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  1. Della King

    This is crazy don’t know what happen to Walt’s dream you have kill it for so many , we came 2 times a year for 20 years but not anymore your prices out of sight and you taken all the magic out of everything from rides, food and service, we won’t be back , there too many places to make family memories without all the stress, right next to you is another park checking it out this year . We will miss Disney but not this place .

    1. Lou

      I am NEVER go back! Disney can take their anti-family and shove it! They are not getting my money any longer! Disney is nothing but a money grab!

      1. Jimmothy

        wahhhh wahhhh who cares

        1. Ralph

          And yet, you replied. I guess that you answered your own question- LOL.

        2. Lol! 👍🏼

          1. Stephanie

            I totally agree. I just came back from there and the things I could go over are so sick. 3 days I went without my room being cleaned and I spent over 600.00 a night and have photos to show it. They charge 3.75 for distilled water, not even spring water. They charged me 500.00 then 250.00 for They claim smoking and no one in my party smokes. I am handicap and they gave me a so called handicap room. The toliet was on the floor and no rails to help me get up. The bed was on the floor, no joke. When I told them I could not get up from toliet and I go every 2 hours, they told me to have someone in my family help me. In other words, they can wake up also. In the parks the community bathrooms had no button for me to open the door from inside or outside. I had to have someone go with me everything and one time I had to ask a stranger to open door and then someone else when I found them hold the door so I could get out. Food, everything had spices that I could not eat. I went 3 days either not eating or have a plain salad. After 3 days of being there, they raised my seat and they did not even apologize or compensate for the miserable time. The bed was almost on the floor and again I could not get up and they said it was the new handicap beds. It was a miserable time. I finally left the hotel and went to a best Western paid 109.00 a night, had accommodation for 6, full refrigerator, dishwasher, garbage disposal, table and comfortable beds and handicap bathroom. If you wanted to sign up for fast pass, you paid for that. Disneyworld is HARD UP FOR MONEY!!! You couldn’t even call down to desk, you were bounced around

        3. rosey

          You are a wah

          1. Dvc

            And you must be an employee.

      2. CD

        How are they anti-family? Because you have to pay to go?

        No one owes you a free trip. They won’t miss you.

        If you go at Christmas or New Years this is how it is. Not a surprise. I went for NYE one year. It closed due to reaching capacity, but we were still able to do and see everything we wanted.

        1. Steve

          They will miss the hundreds of thousands of people thinking the same way. I won’t be going back anytime soon either

          1. Amber

            I thought that since the take over would make things better. I can see there has not been a change!!!! Prices still have not come down. The food prices are absolutely not worth the price you pay for it. I called Disneyland my 2nd home. Just like that other lady said, there are many other parks. I guarantee it that Walt is spinning in grave right now. I am sure that there probably people who have gone to his grave sight just to talk to him and let him know how bad his dreams have been demolished. It makes me so upset Walt’s Dream was shattered and broken and it will never be the same.

          2. CA

            I, myself am not happy with some of the changes that had been made, however Bob I. Just came back, it will take a while to improve

          3. NA

            Isn’t Walt frozen in hopes that he’ll be brought back to life one day?

        2. Rac

          It’s packed in the Summer too. With certain areas that are suppose to have AC

          1. Stacy

            Don’t be a bigot everyone is free to love whoever they want.

        3. RT200000

          They are anti-family because they support homosexual grooming of children.

          1. Jennifer

            Oh sweetheart. No. Being gay is not something you can catch or be tricked into. You are born gay or you’re not. Now tolerance and acceptance IS taught. I guess you weren’t, but it’s not too late to learn now!

          2. I hate to disagree with you, but tolerance for straights is absolutely not being taught. I just had this conversation with a friend whose son is now “confused” about his sexuality after attending high school for 3 years. We tried to tell this parent about this public high school, but he’s “woke” and thinks we’re way on the “right”. He tells us a few days ago, however, that the “school is pushing homosexuality on the kids”— we already knew this, and he had forgotten how we told him this four years ago. Too late now. The kid’s in therapy because he’s so mixed up.

          3. stacy

            How can you push homosexuality on someone? You either are or aren’t and having parent and family constantly telling you that other kids will push it on you while trying to figure out your own sexuality is probably why this poor kid is in therapy

          4. Monty

            Show me the “gay DNA, rDNA, or any other isolated gene” that can reciprocate your rebuttal.

          5. Pmmurph

            Too woke for family values.

          6. Pete

            What are you people upset about this is a corporation that sold you dreams like products. It’s never been anything more than a brand. They never got my money. Not anti family pro money just like any bar or strip club.

          7. CHRIS

            Why are you even here?

          8. Chris

            Pete, you are absolutely correct. It is just that they offended better-value-for the-money, in the past. Now they are falling-apart. It happens with a lot of companies as they get old.

          9. Reej

            They support gay people’s rights you weirdo, God forbid we treat all people well.

    2. Russman

      It’s a shame. I totally understand. I went in October and feel your pain. Was my last time too. Pay for every ride, pay for fastpass, no dining plan and ridiculously overcrowded.

      1. DKelly

        Iger surely doesn’t care about ANYTNING other than the bottom line….he even said it.
        longer lines, hike in ticket prices, charge for everything….no one at Disney cares because SADLY someone is always willing to pay. It’s not the same family friendly Disney anymore. I am glad we got the 10 yearly trips in a row with my kids because it will never go back to how it was. Universal Studios is where we spend our dollars and time now. They are mostly doing it right, and a new land coming soon. GO UNIVERSAL!!!

      2. Reej

        Dining plan actually made you pay more during your vacation *the more you know*

    3. Chloe

      I concur with you. We will not be back as well. Prices are ridiculous and when you buy the genie you expect to get on more rides but they created so many stipulations. We wanted to ride the tower of terror and had to pay additional cost for lightning lane after paying for the genie. Not only was this a problem, the ride kept breaking down. So we never got an opportunity to ride.

      1. CD

        You don’t have to pay for lightening lane and genie. You can pay for both or neither. They are optional

        We went to Disney and universal in the same trip. Disney cost less, food was better, atmosphere better. Everything

        I honestly hope a lot of people decide to stop going to Disney. Then those of us who still go won’t have to deal with whiny, entitled, trashy people

        1. Dg

          Huh for us, Universal was much better. Less wait times, less cost, friendlier staff. You’re welcome to take our spot for Disney. We’ve gone usually 2x/year, but after comparing to universal, we’re opting there now. Much more relaxed too. Not so crowded and just an overall better experience.

          1. Deb

            We went to Disneyland in June, then Epcot in Oct. So expensive!!! After we spent 2 hours in line waiting to get on the Star Wars ride, we got the Fastpass. It helped with the time spent in lines, BUT…..We spent so much time on our phones trying to sign up for the rides, (We got the Fastpass at Disney, then the Genie at Epcot), as well as trying to get in the “Que” for Guardians of the Galaxy. It was ridiculous. It was crazy.
            You look around and EVERYONE was on their phones doing the same thing. So much for trying to “unplug” and spend quality time with family. We also had to look at our phones to look at the park map. Thank God I could still get a paper map and do it the old fashioned way! So… take on the whole experience was, not the most fun place to be. I doubt very much if I ever go again. Way tooooo commercialized. We even paid $45 for prime parking so we didn’t have to walk from the “moon” to get to the gate.

    4. Chloe

      I concur with you. We will not be back as well. Prices are ridiculous and when you buy the genie you expect to get on more rides but they created so many stipulations. We wanted to ride the tower of terror and had to pay additional cost for lightning lane after paying for the genie. Not only was this a problem, the ride kept breaking down. So we never got an opportunity to ride. What a way to spend a the magical place.

      1. Jerrry

        In an attempt to make more profit, Disney has cut back in it cleaning and maintenance services. When they try to hire more maintenance, there is a shortage of trained, experienced men. Also the woke culture drives away the best people.

        1. LG

          Used to be custodial there. Ard work but i loved it. I’m a woman. “Woke” culture isn’t the problem, greed is.

          1. KathyK

            Yes! And closed minded people.

    5. Mike

      The cheaper it is..the more people will go. It’s typical supply and demand.

      If people like you go so often (twice a year) then imagine if 300 million went twice a year. That’s 600 million people or 1.65 million per day.

      That’s 8 times the highest attendance on record.

      They should just make it much more expensive and then give the extra money straight to employees and more of them to make it feel more special. They could also donate more to charity.

    6. Chuck

      We know it’s like going to Walt Disney world December 21st to 26th for Christmas and it was a nightmare it was our 20 year anniversary we we went to Disneyland for honeymoon but Walt Disney world we were disappointed

    7. Donna A

      I cannot have set it better and I Couldn’t agree more With Della king. Went this year to see what was going on and I have to be honest I’ve been going since 1971 yes I was there one opening day and I do not think I wanna go back I too will check out the park down the road from Disney. I will use my Disney vacation club points either internationally or to go on the cruises or Orlando but the parks have become ridiculous so stressful not a vacation anymore

    8. Grey

      If people will pay it they will charge it. Park is at capacity every day. It would be absolutely impossible to get tickets if it was cheaper. There is no solution.

      All shall love it, and despair.

      1. I have no idea what this story was supposed to be about. I clicked on and basically found something that resembled Facebook. I adore WDW and I will most certainly go again and again and again. I don’t care about parking. Costs go up for everything everywhere. It makes no difference to me.

        1. lee

          nice to be rich…

      2. That’s where you are dead wrong. The parks haven’t been ‘at capacity’ since covid started.
        Since they implemented the reservation system, they have artificially kept the capacity down. I’m also former cast, so I know a thing or two.

        For those who are spending too much, you are doing it wrong. Yes, there is Genie+ (which I agree was a mistake to implement), then there is ILL (individual lightning lane for the premium rides). You can make a choice what to buy based on the rides you want, and what the wait times are like. You can buy one or both of Genie+ or ILL, or neither. It’s all subjective.

        IMO, the Disney Experience app makes things more convenient to find the experiences you want.

    9. deena

      Totally agree!! I couldn’t have said it better myself!!

    10. JO ANN

      My words exactly.

  2. The Magic is Gone
    We liked being spontaneous. Decide which park on the day of.
    Decide where to eat or what rides as we came to them.

    All the reservations and extra fees…NOPE.

    1. Loser

      Your husband cheated on you, fat Ho!

      1. Brian

        Crawl back into your hole, Liser Troll

        1. Grey


      2. Arthur

        If I’m going to spend that type of money I’d rather go to Vail or Aspen Colorado.

    2. James

      Yeah they’ve lost it. You spend a lot of money to do things and they’ve these crazy reservations systems now, the fees are enormous, and no rain checks. Im done. It’s not worth it anymore.Peiple need to know the magic is gone. It’s about fleecing now to build franchises.

    3. Jon

      Yup same here, last time I will ever go back to the Disney nightmare again. Lots of money for six rides is a ridiculous waste of time.

    4. David

      Awesome!! Don’t come back, less crowded parks🤣

      1. Bob

        This site covers people like you getting their butts kicked because you mouthed off to the wrong people.

      2. Bob

        Equates into higher prices for you.

    5. Lisa

      we loved being spontaneous too which is why we haven’t returned yet. the reservations and the other rules ruined it

    6. Meg

      Omg this was us too! We went by whatever bus came first. No more of that—I hate planning every little thing on these trips. It’s not fun anymore

    7. Grey

      If people will pay it they will charge it. Park is at capacity every day. It would be absolutely impossible to get tickets if it was cheaper. There is no solution.

      All shall love it, and despair.

  3. Toni

    It’s just not worth it! Over priced entry food gifts and then the lines are ridiculous! Walt would be turning over in his grave his dream has lost the magic.

    1. Loser

      Suck a dong fattie!

      1. Brian

        Loser Troll

      2. Bob

        This is the kind of pervert they gleefully let into the park now. Worse, he says that to kids.

        1. Reggie

          We miss the night parade at the Magic Kingdom

  4. Tj

    That’s insane. It was almost $4000 for my daughter and I when we went last year. This was off season pricing. So airfare for two, shuttle to and from (since that’s not included anymore), hotel (Pop Century) for 6 nights, 4 day park passes with waterpark (but not hopper), no lightning lane (we did stand by), and we ate at 3 restaurants (counter meals otherwise the entire trip for lunch and dinner, we never ate breakfast). Our only souvenirs were a pair of stuffed animals and two droids. Our only snacks were two churros, two cotton candys and two dole whips. But…no crowds. No way would I pay those prices and deal with this. Absolutely no way. I looked at the app today, 3hrs 50 minutes stand by for Avatar! Over 100 minutes for everything at Hollywood Studios minus Star Tours (which was 35 minutes) I know this time is their busiest. I just think it’s insane people know this and actually go. You know that even paying lightning lane they’re still waiting 45-60 minutes plus for everything. Besides the crowds, Disney is too pricey now too. Might not be back.

    1. James

      Oh my goodness seriously. I feel for you. People need to see your post. This type of stuff should go public. I’m definitely passing it around.

    2. Paul W

      I learned back in 2013 never to visit Disney during a major popular holiday. Went during Christmas week to the Anaheim park, and the crowd was so bad we couldn’t even move from Main Street into Adventureland. The whole archway was literally completely blocked by a wall of people. We were there the whole week, but 4 out of 5 days were in DCA because of the bad crowds in the other park. Even there, though, it was often very hard to move from one area to the next. I will say that the New Years Eve show was worth it, although we had to walk back to our hotel afterward as the shuttle bus stops were similarly packed to capacity following the grandiose display. While i will continue my visits, I will never again be going during that time.

    3. Carl

      Actually we just went as a family the first week of December and had really no issues getting to, on, and enjoying rides. It was $5k so still expensive but I thought the memories with my nieces and other family was worth it. The rides did break down fairly frequently but not enough to prevent us from riding them, except tower of terror which seems to need to be refurbished and is quite old.

    4. Christina

      I was just there on Dec 14th and it was exactly like this. I was scared for a moment there. This should be illegal for them to have that many people there. The problem is that everyone goes to leave after the fireworks and this happened. They had to re-route us behind the shoppes on Main Street. I am a GFlorida Resident and annual passholder and have been coming here my whole life and i have never seen it like this. As far as the prices go, i pay monthly for my pass so it doesn’t hit my wallet so hard when i go. I have not stayed at a Disney Hotel in a while because they are too pricey for moderate hotel rooms and insane on their Deluxe Rooms. I checked prices before i went. 2 nights at a Disney Value resort was like $498 total and two nights at a Universal value resort was $198 with tax and parking for a pool view room. I stayed at the Universal Resort. I still get free parking with my annual pass at Disney. I stayed at a really cute hotel and saved a ton of money.

      1. Katie

        What hotel did you stay at? Interested because I’m a Florida resident too…

  5. Rex

    Disney WANTS the long lines to sell “Skip to the front of the line” passes. Why would anyone go to Disney knowing they need you to sell an upgrade at your expense?

  6. Jessica

    I’m a local resident. We used to go often to the parks we are avoiding them because they are extremely crowded.
    Everything seems to be done through the app even order food. The people seem to be exasperated and they become really rude.
    I hope the new CEO brings the magic back again.

    1. Ml

      Well said

    2. Carl

      You did do ALOT on the app but I found that to be a bonus as opposed to waiting in a long line to order then to wait 20 ish minutes for your food like some places do it. I really don’t understand what people think would be a good solution for Disney to remove the crowds. No one wants the prices increased to make it harder to go but want the rides to all be refurbished. If they take losses to keep crowds down how can they pay to refurbish. They are a VERY rich company but no company would loose money. It kind of is what it is. I understand not going due to this which I believe is their plan but the anger is unnecessary

      1. Susan Watson

        I totally agree with Carl. What in the entire world has not gone up in price???? It is what it is right now. Disney still is Magic. I actually like the reservation system. I too live in Florida and have an AP. Gone are the days of Rope drop, or I may not be able to go, due to high crowds. Watch Iger, I think he will turn this around.
        I went at Christmas for a week, and every cast member, seemed so much happier.

      2. Reggie

        What happened to the Magic hours for Disney resorts

    3. lee

      not gonna happen he’s the legacy CEO making a comeback after the last twerp was fired.

  7. James

    I’m going back to Busch Gardens 😂.The only magic in Disney is your time and value disappearing once you buy a ticket.

  8. Bill

    So all of you are experienced WDW guests, and not a single one of you thought that this wasn’t the busiest time of year? Hell, pre covid this was a thing constantly at nearly all calendar days.
    And “rainchecks”? For what? This post is about the fireworks. The fireworks get shot off every day and everybody climbs into mainstreet to see them. This is just a small taste of what is to come if yall want the reservation system to be gone. The parks are severely understaffed for there not to be a reservation system.

  9. Jay henke

    My fiance and her two teenaged children went to Disney world in November. When we checked in we told the person at the desk that we wanted to do early entry and asked what time we needed to catch the bus to do so he said 6:30 a.m. so we got up extra early only to find out that there is no food at 6:30 the food does not start till 7:00 so you have to race to the park on an empty stomach to beat the lines we run to rise of the resistance we were about 5th in line we waited over an hour and then were kicked out of line because the ride was down so now I really entry was wasted we went next door to millennium falcon it said 60 minute wait we ended up waiting over 2 hours due to technical difficulties. After that we ran to Tower of terror waited 45 minutes in line and once again we’re told to leave because the ride was down. We attempted to go next door to rockin roller coaster that too was down then we looked at the app to see where to go next only to find out that rise of the resistance was still down so was toy story mania and Mickey and Minnie’s runaway railway. All of the major rides were all down at the same time and the ones that were not had incredibly long lines because they were the only rides available. We then went to get food because it was now 1:00 and from early entry to 1:00 we had only been able to ride one ride and still on an empty stomach. We walked up to ABC commissary and they told us no walk up orders he had to do everything through the app. Super frustrated and had a hunger headache. Later that night he attempted to see fantasmic we were sitting in the pouring rain and the show started 30 minutes late halfway through the show it went dark because I told us sorry folks and had us exit by that point the park was closed and we just shuffled our way back to our resort. Day one and it was awful! Day 2 at magic kingdom was very similar. Multiple rides down at the same time all day long.the magic is dead. This trip cost us over $8k! I emailed customer complaints 2 times and there wasn’t even any response. Insult to injury. They don’t care. They got their money already from us.

    1. That’s more than twice the number of rides down than all of them combined for us in 36 years (and well over 100 days in the parks). Although we’ve never did the rope drop thing and running to attractions, not even back in our 20s. Maybe we’ve been lucky with rides.

      We were stuck in a swell of people at MK once, and that was no joke. It seemed like no one was going anywhere for at least a half an hour. We’re at the Grand Floridian now, but we knew better than to try and go to the parks this week. The fireworks were very nice from our balcony last night. Happy New Year, Disney peeps!

  10. Kim

    My husband, son and grandkids would love a trip to Disney but with the high prices and all the rides being down and long lines it’s not worth it. We are low to middle class pay and can’t afford the high prices and wouldn’t even be able to eat once we got in. Disney is all about the money now and has lost the magic.

  11. Bruce

    Y i will never go this week i will go first week of December if i want to see lights and decorations . So people quit complaining your chose to go this week.. and u know its expensive and prices will keep rising till people stop coming

  12. allen

    Yep. The parks are completely crawling with groomers. Keep you kids out of there if you love them. Go to legoland instead.

  13. Bill Jones

    Nothing but nightmares at the house the mouse built.. Spend 5-7,000$$ for family of 4 trip? for long lines? Not what Walt created 🥵.. I live close by and experienced great days at WDW. Chapek and/or covid has turned the mouse house into a horror show. The characters (I know) aren’t happy. Universal pays better and respects them.. Disney needs to sell advance daily tickets to as many people as ENTIRE park can handle each day, including lodging if they desire.. Stop this line times nonsense. Such as $200 per day? for all adventures all parks PERIOD.. Lodging of their choice for reasonable $$.$78 for a meal, $5 bottle water? $30 parking? They care more about stock holders than guests.. The mouse can go to he# l.

  14. Bill Jones

    Well said and accurate

  15. That’s more than twice the number of rides down than all of them combined for us in 36 years (and well over 100 days in the parks). Although we’ve never done the rope drop thing and running to attractions, not even back in our 20s. Maybe we’ve been lucky with rides.

    We were stuck in a swell of people at MK once, and that was no joke. It seemed like no one was going anywhere for at least a half an hour. We’re at the Grand Floridian now, but we knew better than to go to the parks this week. The fireworks were nice enough from our balcony last night. Happy New Year, Disney peeps!

  16. Apple

    I stopped going to Disney because of the crowds and the expense. Even with the reservation system, they allow too many people in at a time and it makes the experience less fun for everyone. When they limited the amount of people it was better.

  17. & DuPriest

    Well you got your wish WDW are you happy now
    YOUR RESERVATION SYSTEM really works huh

  18. Ln

    I find it interesting how supposedly everything is by reservation and it seems like it’s still over booked. The overcrowding doesn’t shock me because I went for the millennium celebration and it was worse. They should give people options to walk to hotels. People need to stop pushing and shoving and pack patience if they are going to wait until the end to leave after the fireworks; it’s always insane. But I do hope they bring back fast pass that genie System is horrible and getting expensive. You constantly have to be on your phone so you don’t have a good time or you will miss a good time slot

  19. Mark

    The discussion of WDW is an example of a situation that has been in place for a long time but seems to be more out of balance than ever. Disney like any business has three primary groups, customers, employees and investors/owners. In my opinion the investors desires are out of balance with the interests of the other two. Wall St pushes co.’s for endless earnings growth. The executive management is compensated through stock grants, awards, etc. This executive compensation is hundreds of times greater than the average employee. This leads to the investors interest being paramount to employees and customers. Mr Chapek was so bold as to say, indirectly, that Disney will keep raising prices and decreasing service until customer demand decreases, treating the customer like a commodity. If cast members wages were increased by 25% there would be less understaffing. If they wanted a premium ride enhancement, create one that provides value. Instead they created a customer unfriendly experience of needing to be tied to your smart phone to create any personal value. I hope that some smart people at Disney begin to consider the interests of their guests and employees. Currently, like most of Corp America, Disney is under the control of Wall St and its mandate for earnings growth.

  20. Rich

    Our family prepaid for our entire trip (staying on the property, photo pass, magic bands, tickets, meal plans, etc.) the December before COVID hit full force. Disney issued us a credit, per policy. Fast forward 2 years (mid November 2022). When we applied the credit, we shortened the length of our stay by a day (reducing the number of nights in the hotel, and buying one less day’s worth of tickets) and lost the meal plan (no longer offered). We were shocked we owed an additional 25% over the previous prices. We did some research and decided the Genie+ was the only way we were going to do the things we wanted, only to find out there were additional charges if you wished to go on the most popular rides.
    It was a miserable trip. We will go back at some point, however much less often then we planned (we are within a day’s drive).
    Forget about Las Vegas. Disney is now the most money grubbing place in the USA.

  21. Christina

    Disney has to create a plan for emergencies regarding crowds, if they don’t have one already. We saw what happens in a crowd surge (South Korea on Halloween). This can easily happen here

  22. Dave

    I will never support anything Disney does!! I am sticking to my Marvel movies and watching ESPN! SMH

    1. Jen

      Disney owns both do those sadly the monopoly is insane!

    2. Steve

      This post is sarcastic, right?

  23. Kurt

    The last time we visited Disneyland was in 2009 when you got in free if it was your birthday. So I took my husband since it was his b-day (yeah, big spender, lol), and I paid $72 for myself to enter. We took some PB&J’s, a change of shoes (really made a difference!), put it in a locker until it was lunchtime. We ate our sandwiches at the Plaza Pavilion and changed our shoes at one of the outside tables. We rode an incredible 20 attractions that day! We’ve not been back since. Just too crowded, expensive, and all this reservation stuff is a put-off for us. We would just want to let the day evolve, not plan it all out. We did have a really good day, but that was 13 years ago…

  24. Greg

    Disney has the “magic”! I guess they will need to change their slogan to “Most disappointing place on earth”!

  25. Mia

    I was there That day I had a great time I did the Genie . Unexpected it to be packed and it was really magical oh well to each it’s own

  26. Mike

    I’ve been a pass holder for too many years to count, I think since 1989, or 90. Getting very close to retirement, I have been sad about the decision to leave Cali, too expensive for retirees and just gotten too crowded amongst other things, but I’m actually good with the decision now. Yes, the parks have evolved into something very money hungry and something exactly the opposite of Walt’s dream and that’s very sad. I’ll let my current pass expire and then move on to new things in life as Disneyland just doesn’t have the same feel, or vibe, that it had for so many years. Not putting down those that still love it, to each his own of course, but the combo of the outrageous expense, the crowds, the longer than tolerable lines, the cutting of much of their once fantastic entertainment schedule, I give all that to others. Sadly, I think I’ve finally outgrown the child in me, or Disney has ransomed him to the tune of simply dollars.

  27. Steve

    It’s every day. The parks are 4 or 5 times over their capacity. They should really start getting shutdown by the fire department – oh wait, they own it.

  28. JW

    Absolutely not. Our small voices don’t matter against that sort of bovine flood, but no. Not any more. There’s a lot of entertainment, but the sheer voracity and animal stupidity and desperation of the people has killed a lot of the magic, never mind the ridiculousness of the prices. Disney is a monster that has fallen in love with itself and if it is not careful, it will burn itself out like an overtaxed candle burning at both ends…at least on the theme park end. The other ends may be healthy, but only so many theme park experiences can be soured before the institution begins to suffer. As far as I’m concerned, the theme park should languish until it makes changes, but the fact of the matter is that people simply seen desperate for the abuse, which may speak volumes to the quality of leisure here.

  29. Robbin

    To all you #wahhhcommentors ..seems to me you’ve never had to save up for months for family trip…or you have no idea the value of your hard earned money…either way…yes….Walt would be very disappointed at how the CEOs have ruined it for the average family to enjoy the Magic…and yes the park is suffering as a result…stock has dropped…as well as the revenue…..maybe one day…they will get back to family and Walts dreams.

  30. Erick

    I have been a fan of Disneyworld for 3 generations started with my mom and dad moved into my family once i married then now with my granddaughters been there for all the events and there is good and bad things I can talk about but I still.enjoy it and.will continue to go if you have a problem with crowds pick a time when the numbers are down if you need to go at a specific time then be prepared to deal with the issues that come with a crowded day, Disney can not hire enough people to make everything as magical as you want it to be mainly because of your expectations are not realistic for certain times of the year then throw in the me society of today’s world and boom problems so the main point is go enjoy what you can and move on if that’s not good enough for you save us the headaches and don’t go I guarantee you they will not miss you nor will I

  31. HatesCrowds

    What is it with all the comments about “woke” this or that? The only problem DW has ever had is with too many people all wanting to walk the same way or do the same thing. Crowds were always the drawback to visiting DW and that has not changed and never will change.

  32. JO ANN

    My words exactly.

  33. How many people actually use *CASH *MONEY at these parks?! – hey there Ms . Trish ? If you had to use actual cash money at these places for *everything* , I am guessing it would make a HUGE difference 😵..prices will never retreat back to what they once were ..📈💹⬆️😵prices will just keep going up ..and up⬆️⬆️⬆️📈 Good luck with your cards..Keep using your 💳💰💲💸 credit cards folks.. It’s the poorhouse 🏚️🏚️or welfare line for you one day..and children learn what they live..careless , boorish selfish parents create careless. boorish selfish children 🐗🐗🐗..children are big imitators of their parents .. .no food or proper , safe and warm shelter ..just a matter of time ..better uses for my cash.. like food , paying the bills ..Good Luck with those credit cards .. keep raising the national debt📈⬆️💹⬆️😵💲💳💳💳🤞
    . ..

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