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johnny depp as jack sparrow (left) and the rock as frank wolff (right)


  1. Mark

    Go out while you’re on top. No one, repeat no one will revive the franchise. I don’t care if you raise the entire stable of Hollywood’s golden years from the grave. There is only one Captain and that is Jack Sparrow. Sorry folks…without Johnny Depp POTC IS DOA.

  2. No Pirates without Johnny Depp.

  3. Steve

    Another franchise ruined by Disney.

  4. Lori Mitchell

    JOHNNY DEPP IS PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN! No one else could replace him and no other story line would make me go see it without him! He made it the success that it is and Disney is wrong to try and cut him out of it because of “alleged and unproven” allegations against him. He is the one that made it successful. Johnny is the one we all came to see. Johnny is truly the Golden Ticket for the POTC Franchise and if Disney can’t see that then they deserve to suffer losses by going with someone else. Dwayne Johnson is not even remotely an enticement to go see any POTC with him or Margot Robbie. NO ONE BUT JOHNNY DEPP! Otherwise POTC is DEAD! IF, Johnny Depp was back in the 6th movie it would be the top grossing movie of all time (some would go out of curiosity and others as loyal fans) and it would be a BLOCKBUSTER!! Get a clue Disney and Bruckheimer!

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