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  1. Kim

    I have been to Disneyworld many times over the years. I definitely don’t like the park reservations system. Especially now that I’m older I want to be able to go to whatever park appeals to me that day. Also what if I decide last minute to get a dining reservation and I don’t have that park reserved. Also don’t like having to wait till 2:00 to park hop. Again I like the flexibility to go and do what I want. Definitely changes my mind about going.

    1. SP

      Exactly! And now that I live only 90 minutes away I want the ability to take a day off work and visit a park without having to worry about having a reservation.

      1. Lynn

        It is all getting too complicated. It unfortunately has changed my mind about future trips.

    2. James

      The park pass system will kot go away. It is used to see how many guests are coming to the park so that Disney can charge more for Lighting Lanes. They are used in conjunction with one another.
      It is like overbooking the parks so that people will be forced to want to spend the extra money for Lighting Lanes and they know people do not want to stand around that long.

      1. DHC

        The reservation system is awful. The crowds are worse than ever and the lines stretch to infinity and beyond. Genie + is a ripoff. You get very little for the money. Our President said that the pandemic is over and the crowding is not be alleviated, so what purpose does it serve? Get rid of the reservation system, hire more cast members and bring back Fast Passes. Chapek outright destroyed Disney’s reputation with the fans. This is an easy to fix , Bob. It’s time that you get it done.

        1. Jason Laird

          Totally 100% agree with you on this comment.

        2. 100% agree!! Get rid of it. It serves no purpose but to make everything more complicated!

    3. Judith Hardesty

      Yes. They are a waste and a pain in the butt.

  2. BJ

    Please remove the park reservation system one year we went had a four day ticket but couldn’t use it because we couldn’t get a reservation for the fourth day so we were angry and disappointed because we travel from Ma to get there plus we enjoy getting up and deciding what park we would like to visit on that day without having to make a reservation its more enjoyable that way I hope they get rid of genie being Senior’s don’t like having to keep my eyes on the phone during the whole visit
    Welcome back Mr Igar

  3. David Schneyer

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some truth to this rumor. It’s just not been officially announced yet. This is possibly a leak. FWIW, Mr. Iger was seen with Mr. D’Amaro just yesterday, so they had an opportunity to discuss, as per Mr. Iger’s statement. Another rumor has also circulated that the decision was actually already made before Mr. Iger was even brought back, so it very likely could be announced any time now.

  4. Teresa

    My family has been several times and used the reservation system It works perfect Personally we like limiting the crowds. Have had no issues getting a reservation when we wanted.

    1. Steve

      It has nothing to do with crowds.

  5. Jeanie

    I think park reservations are way over the line. We already have to splurge a huge amount of money on hotels and resorts. Adding the cost of a park pass, especially for every single member of your group?! That could be $1K right there. Thats robbery. If you want people who are not wealthy to come to your resorts, make it affordable!!!

  6. James

    The park pass system will not go away. It is used to see how many guests are coming to the park so that Disney can charge more for Lighting Lanes. They are used in conjunction with one another.
    It is like overbooking the parks so that people will be forced to want to spend the extra money for Lighting Lanes and they know people do not want to stand around that long..
    It was said that the reservation system was to see how many guests are attending the parks.

  7. Yuyu

    I rather they get rid of genie+, lighting lanes. Bring back fast pass.
    I will deal with park pass.

    1. Scott

      100% agree Yuyu. The reservations system is not the real issue, the Genie + is what ruins the experience. Heck, we went last Thanksgiving with no line skipping (“fastpass”) function at all, and it was amazing how well the lines moved. I was shocked actually.

      The reservation system affects those who don’t plan, typically locals. I get the angst, but I have to plan my trips, and so it’s never an issue.

  8. Michael Faussett

    Yes I am so glad Bob Iger is back as CEO of Disney company the reservation needs to go that’s way I got rid of my annual pass in the first place because I got mad couldn’t get a spot for any parks so I cancelled 2 years ago and I miss going Disney World a lot.

  9. Rod Simonson

    I suppose this is really an open letter to Iger, et al.

    As far as WDW is concerned, the Gold standard should have always been non-resident guests willing to commit to a week’s itinerary and experience schedule 2-3 months ahead of their arrival. This was achieved through non-resident AP pricing and Fastpass procurement. No other tool could so accurately predict or project park attendance.

    Additionally, to pretend that historic park capacities are being reached with only 50% usage of parking capacity, shown by lack of tram necessity, is hardly a believable tenet. Experiences are closed or run times shortened, as well as employment numbers still below pre-pandemic numbers, putting more bodies in crowded pathways than in queues, rides or audiences.

    The previous administration chose to reduce costs of local attendance… guests who do not need hospitality services, food or any special reason to visit any park with a day’s notice… at a ridiculously low AP rate. The resulting influx guests who, thereby, see less value in the WDW experience has damaged the park’s reputation world wide.

  10. Alicia

    We had no problem making reservations after purchasing tickets. We always decided before leaving what parks to visit on which day to alleviate deciding everyday. The issue of Genie+ needs to be taking away! That was the worst thing to add especially during the pandemic. Having park reservations already ‘controlled’ the number of people, didn’t need to add expense with confusion. We only chose to use it for one park for our trip. Maybe if Genie+ can be changed to announce how full each park is, then have park hopping changed to noon time, guests can decide when to move around. Paying extra for a ride that is supposed to be included in your ticket price was such a greedy, wrong and unnecessary idea!

  11. Lisa

    I think they need to get rid of the reservation system. I always liked to go in one place for a couple hours take a bus or monorail over to Epcot to eat lunch at the land do a few things go to the next and so on. It could be easily tracked by scanning when you go in that you already do and when you leave having to scan as well.

  12. Ken

    I’m probably speaking for many seniors out there that are now reluctant to go to Disneyland anymore. It’s gotten way too complicated and expensive. I think that pretty much sums it up is why seniors find Disneyland not enjoyable anymore!

  13. Jim

    It would be best if Disney wised up and started listening to the people. They are the only theme park in Florida still using a reservation system, and they are the only theme park in Florida who had to fire their CEO for poor performance. Other parks are thriving, Disney seems to be struggling to stay alive.

  14. Bill Morse

    Our countdown has begun, 128 days and a wake-up. THE RESERVATIONS SYSTEM IS TERRIBLE! It needs to be gone…now! We buy our tickets soon. It’s your call…do we spend it in Universal, Bush Gardens, SeaWorld etc. or do we come see you?

  15. Pam

    I live 90 minutes away from Wdw. I havent had an issue getting a park reservation even during peak holidays. I like the idea of knowing EXACTLY how many people are in the parks and WHO is there. It is not THAT inconvenient

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