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Brett Cooper speaking into a microphone about Splash Mountain.


  1. Anonymous

    You need to stop make these so called claims of it closing. Can’t you even announce the possibilities of the retheme might get cancelled because of the campaigns, petitions, the number of people against it, or anything else? And since the Disney stock is losing money faster than you think, you have to be prepared of it being Cancelled.

    1. M

      I hope that happens. Leave Splash Mountain alone.

  2. Steve

    Dimocrats think the movie is about a slave showing how happy he is about being a slave. You can’t make this up, but they specialize in making up nonsense.

    1. & Exactly HOW MANY times have you seen the movie?

  3. Ryan

    I bet the writer of this article hasn’t even seen the movie, but just speculating like everyone else. I think if you’re going to talk about the movie and make assumptions or claims either way, I’d argue that you should watch the film first. As much as I like Brett Cooper and the Daily Wire, I think she should have watched the whole movie, not just the trailer, before making claims. Her claims lose credibility if she hasn’t done all the research. The same can be said for the writer of this article. Hopefully they watch the entire film before making claims about the film. I’ve seen the movie and can say it’s not at all what it’s been made out to be. It is quite innocent and a very sweet movie. It’s disappointing that it gets so much hate.

    1. Dave 62

      Your are right, I have a copy and watch it now and then, it’s probably one the best movie disney ever made, sooo by disney removing this from history, their taking away an Oscar from a talented actor ,Mr. James Baskett. They are removing his great preformance from the world. The first black American to get an Oscar, it’s a wonder why the black community it’s upset about that at all? Shouldn’t they remove roots history? If James doesn’t get honored for his accomplishments, Oprah Shouldn’t either

  4. Matty

    Everything this gurl said is so correct! I freakin love her for this!

  5. Shirley

    I own 2 copies. Have loved it ever since it came out. I consider it innocent also. Not about slavery. Uncle Remus loved these children. Just aa they lost him, children have just these stories because of bias. Sweet stories. Walt was proud of this move but did not himself appear to have any racial leanings. He’d be hurt about WDW’s cancelling this ride. So … is Tom Sawyer Island going away or is that too already underway?

  6. Dave 62

    Let take about the fog ,that’s a southern repressed movie also isn’t it.

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