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Splash Mountain statue of Br'er Bear and Br'er Fox outside the ride

Credit: Disney


  1. Splash Mountain is not disgraced or racist. The ride has been quite popular for 30 years. The lines have been long for years. On Sunday, the lines were so long the fans broke the ride. If Splash Mountain were as heinous as your writer has written, there should be no lines at all for this ride.

  2. Phil

    Why not ? It’s a classic ride. And remember, All Lives Matter.

  3. Royz

    If we were to all agree with the article where it describes the attraction as “disgraced” then in the same logic other IPs would be “disgraced” too…

    How about films????

    Gone With The Wind which depicts life in the Civil War era south.

    Its A Wonderful Life which depicts the lead character wishing he was never born.

    One Flew Over A Cuckoos Nest which depicts patients with mental and pschological disability.

    Dont these films portray negatively some aspect of life too?

    Point being that anyone, anywhere, anytime can make a conclusion about anything, and make a positive into a negative. They force their ideological.thinking on the mass population via the written word using social media, not as objective but as a demand to change past society into an a warped idellyic utopia of how it should have been, not the way it was.

    Point of order to the article, if the attraction was so “disgraced” then explain the mass numbers of guests who rode the attraction over since it opened, and theoughout that time this ideology never was brought to light in a demanding demeanor of this generation demanding the past to change.

    1. Rupert

      Some people’s neanderthal brains will be never be able to comprehend the concept of racism. It’s like trying to explain higher concepts to your cat or dog. Actually those two animals would probably be more intelligent…

  4. Mason

    Sorry I can’t help myself but BRER LIVES MATTER.

  5. Marc

    I disagree with her definition of BLM organization. That may have been the original intention but it’s purpose has changed. I agree with Royz people today want to see everything as racist.

  6. Tutu

    They really need to look into changing or updating Peter Pan’s Flight now too. The Native American depictions are horrific.

  7. Ken

    Rode the rode HUNDREDS of times. Never saw one human figure in it. Those who think the ride was made to depict humans need some mental health care. My kids and grandchildren LOVE IT. Interesting to see that Disney hasn’t put Princess and a STUPD frog into a beastialities box and burned it.

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