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Walt Disney World Cinderella Castle

Credit: Disney


  1. Annie

    WOW! I still have pictures of our first visit with Mickey and his pals. Time to update…

  2. Ben

    I have a bone to pick with inside the magic, talking about crowd levels. How about report on park operation changes.

  3. I thank God my kids weren’t too interested in meeting characters when they were young. It’s a torturous waste of time to me. I love shows and rides and just exploring and taking in the sights and sounds.

  4. Ben

    It seems that anytime I see a article for packed theme parks, that it doesn’t always highlight what Disney management is doing to control crowd levels.

  5. Joe

    Disney Woke is a joke. Prices, crowd levels, etc…don’t get me started on Splash Mountain. Fortunately we have been there 3 times and have no intention of going back. Universal time now and other places.

  6. Me

    I know right? Anytime i see something from ITM that i can’t resist reading, i know to hit the scroll bar to halfway down the page and then skip the last third of the piece.

  7. Bill b

    So are Minnie and Daisy wearing pant suits?

  8. Rome

    Disney sucks and all the tourists that come to floriduh .. Why not stay in Texas, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee that place sucks , you get the idea . Not everyone is fond of tourists.

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