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Brie Larson in Ms. Marvel

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Maggie

    I totally get why y’all are using a photo of the biggest/most recognizable name of The Marvels, however using Brie Larson’s image to drive clicks seems kinda slanderous to me. Especially when combined with all the the hate she’s received from the group of people who complain about female led superhero movies. Please consider changing the featured image to either the accused or perhaps a title card before people who don’t bother to read start accusing Larson of the crime.

    1. Alix

      Came here to say the same thing. And then you move on to the young woman who plays Kamala Khan. Like WTF?! Shameful.

      1. AJ

        There are so many different pictures and references to partners instead of actors that I can barely figure out who or what this is actually even about.

    2. Pam

      Agree 100%

  2. David Rivera

    It’s pretty disgusting as this isn’t something new in Hollywood or throughout the world the grooming of children has been consistent ESPECIALLY IN HOLLYWOOD!

    1. Spooder

      Statistically, it happens way more in churches. Probably didn’t want to hear that, did ya?

      1. Tobalaz

        Statistically it happens way more in public schools. Probably didn’t want to hear that, did ya?

  3. no bs

    i think ppl need to stop with this disturbing trend of having no accountability or responsibility. 15 is well past post-pubescent. there’s no difference between a 15yo or a 16yo (age of consent in many states) or even an 18yo (age of consent in others). if a 15yo can decide they wanna be on fckin hormone therapy they can damn well decide if they wanna talk to ppl that over the age of 18.

    so they do. and then when it suits them, or the relationship is no longer benefiting them, they renege and say they were groomed etc.

    you were 15 and reached out to a grown woman.. and then you start texting and talking to her husband too. you chose to do that. take responsibility for your actions.

    1. Vic

      You need to be reported. You are probably a Hollywood exec

  4. Vic

    They use a certain technology to treat truth as spam so you won’t see pictures of the accused in this case you would only see the picture you saw. Just as a three main stars that they mentioned in the article first would never get reported if they did something wrong. The only ones that’ll get accused and replaced look like John boyega or the like. They train you not to like or care about one who looks like John boyega and to consider one who looks like Chris Evans to be superior.

    1. Vic

      And they do not care about women.

  5. Vic

    *r o l e

  6. Vic

    The establishment is so against people that look like John boyega that they turned the terminology for it. They program the terminology for it to be spam. They don’t defend against the atrocity. I’ll ask anyway, since MJ could be Zendaya or Kirsten dunst, why can’t John boyega be Peter Parker? Why can’t someone that looks like him be Miles Morales in a live-action movie?

  7. Pam

    Anyone who grooms a child like that should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. And maybe we should have stricter laws too.
    To the person who said if a 15 yo is old enough to start transition then a 15 yo is old enough to have sex, maybe you should try doing some research both on transition and the ability of a 15 yo to make decisions without the help of a competent adult. It’s not like a teen can just go to a doctor and say “I want to start hormone therapy.”

    1. Ava

      Yes they can. There’s a practice out west under fire right now for performing top surgeries to women after only two, hour long video calls. It doesn’t take much for doctors to get paid to push this sick agenda

  8. JRusso

    So glad I’m not the only one who noticed and felt odd about the picture of Brie Larson when they were not talking about anyone remotely important as a main character in the film. Luckily they can kick his ass out and replace the POS if there would be another movie following… And he IS a POS. any grown up talking inappropriately to a 15 OR a 16 yr old is wrong.

    But anyway, I’m glad others found the layout of the article wrong.

  9. Paul Soares

    Yep lets get rid of Brie Larson’s Picture. There is no excuse for this.

  10. Damon

    Seriously why are you not showing Kapur? Why show a woman who has been the target of an aggressive misogynist campaign as the lead picture with multiple sentences about grooming and abuse before you name the actor?

    You’ve set yourselves up for a hell of a defamation lawsuit. You should have run this by your legal team first.

    You’ll deserve it to.

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