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girl with minnie mouse at disneyland

Credit: Disney Parks Blog


  1. K.B.

    Not really news worthy… maybe had to use the bathroom or something.. guess you all are having trouble reporting actual news?

  2. Joanne

    Very interesting to see how they signal to the handler without breaking character or causing a scene.

    1. Charlie

      It seems that Minnie covered her eye then crossed her arms over her chest. That’s probably the signal

  3. Larry

    I thought it was going to have something to do with the child by Minnie. This story is a true dud!

  4. Cupcakemamimia

    They forgot to report Minnie ate a toast before she went to the parade. Minnie used the bathroom at 8:09 am. Such wasteful trash to report.

    1. Ken

      Then why are you here reading article? Sounds like you don’t even have a life that is outside the bathroom since you haven’t even started the paperwork. Still full of nicely put, creamed beans.

  5. Cupcakemamimia

    They forgot to report what time Minnie hopped out of bed this morning smh.

  6. Tenzo

    Secret signal works for visitors also. They will immediately escort you out of the park to medical aid.

  7. Mike G

    Probably had to go drop a ducks fan off in the toilet

  8. Kat

    Thanks for this complete waste of words.

  9. Jeremy

    I always appreciate an informative article but I’m seriously tired of reading articles that give a description about the park the article is referencing. I’d say 90% of the people reading this article are Disney fans and have been to 1 or more parks. Please just write a story for what it is and not a description of the park before the actual article.

  10. Lynn F. Gustafson

    Glad they have this. Decades ago, on a hot day during the first week of the Lion King Parade, I noticed a CM about to go down. As a long time member of the Parade Guild at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire, I recognized the signs; clammy, pale, and slightly off balance.
    I was able to get the attention of one of the walking radios and when I pointed this out to him, he quickly and quietly moved her off.

    1. Ken

      So many negative comments about what happened. True Disney fans? No, just a bunch of excuses for humans who are living the life of public assistance, food stamps and liquor stores. Please go somewhere else like on Donald Trump’s website to air your negative comments. I prefer to be happy that Minnie was ok and not seriously ill. Those who are in character to bring the magic alive work very hard to do so. They DON’T signal for assistance unless they absolutely need to. I’m sure they DON’T appreciate the negative comments about them and send advice that those making such comments to stay away from Disney and have fun instead elsewhere.

  11. Jan K.

    Personally I had a fainting issue while watching a parade, and saw a CM walking by waved at them and they waved back but, then got to me just as I collapsed (they caught me). I was in an EVC and next thing I knew I was at Aid Station. The CM’s around parades are awesome!

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