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Guests sitting in Madame Leota's room with the lights on in Haunted Mansion Holiday.

Credit: Reddit User u/starvinfilmstudent


  1. Marie

    It actually doesn’t bother me when I have seen the”magic” behind a ride. That in itself is interesting to see. It doesn’t ruin anything.

  2. George Reynolds

    It may spoil the illusion for younger children, but some adults may be interested in how some special effects are created!

  3. Walt

    yah Shizzle happens. DId some people think it was real – they are probably triggered for life. How is this Disney News?

    1. Colleen McAllister

      Years ago I was stuck in the seance room during a heat related breakdown. Spoils nothing. More impressed at how realistic it is when running.

  4. Jenna

    It’s crazy the ride is still getting stuck. We were there the first week of December and spent 30 plus minutes getting stuck on the ride. But the magic isn’t gone it’s actually really neat to see how they do this

  5. Jayne1955

    Adults at least should know it’s wires and lights. Bigger kids might find it interesting. I know I am interested in how things work.

  6. Royce Weiss

    All of the behind the scenes secrets only make the Disney Magic even cooler.

  7. That’s no big deal. I grew up going to WDW. If a ride stopped/broke down while I was on it I thought it was cool to see how it worked. I can’t tell you how many times THE HAUNTED MANSION stopped or the lights came on while I was on it….

  8. No, it didn’t ruin it. I was very interested on how it works. Of course there are tricks, but that’s what makes Disney so magical. Love the haunted mansion back in 1971, still loved it in 2020. When I return, will still love it

  9. I find it fascinating to find some of the tricks of the haunted mansion. Loved it back in 1971, again in 2001 and in 2920. And will still enjoy it when I visit Disney World again in the future

    1. Was supposed to be 2020 not 2920

  10. Bj

    Why does this bother people? I had this happen. Took it as a great chance to see the background of how things work.. it was an added bonus!!

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