There’s Still Time to Get a Hand-Pulled Candy Cane

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One of the longest-running traditions at Disneyland Park is the hand-pulled candy cane. Every Christmas season, time is set aside for this very specific task.

These hand-pulled candy canes have been a Disneyland tradition for over 50 years.

Cast Members making candy canes
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Some of the Candy Makers have been making these candy canes for over 36 years which is just another way that Disneyland has honored this classic tradition. So, what exactly does it mean to hand-pull a candy cane?

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Hand-pulling a candy cane is the traditional way to make a candy cane from scratch. This is by no means an easy process; it takes skill and patience to make a candy cane from scratch.

Candy Cane
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The Disneyland Resort Cast Members work hard to make these famous candy canes. They mix the pulled sugar and peppermint extract, which must be kept boiling hot to keep the sugar pliable, so the room temperature is kept at just under 100 degrees.

Then the Candy Makers hand-pull the candy by rolling, pulling, and twisting the sugar into the traditional candy cane shape.

You can get a candy cane from the Candy Palace at Disneyland and at Trolley Treats at California Adventure. Both stores have very specific, alternating days that these sweet treats are made.

Candy Cane
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These beauties sell for $19.99 and are 5oz. each. There is a mobile waitlist you can get yourself on to. But that does not guarantee you will get one. Your best bet is to arrive early and get a spot in line.

The dates for the Candy Palace at Disneyland are:

  • Dec. 11
  • Dec. 13
  • Dec. 18
  • Dec. 20
  • Dec. 24

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The dates for Trolley Treats at California Adventure are:

  • Dec. 12
  • Dec. 14
  • Dec. 19
  • Dec. 21
  • Dec. 25
candy cane
Credit: Disney

Make sure to get to the Parks at least an hour before the Park actually opens. That way, you’ll be close to the gate, and you can make your way to the front of the line!

Have you ever gotten a hand-pulled candy cane from a Disney Park?

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