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Mockup artwork for Tiana's Adventure

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  1. Emily

    I would like Br’er Rabbit to stay in the mountain Thanks.


    If we cannot have Splash Mountain, then retheme it into the Jungle book (orginal version). NO! princess frog crap!!! I have been going to Disney for over 50 years, and this will be the first time I will not ride a new ride.

    1. bert

      Boo Hoo

    2. Kevin

      That would be a better choice then what Disney has planned T P.A.T.F was boring and I was never able to watch it all the way through .

    3. JadeOttsel

      Jungle Book would not make sense for the areas the Splash Mountains are in, and it wouldn’t fit the theming. Aside from your personal opinions, There’s nothing wrong with princess and the frog.

      1. James

        So you’re saying the Louisiana Bayou would fit in nicely in the desert?

      2. Ebony

        PATF was a box office flop compared with every other princess movie before it. This was purely political.

  3. Chaz

    YES to that!

  4. DB

    Keep the Rabbot and his nemeses.

  5. Phoebe L Ho

    If they go through with it, I hope most of the singing animals can stay. They would fit in very well in the bayou. As for Brer Rabbit- I’d like to see him with his little pack waving to us.

    I’ll miss my Splash Mountain a lot though. Let’s not kid ourselves.

  6. Kevin

    I can see Disney. Changing Splash mountain if it was a struggle ride that has low rider counts but that is not thecase. My problem is it is being rethemed with a movie that flopped at the theaters but in my opinion the story line wasn’t as strong . I think the judgment for Song of the South was based on views of the few and not on the whole had the movie not been pulled from their library decades ago more of this generation might have seen and learn the positive messages it has .Sorry to the people that likes T.P.A.T.F. but I tried to watch it 8 time and fell asleep every time . This move is purely Disneys version of cancelled culture

  7. Mary

    Yes, those characters should stay in Splash Mountain.

  8. Gina Bowers

    I think it would be wonderful if Br’ers could join the bayou. It would never be possible to stop the re-theming, but I believe that much like history itself the past should never be tossed away in favor of the present. There is plenty of room for both the past and the present combined.

  9. Mike G

    How about they just leave the entire ride as is? There is nothing wrong with it at all

  10. Aaron F

    My idea for the retheme is this:
    Mickey, Donald and Goofy are going on a camping trip. What could go wrong?

  11. Denise Miller

    I would be absolutely overjoyed to see Br’er Rabbit and his friends anywhere in WDW and Disneyland. They are iconic characters and should not be just discarded. Many people love them.

  12. Ryan M

    The brier rabbit decends from African folk lore so his story is actually embracing african american culture.The only issue was how the song of the south movie was narrated. So keeping in brier rabbit elements in the new theme shouldn’t be an issue.

  13. jon

    i have a bad feeling this going to be half assed retheme

  14. Ebony

    Yes! Please keep Br’er Rabbit in the mountain! It’s his home, as with all the Br’ers! They sre important African folklore characters that should have never been vilified.

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