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A robot waving at Oga's Cantina may the 4th

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  1. Royz

    CMs attitude, and not being placed in a role suited for the CM.

  2. Kerri Miller

    This has nothing to do with the CMs attitude. Bars at Disney are not places to get loaded, and badgering a bartender _in any bar_ with requests for “the most alcohol” is a huge red flag. Bar staff are not only cast members, they’re also legally responsible to monitor and regulate alcohol consumption.

    Bars at Disney are recipe shops – they make their set list of drinks with set amounts of ingredients, and variation or special orders just aren’t done. You don’t go into a McDonalds and start grilling the staff about if the potatoes were organic or the beef cruelty-free, or which drinks in the machine have the least amount of corn syrup…

    I would bet anything that this guest isn’t telling the full story about their behavior or the context here – how much badgering of the bartender did they do? Did they make any attempt to explain what they were looking for? Olga’s is usually crowded and busy as hell – were staff in the weeds and didn’t have time to this kind of nonsense?

    Yet again this blog has brought us “news” from a self-centered guest behaving badly, who has posted on the internet in expectation that all of us will shake our heads, tsk-tsk and there-there over the TRAGEDY that a bartender was “rude” to them.

    If that’s all it takes to “ruin” you Disney visit – getting checked when you treat a CM poorly – then I’m _glad_ you won’t be there. CM work really hard every day to make the magic happen, from people who sweep at night to ride operators to characters, and especially hard working are the folks working food service. Treat them as professionals, with respect, instead of expecting them to be your personal servant.

    1. Teddy Gingerich

      You and another commenter are saying exactly what I was thinking: there’s more to this than “asking too many questions.” CMs are accustomed to questions, although peppering one with a laundry list while they’re trying to serve many people in a crowded bar is inappropriate.

      While everyone wants to have each experience be as close to perfect as possible, at the end of the day, each Guest is also one of tens of thousands there on a single day. CMs do their utmost to give every Guest their best experience, but treating them (CMs) with courtesy and respect goes a long way. A later commenter said that they asked a bunch of questions, but nicely and with the understanding that the CM was very busy. And they got answers and a happy interface. Courtesy goes a long way.

      And offering alcohol at a venue is not a welcome mat for “get hammered.”

  3. Rick

    To be clear, asking which drinks taste less sweet could really just mean… Asking for less of the added sweetener, or maybe ever crazier how about adults in general stop constantly pulsing sugar into the American diet STILL 🙄 Hint, hint, if the amount of questions being asked by one guest is overwhelming the staff responsible for servicing THAT many people… Hire more people? Pay them more then equivalent to 1 drink per hour cost to buy? Anyways, guest are always gonna be upset, and employees are just going to start rushing people into spending money. Baristas get paid around 1/60th of how many drinks worth of money they make an hour, after tips. Think before making comments that sound ridiculous, like implying that anyone is not inconvenienced and highly underpaid today when buying goods and services. So no, it’s not a larger issue for you to get skipped in a line, then the mental unrest of employees. At the same time it’s not a larger issue for a family of five to have to wait on a reservation or ordering. If you never teach your children to deal with let down, they’ll grow into inpatient hotheaded adults, that’s just how the cookie crumbles. Remember that let downs are not the end of the world. A lot more normal looking people have processing disorders then the world thinks, we just think you have to have a certain outfit, and that every person with a disorder has the same personality. If I ( a person with autism) have to explain how to handle let downs to a normal individual, ( you’re probably having a melt down)

  4. Ed Dart

    The Cantina Bar is a one time visit just to see what it is like. You meet a few people from out of town who sit at your table, you spend a lot of money on poor drinks and snacks, you look around, and then you never go back. As for this story, I am sure we are only getting half a story.

  5. Jag

    I question the validity of this story. I’ve been to Oga’s twice and thoroughly enjoyed the visits. Both times, I was at the bar and asked tons of questions in regards to the drinks and the decor. I’ve found if you treat the cast members with respect, like REAL PEOPLE, instead of servants, they respond in kind. On my second visit, I brought a red light saber and was the butt of many good natured jokes by cast members.

    I’ve been to many different Disney properties over the years and just by being nice and courteous to cast members generates the best experiences. Imagine getting beat up by entitled guests all day and coming across the first guest to say “Please” or “Thank you”. Sometimes it takes a bit of magic to generate more.

    1. Teddy Gingerich

      And here you have it. Treating CMs well ensures that Guest experience will also be good. I have never been treated rudely by a CM. Not once in over 20 years. There have been times when the interaction was pleasant but impersonal (very busy CM), but never ever rude.

      They should be paid a LOT more and given a bit more authority by the company, so that fewer Guests think of them as “the help.” They are the sole reason that Disney parks are still the gold standard for theme parks (in spite of recent issues). Without CMs, the parks are just really expensive Six Flags.

  6. Lairs

    I visited Hollywood Studios in Sep 21 with my reservation to Olgas made months in advance (what a headache that process can be since you have to figure out what day to reserve HS). On the day of the said reservation I arrived a few hours early and put my name in the “walk up” list, I was texted 5 minutes later and got in. We sat at the Bar and had a couple of drinks and a snack. I also bought the Batlte of Endor mug. The bartender was very much on character and played the part well, a bit grumpy and a “we don’t serve that kind (droids) here” drama. But it was all part of the experience, and nerver felt any disrespect. As a bonus the bartender gave us some extra coasters with the Batue ( did I get the new of the planet right?) theme. Sorry to hear someone did not have such a good experience.

  7. Marvin

    Jet Juice

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