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Left: A man in a goofy hat smiles while riding a Disney bus. Right: A phone camera mount attached to an electric scooter.


  1. Chris

    If he is going to take a scooter (which could be considered bad, as it could prevent someone who needs it from getting one), it would be nice if he could have the phone at eye level and show what it is really like to have to use one. Perhaps more people would be a little more understanding if they saw what someone who uses an ECV has to deal with.

  2. Beverly

    I am in a wheelchair and have people doing the following:
    1. Walk in front me even after seeing me in my wheelchair. Of course I have people help by holding doors open too.

    2. Give me looks and making rude comments.

    3. Tell me if I would stand up and walk they wouldn’t be in my way or blocking my view.

    4. I have seen and heard people walking grab a ECV because they are tired of walking.

  3. Rick Williams

    I have had to us an ECV and a manual wheelchair at Disney World on occasion, and never had an issue, however I know that two instances may never be the same. I can empathize with anyone who is restricted to one especially in crowded situations. Often, I will say that I do not always see the person on the ECV. I do think a video where a person gets to essentially virtually experience what a person that needs that ECV might be a good thing.

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