery prices? One way we stopped gouging was by using boycotting. Literally the common man would agree to “boycott” a gas station on a certain day of the week. Surprise, gas prices went down. So if we were to do this for many of the things happening right now, gas, groceries, eggs, genie +, little and big things we are being gouged on, we could maybe see some relief. But instead we resort to being divided, at a horrible all time high, when we really need to be coming together to make the change. Oh well, maybe one of these my “dreams will come true” and we can unite to screw it to those who are screwing us. Just a thought.

    1. Peter Pan

      Apples and oranges. Planning a Disney World trip is done a year in advance with much prep. Once there, I plan on paying a little more to make the trip as enjoyable as possible. I wish this was not the case, but the service exists for this reason.

      1. Bren

        Well aware. Did it for 20 years. Finally called it quits when even the “quiet” times were off the charts for crowds, when you had to make dinner reservations 6 months in advance, as if you knew where you wanted to eat in 6 months. Now with this reservation system, they have lost their minds. They have also lost their minds for the genie + service. The last time we went, a year before Covid, having to use their “app” sucked twinkies! That is when we said we had had enough of all the shenanigans. The next year, we vacationed somewhere different, and had a wonderful time. Once they lost us, I’ve never looked back. Turns out I can have a much nicer, less stressful vacation in many other places, and I can actually enjoy myself!

  3. Ed Marks

    The foreign people that don’t know any better will buy it.

    1. Mark

      Not this Aussie mate.
      We fly home tomorrow and it can’t come soon enough.
      This is our third and last time to Disney.
      It has been a forgettable experience this time around.
      I get the whole making a profit thing, but the prices now are outrageous.
      Sorry little mouse, but you can shove the genie + where the sun doesn’t shine.

    2. lola


      1. Jayne1955

        Sometimes the truth hurts.

    3. K

      Nope, I’m from the UK and having been countless times, 2021 was my last. It was a shambles and I’ve no plans to return with the current systems in place.

  4. Heather

    Nope. We were there over Christmas and wait times were ridiculous but we refused to pay any additional money since we were staying at Riviera and Bay Lake Tower. We are done with Disney nickel & diming us to death. I’ll find another vacation spot to go that costs way less than Disney (and we’ve been going every other year for the last 10 years, at minimum).

    1. Just either simplify it….one price for all day any ride or maybe 6 rides a day or admit you made a mistake and go back to Fast pass, which worked for everyone.

      1. Diane

        Fast pass did work and you can book it in advance…they should bring that back or at least offer it to those staying on property and DVC folks.

  5. Lee Reibsome

    To me it’s a waste of money. We purchased it for one day to see if it was worth it. However, it only got us on 2 rides, and that was being there from park opening until closing. The rides were not even the big popular ones either. Never again.

    1. Diane

      Same. I used it a couple times and felt like I was running all over the place to make the times for the rides. It’s hard to do when some can’t move as fast as others plus I felt I shouldn’t be running anywhere on my vacation. Also I felt like I was on my phone a lot more and that is something else I don’t want to be doing on vacation

  6. Mark

    I found the Universal Studios experience way more pleasing than Disneyland.
    Their front of line pass system is way better.

    1. Diane

      Yes we were just at Universal and their Express Pass is much better. We are huge Disney people too but aside from the LL purchases I didn’t think Genie + to be really worth it.

  7. Beth

    We’re on the last day of a 9 day stay. We’ve come often in the last 15 years. The last time we were here was in December 2019, so this is the first time post pandemic. We have always loved Disney, but this trip has changed everything. The lines and crowd are ridiculous. There aren’t enough attractions at each park to divide everyone’s time. Some lines are 4 hrs long (who wants to pay literal thousands of dollars to stand in line four hours for a four minute ride? Genie is a joke and was a terrible idea. The employees aren’t happy… they literally yell in protest as 2 ppl from standby line are allowed to walk on a ride while 80 genie ppl get on. The employees are not friendly anymore which tells me morale is way down. People visiting aren’t You can’t turn around in any space without being run over by someone rushing to find a line that’s less than 2 hrs. Magic is gone. Walt would be so sad and so are we. Disney has been stewarded poorly and they’ve placed money above magic. It’s a shame.

    1. Beth

      That should say that the guests tell in protest as genie ppl are let into rides…we watched 45 genie ppl get on Navi River journey to two standby…95 minutes of my life ill never get back. Ppl were yelling and it was almost scary.

  8. Beth

    That should say that the guests tell in protest as genie ppl are let into rides…we watched 45 genie ppl get on Navi River journey to two standby…95 minutes of my life ill never get back. Ppl were yelling and it was almost scary.

  9. Greg

    KInd of feels like a non-article, like saying the sun is going to rise in the east. No real info here. We did an 8 night – 7 park pass trip in December, fortunate enough to lock in Genie+ for the duration back in April before they made the changes. There are a lot of changes I’d like to make but at the top of my list would be that on property resort guests should be allowed to make one at 7:00am like they currently do, then their next one once they scan into their first park. Our last day my first selection on G+ at 7:00am was for Remy, and my first available time was 4:30pm. So my next selection wasn’t until 11:00am. By that time anything else worthwhile is already gone. Fortunately we were park hopping and G+ allowed us to stack for later in the night, but still, it is mediocre at best, especially when they were charge $25+ for it per day over the holidays

  10. Jayne1955

    Go back to the way things used to be. I don’t want to spend my entire vacation on my phone.

  11. Lisa

    At $57 for three people. We got one fast pass for Remi. Made the arrangements at 7:01 AM and the Remy time was 1:15 PM. Could not get a fast pass two hours after the park opened or after we finished riding Remi. The new Genie sucks.

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