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Left: Josh Gad in a red jacket waving his arms as he narrates the Candlelight Processional. Right: A sign outside Splash Mountain that features Br'er Rabbit.


  1. garfy

    No. The splash mountain music is unique, Disney must keep this music.
    The music of the princess and the frog is really less good, less joyful, and less catchy.
    It’s almost an American anthem, of hope and joie de vivre, with an ecological background on animals.
    This change is the disgrace of Disney officials.

  2. Shareholder

    If you want change then come on down to

  3. Walt

    The change is just one more example of why Disney is destroying its fan base. The polls are massively in favor of LEAVING the attraction alone yet they company insists and MAKE NO MISTAKE tis is not only Igers baby -it is the boards (populated by radical leftists) and the well entrenched woke staff in the Disney company. This whole company has rot in EVERY nook and Cranny. Good luck to anyone trying to fix it. They’ll get the same treatment from the loud mouthed left like Elon is getting. A small minority destroying history, culture, harmony among all citizens for their mentally ill concept of the world.

    1. AH

      The left in this country is just like ISIS just without chopping off heads. Been on splash before and it was enjoyable.

    2. D

      I mean he’s not wrong… whatever you feel about the current ride is changing and he would have to be a frog.

  4. Maira

    It is a problematic ride that needs to get updated. Next should be the tiki room with its cultural appropriation and cringey fake accents.

    1. Dan

      The only thing problematic are airheads like you. If you are offended by a rabbit outsmarting a fox, then seek some professional help.

    2. Nunya

      If you don’t like the classic and iconicTiki room, don’t go in it and “cringe’ but Aliow others to enjoy iand remember a simpler time that didn’t have so many woke complainers picking apart a vintage ride, per se.

    3. D

      Ugh all the buzzwords…

    4. Kino89

      Need a tissue?

  5. Deb

    There was also not talking /singing bears and rabbits 🤣

  6. Jim

    So don’t ride!

  7. JP

    Princes and the frog did not do well at the box office.


    I’m in favor of making a princess and the frog ride because I liked the movie l. I think it’s a good idea for a ride. I just don’t feel that you should destroy a beloved ride to create it. People have the freedom of choice not to ride splash mountain, then give them another ride to ride if they wish. This is a mistake and Disney will pay the price for this eventually.

  9. Jess

    The ride shouldn’t be changed….history, unfortunately, cannot be changed. This is a ride that has brought so much joy and memories from my childhood….no matter your race…..if you’ve been to Disney World, you’ve more than likely rode splash mountain and loved it! So…

  10. Jess

    Woke Mountain…..? …..ugh….over the top. Just don’t go…or care, period.

  11. Soul

    No. Tiana should have her own ride elsewhere with an expansion, not a re-themed re-hash that takes away one of the iconic original WDW rides.
    People should show their disapproval by boycotting it, although it probably won’t happen, because most of the people that dislike it are “nice, tolerant” (read: ‘sheeple’) that will continue to allow cancel culture until it arrives at their own doorstep.

  12. mark

    good joke, ’cause yes the hens will be frogs !

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