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The Santa Clauses first look

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  1. The Disketear

    Be intereseting to see where it goes for Season 2. I meanhow petty are some about the word SATAN, it was spelling mistake with a tongue and cheek about it. Seriously some poeple need to get over the silly stuff.

    I thought it was ok last 2 eps made up for it with the true message of the series. And I liked how they spun the Santa making deal

    1. Candy

      Haven’t seen the show yet, but I love the movies and will watch especially since “Christians” can’t take a joke. And yet I am a Christian but not a panties in a twist one.

  2. Dodger

    If it wasn’t popular, they wouldn’t bother spending money on a second season. Good for them.

  3. Billy

    Good. Enjoyed the series and looking forward to another season. F the haters. Cowards behind a keyboard.

  4. phillysub

    So glad it was renewed! Merry Christmas everyone!

  5. DPlusGuy

    The Satan comment in the show was a joke, not the message of the series. I really don’t why there would be a controversy.

  6. Earl

    How in God’s name is the series controversial? In a country of over 350 million people, a handful of complaints hardly rises to the level of labeling this as a “Controversial” series. Come on people, be better!

  7. Fine M*n

    Tim Alan is very problematic, I would watch the show without him. Anything he does it an automatic no watch.

    1. Joesph Weydemann

      why problematic

      1. AH

        Because he us several bikes short of a load.

        1. AH

          Is and Bricks. Auto correct

    2. Hal

      Since you can’t spell his name right, guessing you don’t even know who he is and no one cares if you watch any of it. GJ keyboard warrior

      1. Jayne1955

        Autocorrect is evil.

  8. Linda

    Great series! Love all the characters in the Santa Clauses!!! Please continue with the series!

  9. Jayne1955

    I am no fan of Tim Allen or the show, but he’s right here. It’s a joke people, and a very common, old joke at that. How stupid for people to whine about it.

  10. Ridley

    People who make a big deal out of such a harmless thing are absolutely pathetic. I hate how America is religious. Glad to be Atheist.

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