How Disney Celebrates Hanukkah In and Out of the Parks

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Happy Hanukkah from Disney

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Inclusion has been a popular topic of discussion in recent media, especially for an entertainment juggernaut like the Walt Disney Company. Now that the holidays are upon us, many viewers and consumers are looking for examples of inclusivity that focus on celebrations other than Christmas. What might surprise some people is just how much attention Disney gives to their Jewish fans in their Hanukah celebrations.

Mickey and Minnie Dredel
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A Disney Christmas is always incredibly magical, but they’ve also spread that holiday joy in their observation of the Jewish Festival of Lights. Of course, places like ShopDisney have a wide selection of decor and gifts themed around the celebration, but fans are definitely given more than Mickeys and menorahs this year. The company has given Guests at the Disney Parks and subscribers to Disney+ more than a few special treats for eight days of festive fun.

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One of the most engaging and enchanting storytellers at this year’s International Festival of the Holidays at EPCOT was there Hanukkah storyteller outside of the Moroccan and French pavilions. Not only did this performer lead guests in traditional Hebrew songs and chants, but he also took a thorough dive into the history of the holiday and the multiple ways those of the Jewish faith celebrate it around the world.

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Even those who don’t celebrate the holiday will be drawn in by the performance and the song and dance that accompanies it. Needless to say, it’s certainly an infectious addition to the Park’s festival.

Of course, fans don’t have to visit the theme parks to see how Disney celebrates Hanukkah, as the studio has also produced a number of movies and special episodes in honor of the holiday. D23 even has their own recommended watchlist of programs and movies, both live action and animated, that utilize Hanukkah as a prominent fixture or central theme. Disney fans of all levels will certainly have more than eight days of material to enjoy.

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