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  1. Marcus the Prognosticator

    This is a dilemma. Most likely result: No Johnny Depp, no Capt Jack Sparrow. No Capt Jack, no PotC. If Depp is going to keep behaving like that, perhaps Disney needs to just retire the franchise.

    1. John Doe

      I have to agree and after seeing the latest and hoping its not true I saw an article saying the rock might be in the next POTC well im done if thats true his movies have bombed recently. He is a great man but terrible actor.

    2. Billie

      “Behaving like that”?? Like what? An artist?? Get a grip. Keep your judgement of someone you couldn’t hold a candle to TO YOURSELF.

  2. Dave 62

    Maybe hes the victim of another woke person thats tring to destroy his life. I’d argue against that if that’s the case, disneys stupidity has caused this! Remove the woke from disney, and let Johnny live on as. Capt. Sparrow

  3. Dave 62

    Maybe hes the victim of another woke person thats tring to destroy his life. I’d argue against that if that’s the case, disneys stupidity has caused this! Remove the woke from disney, and let Johnny live on as. Capt. Sparrow

  4. Lauren Sims

    First, did Maiwenn really want to work with him? Or was she holding any residual anger or bias against him bc of the trial? Sounds like a power struggle, which doesn’t breed creativity which he thrives on.
    Hopefully the movie does well and likely will bc he is in it.
    Disney may regret their decision bc this Pirates fan will not be going to see the next POTC movie without Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow.

    1. Billie

      Who is she again?? Oh yeah, some new actor/director who thinks she’s all that?? What are her movies?? The only one I recognize is The Fifth Element and meh…it wasn’t that great. She should consider herself LUCKY to have JD on set.

      1. Kaiser

        Fully agree with Billie

  5. Christine Tullock

    Again no Johnny no pirates! You are going to lose so much money! That film will be garbage without depp good luck finding anyone who wants to watch it 😂 really sad when disney makes 11 million dollars a day off ticket sales but won’t budge on Johnnys salary! Before you say well what about the salaries of employees ect they charge 250.00 a person in Epcot one restaurant to eat! 900.00 in the contemporary resort to stay a night! They are the greediest companies I ever heard of!

  6. Susan

    I’ll not see or buy any more Pirates if no Johnny Depp. From what I’ve read, many stars, who even don’t have his draw power, are divas and cause problems on sets. He’s one in a million. If he’s a diva, so what. No one else is Jack Sparrow. Disney needs to just deal with it! The Rock! 😆

  7. Ann

    Get rid of everyone who doesn’t want to work with Johnny and make the damn movie already with Johnny as Captain Jack. He won his legal case AND lowered Amber’s bill by 300% What else do these Jezebels want from him? 😡 We don’t care about all of these no named actors and actresses anyway.

  8. Jamie Coughlin

    Disney only WISHES Johnny would come back. IF this is even true it sounds like the director is equally at fault.

  9. Don

    Make him pay their salaries if a delay is faced because of him.?

    1. Concerned

      Why? These actors work long, long hours, and next day do it again for months on end? Studios need to treat actors like human beings!

  10. Jebus Christ

    Why do you people hang on everything these inflatted pretenders do?

  11. Kurt

    The first movie was great!
    The second pretty good.
    Didn’t see the others…

  12. Red bat

    They have not settled she was and still being found guilty by a jury of her peers of lying about domestic and sexual violence committed against her and depp was found innocent of doing said actions they have both agreed with the verdict and cancelled their appeals which in English means she accepts and acknowledges the verdict as true (if she believed it was wrong she would appeal fact) instead of fabricating lies do your job

  13. Jayne1955

    Never heard of her. He’s a legend and you can’t have the Pirates franchise go on without him. Just saw his Jack Sparrow costume yesterday in the heroes and villains exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum. Everyone there wanted to take a picture with it.

  14. This news makes me sad. Just plain sick to my stomach. I will NEVER watch another Pirates movie without Johnny Depp. I want Johnny Depp to come back to the United States and stay here. He.was born here. This is his HOME. Can’t anything go right for this man???, prayers and love sending up for a miracle.

  15. This just makes me sad and sick to my stomach. No more Johnny NO more Pirates No more franchise. I won’t watch anymore Pirate movies without Johnny Depo. Period. Just want JD to come back to America where he BELONGS Prayers lifted for a miracle.

  16. Brenda

    Johnny needs to be in a six month detox/rehab program. But, he has been abusing alcohol and drugs since he was 13….would he be able to succeed? If not, he has several health issues….his days may he numbered. Will he live to see 70? Or 65 even?

    1. Karmic Stuff

      I want to see him DEAD, I can’t stand him.

  17. NCK

    I will only see POTC6 if JD is in it. I’ve seen interviews of JD after POTC4 and he said how exhausting the work is – the physicality – the long hours – the injuries!! It’s grueling work! Studios work their actors to death! It’s no surprise during POTC5 filming that JD arrived late. They worked him to death one day and he’s to arrive at 6am the next. JD is only human yet they expect so much more! He gets the job done in spite of sustained on the job injuries (not to mention his tumultuous home life with his ex) and gets it all done superbly! POTC5 May not have made as much money at the box office as the other POTC movies, but it did make Disney a ton of money nonetheless, BECAUSE of JD – not in spite of him!

    As for the gossip from France surrounding JD’s new movie, I say, “Here-say!”

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