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Land of Legends

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  1. G M

    Why all the talk about Disney in this article, when the story has nothing to do with Disney??

    1. Mrd

      So you click on it and they get the web traffic. I fell for the same trap

      1. Chrissy

        She shouldn’t have gotten on a ride drunk! Smh

        1. Matt

          I agree!

          Not only was she drunk but she was drunk with her two kids and amusement park!

          Glad nothing happened to them!

      2. Renee

        I can’t comment on the injury, you didn’t even say what happened or on what ride??? Useless terrible article.

        1. Darrin Eigenbauer

          No info on how the incident occurred, what ride, and where. Other than the face that she was drunk, which probably indicates she did something wrong on the ride, not anyone else. So where’s the rest of the story? Who cares about all the other filler for the article, listing where people love to visit and explain the incident at hand.

          1. RD

            Half this article is cut and paste from the linked article back when it happened and that one still mentions nothing about it…

        2. Celeste

          Why are you posting an old story about someone people, other than her family don’t care about?

          1. Matt

            The word “celebrity” has taken on a wide meaning hasn’t it?

            1. Elias

              Honestly..I expected an actually celebrity, not an Instagram model…

          2. Erwim

            Time to get someone reliable in your life to watch your alchohol consumption!

          3. Valerie

            I’ve been many times with my family. Shexwas drunk and screwed herself. Oops. Now move on.

        3. Mimi

          Agreed nothing about what happened who it happened to. Terrible reporting

          1. Samantha

            What a bad choice for going on a rollercoaster drunk

      3. Eva DApollo

        Why go on such a ride while drinking??? That’s just dangerous to me

      4. Barb

        Don’t get drunk and go on rides

      5. Erin

        She shouldn’t have been drunk… dummy

        1. Erwim

          Where is her DD? Her babysitter when she drinks?

    2. Matt


  2. Jack Meoff

    “Celebrity” oh ok, too bad she survived

    1. eunich

      Jesus dude… settle down

    2. Aaron

      You are an awful person. Celebrities are real people too.

      1. Duke duke

        Not really

      2. Nunya

        Except she’s not a celebrity.

    3. Temperance

      Oh wow OK..harsh! Well, I’m impressed….not!

  3. John

    Never heard of this person. Multiple surgeries yeah I can see that.

    1. Mark

      Why was she drunk while with her husband and children with her?! By the way, she is gorgeous!

      1. Elle

        Ever been to EPCOT?

  4. Carmen

    Katie Price did not fall off a ride! she fell off a wall while messing around.

  5. Momma

    She was drunk. Who cares

    1. Jaxx

      Exactly! And she is not a “celebrity”, she is a narcissist

      1. Aaron

        No she’s definitely a celebrity

      2. Aaron

        No she’s a celebrity

        1. kel

          She’s a model with 2 mil followers on a picture hosting platform. That is not a celebrity.

    2. Aaron

      That’s rude.

  6. I pray for healing and peace to Katie and her family.

    1. Mike Hunt

      I pray you get a brain.

      1. Aaron


    2. Barbara

      Sorry it happens to her but she shouldn’t have gotten on the ride f
      drunk..It could have been worse..

  7. Captain Jack's Revenge

    Hah, glamor model, I guess you haven’t seen her earlier work when she went by the name Jordan.

  8. Mrd

    ITM how about you actually post stories relevant to the theme parks in the United States that your readers actually visit.

  9. Lynn

    She didn’t fall. She jumped over a wall but didn’t know that there was a 25-foot drop on the other side.

  10. Eric

    I feel bad for her, but you shouldn’t ride theme park rides when you’re drunk and on the flip side if the staff noticed then the staff shouldn’t have let her ride but this is a Turkish theme park

    1. Yo

      She didn’t ride. She jumped over a wall while drunk.

      1. Erwim

        If she jumped over the wall drunk she should of been kicked out and that should of been the story.

  11. Ted

    ITM, WOW, what a crap article! 90% of the article has nothing to do with the actual incident! You need to stop with the horrible reporting. Also, did she actually get injured on a ride? Was she drunk? Maybe actually focus on the facts.

  12. The One Who Knows

    I thought you said “celebrity”.

    I didn’t see any mentioned.

  13. Patricia Butler

    When you have to repeatedly refer to someone as “a celebrity” before you actually get around to mentioning her name, you’re probably not talking about someone who is an actual celebrity. (Never heard of or seen this person before in my life. Tough luck with the ankles, though. There goes her spot on “Dancing with the Stars” I guess.)

    1. Angela

      Drunk? Thats her problem

  14. Schnonee Shopinski

    First of, she was drunk and had impressionable children with her. She endangered not only her life, but most importantly, she endangered those kids’ lives. Don’t feel a bit sorry for her. Get help little girl, you need it.

  15. Ann

    I don’t think the park should be responsible as it states she was drunk..this is on her.

  16. F'lama Tia

    This article fails to tell the name of the ride, the TYPE of ride & what it does (YES, IT MATTERS.) HOW she fell, and what she did to fall OUT of the ride. Poor excuse for an article.

    1. Jim

      That’s because it wasn’t a ride at all. She jumped over a wall, that happened to have a 25 foot drop on the other side.

  17. Austin

    Oh no, a person I’ve never heard of fell off a ride I’ve never heard of at a theme park I’ve never heard of.

  18. Duke duke

    Lost me at when she was drunk around two kids

    1. Patricia Shifflett

      Guess when your dumb to get on a ride drunk. You get what you deserve. 3 years later. Why is it a big deal. Sorry she got hurt. She made the choice

  19. This happened nearly 3 years ago. You’re supposed to report NEWS, not HISTORY. News is information on CURRENT events. Google these words in all caps, memorize them, and do better.

  20. Jason

    OMG just get to the point! Like really?! What does Disney have to do with this? Just say what happened and be done, you always have to bring in irrelevant subjects just to fluff your article. It’s annoying.

    1. Nevagonnagiveuup Nevagonnaletchudown

      I wish all the idiots saying she fell off a ride would actually read the article before they commented.

  21. Eric

    That sucks I guess she should have actually been acting like a parent and adult not a drunken moron this may not have happened but she got what she deserved

  22. Michael Osburn

    Well you left it vague about what actually occurred causing the accident. You didn’t State whether the ride was defective, or whether the alcohol consumption caused the rider to override the safeties on the ride, or anything that would lead us to believe there was a problem either with the writer or with the park! You keep saying Disney and Orlando theme parks who had no dog in this hunt. If I were them I would sue you for misleading and comparing my Park and it’s safety record with someone being injured! If you’re going to write a story about an issue be sure to put in all context about that story! Have a nice day

  23. Nevagonnagiveuup Nevagonnaletchudown

    So three years ago, someone who supposedly models, was in Turkey at an amusement park IN TURKEY, was drunk and jumped over a wall not realizing there was a 25 foot drop on the other side.

    What does Disney have to do with this exactly?

  24. Assclown

    Who cares? This article is so poorly written and is obviously just a means for ad revenue.

  25. Temperance

    Other then who?? She was drunk no sympathy here!

  26. Erwim

    I would never drink at a theme park and trust someone else to take care of me. Cause when you over drink your friends get upset at you, even though your husband tells them to watch how much you drink. I learned my lesson.

  27. Erwim

    Too bad she isn’t married to a person who counts her drinks!

  28. Earl

    Did anyone else seem to notice that this CELEBRITY (who wants people to look up to her)
    Was Sooooo drunk that she fell in an undisclosed way, place, and factor, IN FRONT OF HER 14 AND 16 YEAR OLD CHILDREN

    also this author is NOT A WRITER…. if I was a legit reporter I’d be pissed! I’ve seen better writing from a 4th grader…. keep frequenting Disney bro! Hope you can get that middle school diploma

  29. Resident

    Person being drunk

    park is still liable because allowing intoxicated person on ride. Lack of Safety procedures

    courts the park is fully liable. New policies to be created.

  30. Criss

    Them being drunk didn’t help the situation.

  31. David knotts

    Stop calling these people celebrities!! Ninety-nine plus % of the world has never heard of these influencers/models!

  32. Drew

    Royals…Kardashians….actors stupid wanna be celebs these f’ing people wont go away if we keep on mentioning them i the “news”(quack)How much did Disney pay for this tripe?If Walts head were thawed he’d flip his wig….!

  33. Tina

    When did Turkey open a Disneyland?

  34. TL

    For 1 her dumb a** was drunk and 2nd she had her kids with her, why didn’t her boyfriend man up and tell her to stop being stupid in front of her kids? Like they say hard head makes broken ankles.

  35. Ooopskatesdrunk

    She was drunk. Off her ARSE .
    Typical Katie.
    She climbed a wall as she thought it was a short cut somewhere only to jump off the other side to fine out she was 25 ft in the air as she was on the way down.
    She could have done that anywhere not just a theme park when she gets drunk.
    U could of did a more entertaining artical if u just did one on all the times Katie was drunk in public….. Lol

  36. Matty

    I’m laughing

  37. Darius

    Using the word “celebrity” very loosely for this article

  38. Thatguy

    This article is the most contrive, senseless, mediocre, and generally ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. Firstly, this happened two years ago. WHO CARES!? I hope, with all due respect, the writer of this article finds sand in their bed every night, and awakes every morning only to step on a 2×4 lego brick whilst barefoot.

  39. Amanda D.

    When I was a teenager, back in the 1980s, I nearly fell out of New Jersey’s Six Flag’s Great Adventure’s Lightning Loops roller coaster. The bar that came down over my shoulders failed to lock and if it weren’t for the man sitting next to me, who quickly saw what was happening, reached across me, grabbed the handle to my side, and held on for dear life, I would not be here today! It was bad enough to have to go through it one time, but, since it looped once forward and once backward, I had to endure the torture twice. Thankfully, the ride closed in 1992. I owe my life to that wonderful stranger!

  40. Misty

    Chit happens sue them problem solved
    If not quit looking for a pitty party
    Many accidents happen on these rides
    Fault of the operator or machine sometimes both
    I worked Carni for yrs & saw lots deal with it

  41. Nunya

    I hope junior and princess are nicknames and not their real names. People using words or terms instead of actual names makes me feel sorry for a lot of people.

  42. Dee Dee

    I was injured at Magic Mountain on my honeymoon. My left hand was crushed in between 2 of the over the head lap bars. The settlement covered the cost of the wedding, honeymoon and new livingroom furniture. Of course the medical bills were also paid. It was not necessary for me to retain an attorney. BTW. I have never been hit by lighting but my best friend has been struck 4 times.

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