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  1. Karen

    I hate the strollers. Ruins it for me. It’s insane you bring a child that young!!!!

  2. Ret

    And more obnoxiously rude from brainless so-called adults. Get over yourselves and stop treating other guests with your venom.

  3. DianeMRL

    I’ve been on all sides of this debate and it all comes down to attitude. If you go somewhere looking for a fight, there are plenty of people to oblige. I’ve been going to WDW since it opened and DL since the ’70’s & been at all different ages, from teen to senior. Yes, I’ve been hit by strollers & EVCs and have hit people while pushing a stroller because they stopped w/o warning in front of me. You apologize and move on! Unfortunately, that is not enough for some people. We’re all there to have a good time, we all paid for it so chill out. On our last trip w/ the grands, my husband was ‘parked’, off to the side, (in France) when a group of bachelorette women, turned and walked right into him and threatened to call security because he had a glass of wine in his hand! I told her to go ahead and call. We had 5 unrelated witnesses to attest she was at fault. I have many more stories, but it all comes down to attitude and privilege. I don’t care who you are or who you ‘think’ you are. You have no more rights than I do or anyone else! The Disney Parks are for everyone at every age! PERIOD!!!

  4. Mickeymouse3

    Why does another care if a parent brings an infant?
    Is the complainer taking care of the infant? No.
    There are strollers all over Disney. Not all are used for infants. Some are for the younger kids whose legs just get tired. 99% of stroller pushers are not intentionally “ramming” other guests, same goes for the ECV users.
    If you’re upset that a family with a wider age group upsets you, or you’re peeved that someone dare use a mobility device to enjoy Disney, then you are the problem and need to get over yourself.

  5. No, people that stop and stand in the middle of walkways are the worst. It’s hard for me to push a wheelchair for ten hours. My grandmother refused to go passed the turtle speed but, that didn’t stop people from walking right in front of her and stopping abruptly.

  6. I refused to go until my child was 3. What’s fun about having to hold/carry your child for 10 plus hours, change diapers and listen to my child scream from pure exhaustion and confusion from being taken out of their routine? It makes absolutely no sense to spend a vacation like this. I left my infant with family and took my 3 year old. Will they remember? No, bc it’s for the parent’s memory to see their child experience such magic. There’s nothing an infant can experience for a parent to want to remember in my opinion.

  7. Lee

    It’s expensive enough to go to Disneyland with your kids, so I get why people don’t want to pay for a babysitter on top of that. Let me said, the amount of strollers, and the size of strollers at Disneyland is ridiculous.
    With reservations, now being mandatory, one of the questions before a reservation is made, should be will you be bringing a stroller. That way, they could limit the number of guests per day that will have a stroller. A few years ago they put a size limitation on the strollers, but I still see Cadillacs and Mercedes Benz and BMWs out there! Maybe Disney could make a stroller that all parents have to use that is very small.

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