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Left: Robert Iger, returning Disney CEO. Right: Cast Members wearing facemasks, waving at Main Street, U.S.A, in Disneyland


  1. Royz

    A spponful of sugar for both.

    Changes being made are a bit of both, Mr Iger return, Mr. D Amaro listening to the guests. Which ever outweights the other is not known. The only mattwr of imporatance is that Disney is implementing or reversing course on implementations that were not very popular with guests/fans.

    For example the recent reverse course of over the overnight parking fees at the resorts….Bravo…Corporate at some point realized and the numbers reflecteed thats guests were unhappy with that, guests were shortening their resort stays, which innturn equals a sustained profit loss for the company.

    Think about it. thw longer a guest stays at stay at a WDW resort without the overnight fees, first the happier they are, they will tend to have more $$$$ freed up but not having to pay the overnight parking fee, which in turn is more $$$ the guests have to spend in parks tickets, merch, dining, etc….

    Sure upfront it may have looked like a good potwntial.to.increase profit…but whoever the acountants were at corporate failed to realize that you will loose long ter! sustainable profit from the guests by the guests cutting their trips short or just outright cancelling it, or staying at in offsite resort.

    At the end of the day business wants to see the $$$$profit for that day, as much as it can profit for thatbday, not the long term sustainable profit is left in the box because the notion of thinking outside the box is pushed.

  2. Steve

    Just common sense. Why would sameold-sameold change anything?

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