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Yellow, red, and green skyliner gondolas sail with Disney's Hollywood Studios in the far distance.

Credit: Disney


  1. tom

    FYI there are 2 genders period

  2. Steve

    Oh no this micro aggression will surly drive away the 10 people that actually care.

    Grow up you retards.

  3. Gary

    Ladies, Females, (Gal’s) & Gentlemen, Males, (Guy’s) which ever you prefer push back on Woke!

  4. Human Made

    Everyone that has a problem with Disney’s execution of diversity and inclusivity, I recommend voting with your hard earned dollars. Refrain from supporting Disney at the box office, theme parks, and merchandise. Strange Worlds flopping at the box office on opening weekend sends a strong message they cannot ignore.

    1. Steve

      Already on it.

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