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Strange World Skull

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  1. Eron

    Strange World had the one cinema sin you never want: it was boring. On top of that, the daddy issues didn’t resonate at all. Splat unethusiastically slinking down stairs was probably the best part.

    1. Chris

      Splat was definitely the best part of the movie, without him, I would have walked out (and wanted money back) and we were seeing it free on a cruise. The movie did have potential to be good, but they didn’t fulfill that potential.

  2. Marcus

    Maybe now Disney will release Black Cauldron on Disney+ since it’s no longer the greatest flop. But regarding Strange World it wasn’t a good story as has been stated. But the systemic problem is impacting all Hollywood and that is streaming. Avatar: The Way of Water didn’t open as big as Disney had hoped. Wakanda Forever and the latest Doctor Strange film didn’t do as well as they might have done pre-pandemic. All these films would have probably surpassed $1 billion. But streaming has changed all that. I don’t believe people will EVER return to theaters like before 2020. Hollywood needs to rethink how they measure a film’s success.

    1. Cptobvious

      I watched Black Cauldron on Disney+ pretty soon after the service started up. It’s probably still there.

      1. Michael

        It was advertised to their perceived audience, families and children. I have kids and they wanted to see it, we didn’t go nor did any other family I know simply because of the wokeness. Disney is a family production company and majority of families don’t want this nonsense in THEIR “children’s” mind. Kids that are the target audience for Disney movies should not be thinking about their secual orientations

        1. Jess

          I honestly don’t understand why you’re here in the first place. I know there are cartoons with Mickey and Minnie hugging, even Minnie kissing Mickey on the cheek and that’s suddenly ok. Why is that not making children “think about secual orientations”. Why are you not more outraged by that? By your logic there are girls running around kissing boys and boys running around kissing girls. Would you be ok if a boy and girl had a make out session?

          1. John

            Homosexuality is not the same as normal traditional heterosexual behavior. One is held as sinful by most world religions, and is illegal in many countries, and no amount is brow beating will change that.

        2. TK

          The “non-sense” is 99% of Disney’s catalog. A vast majority focuses on love between a couple. Those just happen to be straight couples most of the time. So if you’re fine with that long line of Disney content, nothing is changed by the character liking someone of the same sex instead. And if you do think that’s different, you’re more ignorant of your own views than you think.

  3. desy

    Go Woke , Go Broke !!!

    1. Robert

      I agree! The one thing nobody is stating that animated releases are planned they can take several years to plan and make. This would mean that it had started under Iger’s rein as CEO and was released under Chapek. When the administration at Disney and Pixar decided to take stories in a certain direction for their animation releases and the public disagrees it is now showing in the production costs and what there making in it’s release.

    2. Les

      I will never take my children to a gay movie. They can see it as adults.

      1. Tia

        Totally agree.

  4. Ron

    Disney seriously misread Their audience with this wokeness stuff. While many of the young creatives inside the Disney Company may be all over the inclusion narrative, the simple fact is that traditional families, including me and mine, do not want to expose their children and grandchildren to a teenage gay character. The explosion of the percentage of young people who identify as gay or something else on the rainbow spectrum is a clear indication that they are being influenced by the media and the larger culture. Disney has always made its bread and butter by providing
    entertainment that didn’t conflict with the core traditional values of its target audience.

    1. Andrew

      You’re reversing cause and effect. They included a gay character because more people are comfortable letting others know that they are gay/trans/nonbinary. Dosney’s objective is always to be able to sell entertainment to the widest possible audience, and that includes an increasing number of kids who are going through a difficult identity crisis – made much more difficult and traumatic, I might add, by people like you.

      You don’t like gay people because it grosses you out. Just be honest and say “ew, I don’t like that” instead of imagining all of this “I don’t want kids exposed to such sinful things” or “woke agenda” bs.

      The world is changing. In 50 years, being gay won’t be an issue, so just do the world a favor and get out of the way of the future.

      1. Les

        He did not say he was grossed out by gays. Only that he would not subject his children to such. They can watch as adults.

      2. Les

        He did not say eww gays r gross. Only he would not take his children to such movies. They can see them as adults. Most people do not want their children brainwashed into something that is not them.

        1. Jess

          Brainwashed? So you’re saying girls having make out sessions with boys is fine because Mickey and Minnie kiss. Ok then

        2. TK

          Ah so you chose to be straight then? If you can be brainwashed, then it’s all a choice right. So tell me how you chose to be straight. And then try a little experiment where you choose to be gay.

        3. John

          Gay sex is gross!

          No amount is SJW brow beating is going to change that.

      3. Ambry

        Why do gays care so much about forcing everyone to watch thier Sex obsession. If you know the past you would know that there is no future in a culture of sexual obsession. As for the future its traditional families who are physically building it with and for our children. Without children of your own you have no stake in that future as it will not effect you at all, but it will effect the ones we cherish most. In gay culture it’s all about a less than 10 second orgasm. In traditional. Families its about procreation. The actual creation of new life. Without that new life there is no future at all. So gay sexual addiction will never be the future. It’s a passing fad that crops up from time to time through history and then fades as people grow bored with it once again, or civilization falls and people become more preoccupied with survival than fads anyways. Either way sex obsession will never be a sustainable future.

      4. John

        Gay sex is gross and should be locked back in the closet where it can die with the moth eaten sweaters.

        The SWJs can not brow beat normal people into believing their lies and perversions.

        We gave been silent for to long, is is time for the healthy adults to put thier foot down.

      5. Phil

        Agree with you 100% ! Parents didn’t take their children once they had found out their was a “gay” character.

  5. J

    Show me the advertising budget for this film. There are no commercials. Fast food tie-ins. No aisles full of Xmas toys. Nothing. Even bad Disney movies do well on the merit that they’re from Disney. This movie wasn’t promoted at all, no wonder it flopped. Forget blaming “wokeness.” This movie was slotted for failure before it was even released.

    1. Lisa


    2. M


    3. Michael

      It was advertised to their perceived audience, families and children. I have kids and they wanted to see it, we didn’t go nor did any other family I know simply because of the wokeness. Disney is a family production company and majority of families don’t want this nonsense in THEIR “children’s” mind. Kids that are the target audience for Disney movies should not be thinking about their secual orientations

    4. Andre

      Nope I was going to take my two nephews to see this. I take them to the movies at least once a month. Then I heard that the main character is gay and nope not taking my nephews to that bs. Say whatever you want I ain’t giving my money to anyone who puts gay characters in children’s movies. Call me whatever you want it’s my money!

      1. Jess

        It’s sad to see there are so many misinformed petty and close minded people.

        1. Ambry

          Sexual obsession does not equal an open mind. In fact it’s sexual obsession that’s close minded as those who prescribe to it can think of nothing else. I want to see a good adventure movie, not a lecture on who likes having sex with who. Wokes may find that entertaining, the rest of us require more mental activity to be entertained. You can only see so much sex obsession before it becomes terminally boring.

          1. TK

            It shows you didn’t see the movie hahaha

    5. Jess

      Exactly. I only heard about this movie by chance. If I missed someone talking about it I would’ve never known this existed in the first place. This is Disney shrugging, not even bothering to look you in the eye nor get up and go. “Yeah we tried.”

  6. PaddyO'

    Parents are sick of having their kids groomed by the rainbow Mafia. It really is that simple. We’re tired of gay 24/7.

    1. Jess

      And all people like you encourage all girls to bend over. That’s just how out there you sound. I know you’re never going to actually think about it because from what you’ve written because you have hatred burning in your blood and permanent blinders on. I hope the rest of your family doesn’t follow your same path of self destruction.

  7. Idontcare

    It’s not just woke stuff, Disney took a dive in the 70’s and 80’s when they had impoverished characters as the protagonists.

  8. Justin

    Go woke. Go broke. I kept my 2 daughters out ouf the theater, and disney is all rated NC17 in my house.

  9. James Lee

    I have my own reasons as to what made ‘Strange World’ fall so fast and hit so hard albeit badly.

    It’s more to do with the release window than anything else. I mean releasing it in theatres during THANKSGIVING WEEKEND?! With ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ releasing in just a few short weeks later that’s not a good business model.

    My guess is that ‘Strange World’ is probably a Chapek-era film, which the legendary Bob Iger unfortunately picked up and hastily approved it for a theatrical release. He should’ve cancelled the release of ‘Strange World’ and put all his efforts into ‘Avatar’, which he obviously did. Side note: I saw both films and loved em even though it’s plain to see that the clear winner is ‘Avatar’ without a shadow of a doubt.

  10. Michael

    Only reason I didn’t bring my family is wokeness. Seriously, the only reason.

    1. Tia

      Same here, and same with all the families I know. It’s not politically correct, but the reality is that parents didn’t want to spend money to have Disney preach the woke gospel to their kids. I’d have taken my Littles to see this if it hadn’t had the wokeness.

  11. Anthony

    Gay people don’t exist solely for the existence of a plot????? The fact that he’s gay has nothing to do with why this boring, plotless movie that got almost zero promotion. I’m on the internet all day as part of my job, and I see movies all the time. I might have seen a single ad.
    And he’s not the first gay Disney character… he’s not even the second or the third.

  12. Jayne1955

    Oh, it wasn’t that bad. My son and his friends liked it. And I loved the Black Cauldron.

  13. Ambry

    No one is stopping disney from making gay movies, no one is stopping Lgb whatever people from going to them. We are simply stating that we will not be going or taking our children to them. The woke whining about our not wanting to watch them is an attack on the laws of consent. Just because they want to have gay sex in animation does not mean the rest of us should be forced to watch it. Just because they view our children as sex objects for thier obsession does not mean we are going to hand them over. I did not risk my live and giving my blood bringing my children into this world for thier sex obsession.

  14. PMOttawa

    It wasn’t a great film but it wasn’t that bad. The “gay relationship” felt grafted on to the story and had no real bearing on anything that happened. There were more sparks between Timon and Pumba than these guys.

  15. Joe

    Simply put, the majority is tired of this woke trash. They ruined Marvel and Star Wars. Lightyear flopped as did Strange World. We can’t trust Disney to entertain our children anymore as they have hopped on the brainwashing/grooming bandwagon.

    1. Bob

      Nobody wants to hear your ignorant, brainwashed rhetoric Ambry. Did you even see the movie? Don’t start spouting your uniformed opinion because you have nothing better to do.

      1. Dan

        Wow, what hypocrisy there Bob. And you think people want to hear YOUR uninformed brainwashed opinion?

  16. Peter

    The thing that put me off straight away was the repetitive visual style. One of the benefits of animation is that the overall look can vary dramatically. I miss the experimental days of Hercules, Lilo & Stitch, etc. Even Pixar has started to fall into that trap of repetitive visuals.

  17. BroHomo

    This is hilarious… People freaking out about exposing their kids to the the “woke gay propaganda” In fear of a pied Piper into gayness are only gonna push their kids into experimenting…Like the rules regarding alcohol/drugs…the taboo aspect only makes kids wanna do it more. Their argument that watching gays in TV leads to gayness ignore the fact that hetero couples were the only ones in TV/movies for generations….by their logic everyone should be straight lol

  18. Crusher

    Parents don’t want to take their kids to see gay characters in a movie targeted for kids. It that simple. Don’t put that in a kids movie and it will make money.

  19. Jesper Oersted

    “Strange World” fails on so many levels, not just one. Lackluster story, age-inappropriate content for young children, uninteresting characters you could really root for, no bad guy, hard to understand conflict for young children and by including a gay character simply for the sake of having a gay character in the movie, without rooting the character in the story in any meaningful way, Disney totally spoiled their chances of making money in many foreign markets, including the very lukerative Chinese Marked an alienated a lot of parents, who most certainly not wanted the discussion with their young child about sexuallity afterwards. It adds up to be the worst disaster of a movie Disney ever released.
    May it rest in peace on Disney+.

  20. Ed

    Everyone is asking the wrong questions. The questions are: “is there a God or not?” If there is a God, what are His rules? NOT the self-righteous “woke” crowd. If you simply look at how complicated our bodies are, obviously God designed them. It was not by random chance. The Bible says homosexuality is sin. Only the Bible is full of prophecy. People need to fear and love God and stop fearing man.

  21. Jaybro

    The one thing that people ultimately have a problem with is a gay character. That’s literally the only thing. I personally thought it had a positive message of supportive parents, unlike about 90% of parents out there today, which are the same ones are that cause gays and those with gender identity issues to commit early suicide by the narrow- sighted upbringings of non-acceptance. This is the world now. Suddenly there is an inch of progress in the world and everyone is so stuck in their previous ways because their parents taught them and their parents taught them, etc. that being gay or feeling otherwise is an immoral, dirty sin and they’re going to hell. It’s sickening that there is so much hate and anger. We have had to fight and protest and lose so many lives for what freedoms we have now, but people like to conveniently ignore that part. I believe a large part of the so called “woke” culture are young people on social media finally being able to connect and see through all the bs they’re spoon fed on all subjects daily and now they have the courage to effect actual change. Change the rating for the movie and/or put a disclaimer on it so you don’t waste your time or money to watch it if it bothers you that much. Period.

  22. John Heavey

    The film was just “meh”, I agree completely with the review, the gay character wasn’t an issue, although it did feel as though it was shoe horned in there just for the sake of it. Don’t worry Disney, I have a wonderful animation screenplay, original, franchise and consistently funny. I mean, a really fun, family film. Diverse and inclusive without being preachy. Give it a look 😬

  23. Alf

    I think they handled the gay son well… there was no “woke” about about it. He simply had a crush on a boy and even the grandfather didn’t blink when he said it was a boy he was interested in. That is the world we should live in. Do you all even know what woke means? Woke is the belief there are systemic injustices in American society and the need to address them (republican lawyers definition). Anyway the movie was boring as hell and there’s a 20 minute section about halfway through that should’ve been cut. They were trying to create an Avatar like world but you need James Cameron for that I guess.

    Anyone complaining about the gay character think what would you do if your teenage son came out as gay…

  24. Mickeymouse3

    One of the reasons movie theater releases bomb is because the cost of going to the movies is ridiculous, especially with the economy being what it is. In my town, it’s about $10 per seat to see a movie, but who sees a movie without snacks…another $15-20 per person. Then add to that, the movie will be streaming within a month or two of release, why pay the crazy theater prices? There has to be a balance. There also has to be quality in a film that makes me want to see it in a theater.

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