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Bob Iger

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  1. Royz

    Parks and Resorts should be the focus.

    The earnings statements alone show more profit and sustainability from parks.

    Disney+ is losing billions, but not just monetary either..fans too…

    Just imagine if all that was spent on Disney+ was put into parks and resorts…Yea think about it…

    Disney+ was not even needed when Disney has ABC, FREEFORM, FOX, Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Disney XD…Oh and yea the movie theaters…

    The smarter move would have been for Disney to license out their library of movies and shows, as they did to Netflix Amazon, Apple…

    Parks and Resorts suffer budget cuts to offset costs incurred from Disney+.

    Tv shows and movies come and go….parks and resorts are more sustainable assets, proof is in the pudding of the parks earnings…

    What WDWR needs to do is to use TokyoDisney as a model/guide for rejuvenating the parks/resorts with immersive detailed attractions and resorts.

    For example Tomorrowland in WDWR various itterations over the past 20+years look like Flash Gordon vomitted all over it. Imagineers didnt seem to know what to do.

    Ok now the Tron Roller Coaster..Why cant it go all out as to having a whole area in Tomorrowland dedicated to Tron( Flynns Arcade, The game grid, the old school light cycles, the area lit up with neon lights, as you see in the original film,etc…) or a SteamPunk Tomorrowland?

    Taking a cost cutting penny pinched route, may save some $$$ upfront, but will loose moolahs in the long term, when guests become Disenchanted with the magic, of the parks and resorts. Better off to take a lower profit in the upfront and sustain in long term then a quick buck now and loose in the end.

  2. Steve


  3. Kurt

    Both streaming AND parks.

  4. Unless the streaming can keep up with new content, get rid of it. My children and I both were bored with it months ago and have been considering moving on. I say lose it and upgrade the parks.

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