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Evangeline Lilly as the Wasp in 'Ant-Man and the Wasp'

Credit: Marvel Studios



    Stop being a troll and leave her alone. So, what if she wants be in an A-Force movie. No one was expecting her to die in Quantumania.

  2. Mark Soto

    Not only that, she thought th COVID vaccine that is causing people to die suddenly was a bad thing!?!? Shame on her for not trusting the government and drug companies. What a “problematic” person for worrying about what strangera are forcing her to put in her body and standing up against it! For shame. When in life, she’s literally the last living “Avenger” remember that she did what was right and was proud of herself. The only thing Evangeline Lilly and Letitia Wright did wrong was showing all the other Hollywood sheep that they have minds of their own. I love Marvel, I love movies, but I would NEVER want to be part of Hollywood. Look at what people have to go through to be true to themselves. Those Marvel “heroes” who spoke out against her, shame on you for judging others based on government propaganda.

  3. Love Evangeline as the Wasp!!
    She is bad ass!!
    She is awesome!! I hope both She and Scott survive the next movie.
    But somebody’s gotta go.
    More than likely, Hank and Jan.
    Then possibly Scott.
    But, if that happens, opens up for Cassie and Hope to be the REAL heroes.
    #dont kill Scott.

  4. Chris Wood

    Nobody cheered for this a female team in the EndGame, why would they want it now? They already have a all female hero movie coming out, called the Marvels. Nobody asked for that.

  5. Jack

    You guys have got to stop with these troll articles leave her alone. She’s not gonna die and she’ll definitely come back in the future. You guys clearly haven’t seen the road they’ve paved for her and her bright future in the MCU

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