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Two Mickey Mouse shaped waffles, served at multiple Walt Disney World Restaurants, on a plate with strawberries and orange slices.

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  1. Royz

    The statement by Ms McCarthy, alone, is enough to justify her dismissal from the board and company.

    You do not insult guests, ever…They are the bread and butter that support the company.

    It is in the best interest of the Walt Disney Company to obtain a no confidence vote in the board from the shareholders, and to dismiss the entire board.

    Yes food portions should go back to substantial size or a bit oversize. This is a theme park not Jenny Craig. Guests come to the WDW and DLR resort to get away from the day to day grind of life.

    Over the top menu items, way over thinking delicacies served, and paying top dollar to go all natural/vegan, is not cost effective nor profitable, nor by no means is the majority.

    Keep it simple. Simple menu items, fresh selections, and a healht choice alternative but not as to over take the entire core menus.

    Reducing portion size, as Ms. McCarhty so eloquently stated, will not reduce cost. Mainstream, simple, and regular core food items will. The better the choices as to mainstream, the more sustainable thenprofit in the long term.

    Stop with paying top dollar for vegan, natural, and other as base ingredients for menu items. Go back to simple, cheap, traditional.ingredients.

    Stop forcing a healthy no option ideology. Stores like Whole Foods Trader Joes, etc, studies have shown that the price difference from mainstream regular groceries, prove no more healthier effects. (Its a fad)Its like going from a Toyota to a Nissan in terms.of the benefits from the food, from regular grown to organic. Now if the result was a big difference say like going from.a Nissan to a Porsche, yes then the cost is justified.

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