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A VIP tour guide Cast Member wearing a mask poses in Carthay Circle at Disney California Adventure.

Credit: Disney


  1. Royz


    Today is a different time than yester year.
    Even under the Eisner era cast members where in a better guest service mindset. Today not as much, but this did not happen over night. It was a slow gradual decline over years to where it is very noticeable.

    The current times, the payrate, and other criteria. It also has to do a lot with the lower mid level cast member supervisors. This is where the problem inset years ago.

    Area supervisors, cast members who wear business casual clothing, walking around with ear pieces ,and garbage pick.up sticks. Thats the core of the problem. My first thought why arent these supervisors in costume per the themed area they are placed? It is very easy to differentiate with different costume types supervisors, managers, etc…

    This is no different than Walmart, Target , Mc Donalds, etc. it is the mid levels that really can set the tone of the environment and of the employees(cast members).

    How many cast members really understand and value the history and tradition of Walt Disney? For most, not all its just a job.

    Theres a saying in showbusiness…Leave your problems at the stage door…

    That can be difficult to be happy and friendly when life is challenging you in many ways.

    It always seems though to be at the mid level , supervisors problems occur. We dont know if a cast member supervisor is making them miserable or if its life in their personal life.

    So Yes, there now is a very noticeable demeanor offset in cast members. It seems DLR gets a lot more reporting rude cast members thaan WDWR. No matter both have obvious morale, attitude decline.

    A portion maybe due to the Illusion, or in WDWR its called the Peter Pan Syndrome, where many think by relocating there, and getting casted is all magical, until six months into it, they find out how it really is when working.

    All the world is a stage, and to pretend that fine and dandy takes a talent not all can project.

    Any cast member of the Walt Disney Company should be required to continually be trained in Traditions yearly. If that still isnt enough, cast members should be reassigned to a backstage role until they are deemed stage ready. If all else fails both the cast member and company should be in agreement that their role should come to and end.

  2. Larry

    It’s the same thing at WDW too. We had a few sweet CMs, but a lot of surliness from most. The worst were when I used Genie+ to reserve rides which then broke down while I was riding them, and I was refused a request to reride in LL. When I insisted, she ignored me for several minutes, then said she would make a concession now, but never ever would it be done again even if the ride broke down. And yes, those were her exact words, “never ever.” Every time there was a Genie+ ride breakdown issue I got sass.

  3. Steve

    I don’t know about rude, but I the quality of ride loading is going down hill. Gaps in loading, incorrect instructions, losing track of spaces already assigned causing groups to be split. Universal doesn’t have these issues at all and still manage to have a single rider line for nearly every ride.

  4. Karen

    Yes, we’ve been 3 times since Disneyland reopened. Not only rudeness but complaining about staff shortages. I don’t need to hear that on vacation!

  5. Mickeymouse3

    Everyone has a bad day here and there. CM’s are no exception. I will cast no stone by saying I don’t have bad days.
    Be the person who will change the atmosphere to a more positive one. Sometimes all it takes is a simple “Thanks for all you do”. Whether you mean it or not, it’s still nice to hear, especially if that person is having one of those days.

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