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Credit: ITM


  1. Dave 62

    Disneyworld has mold ! Not surprised it’s all over the place ,park’s , resorts. its everywhere. If I see it I report it, did anyone? I have a lot of pics of that untalked about problem ,and I follow up on it too before it’s addressed..

  2. Dave 62

    It is very important to report these problems to management , not just a cast member go to guess relations. Take a pic of the issue so they can address the problem, we maybe seeing these things, because we’re just standing there in line. But most cast members are busy and dealing with us and not catching stuff like that.

    1. Steve

      Pretty unlikely that management doesn’t know about all the problems like this going on. If they don’t, they should be fired.

  3. Steve

    Disney has turned into a dump.

    1. ZachinKY

      Merry Christmas, go somewhere else. Bye.

  4. Paul

    Its a small world and a couple other rides with water id say have serious mold problems and there just makin it a public health hazard

  5. Bf

    Sooo …the author didn’t confirm its mold… wonderful and in-depth reporting.

  6. j

    hopefully they get the problem fixed by the time me and my cheer team come to disney in february. i’d really like to ride space mountain again, such a fun ride!😕

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