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Guests visiting Dollywood during the Smoky Mountain Chsirtmas event

Credit: Dollywood

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  1. Joyce Stephens

    Dollywood was ridiculously overcrowded. This was our first, and last, trip to Tennessee. It made last year’s Orlando trip look like a breeze.
    In actuality, our costs will surpass last year’s trip.
    After spending well over $1,000. for our one-day tickets, at least the children could ride kiddie rides. Yet after a near 50-min. wait, as our grandchildren actually sat in the seats, they decided to shut down the ride! I am surprised that no one cried.
    They ran out of sides after our daughter paid $27. for 2 hot dogs, that’s all she got.
    We couldn’t even enjoy the 6 million lights, since the line for the train would never get us on the ride.
    As seniors, we enjoyed one show and the cinnamon bread.
    Our family drove from NC, VA, and we from NH
    I dread the 3-day ride home. What a major disappointment and waste of money.

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