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  1. Marcus

    How to fix this hotel:

    1. Build a massive restaurant and lounge.
    2. Eliminate the total immersion experience.
    3. Price the hotel on the same level as other premium resorts.
    4. Let anyone book a reservation at the restaurant.
    5. Treat the hotel just like any other premium resort. No special 2-day experience.

  2. Clown Show

    I wouldn’t stay a prisoner there for free.

  3. a star cruiser guest

    The comments by the anonymous former cast member are ignorant of the galactic star cruiser experience, which the cast member has admittedly not been a part of. It’s not a hotel, or a theme park land or ride, it’s an immersive and interactive theater event set in the Star Wars universe. “Passengers”, if they wish, are integrated into the stories taking place in a way completely unlike any luxury hotel, cruise, or dinner theater. The comparison simply isn’t apt. I was lucky enough to visit this fall. I fully understand that many people can’t afford the high cost and others, even they could, aren’t interested in engaging in science fiction -themed role play for a couple of days. The star cruiser isn’t for them—they should have fun at Black Spire Outpost or Space 220 if so inclined. For those who do enjoy that role play, the star cruiser is an incredibly good time, one that I will happily repeat. My concern is that the number of people who can both afford and value the experience may be too small to sustain it from a business standpoint. I hope Disney finds a way to make it work in the long term. And if Universal is listening, I’m up for the Harry Potter universe version of this too.

    1. “Anonymous ignorant” ex-Cast Member here…ha ha ha. Thank you for reinforcing my points with your comment! Be best!

  4. Steve

    They didn’t want to spend the money on a real Star Wars hotel, so they tried to make a cruise ship on land and add insult by theming it to Fake Wars. It went as expected.

  5. Jonathan

    Seriously this guy is former for a reason. This isn’t a hotel but immersive theater. It’s one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Only thing that should change is adding a sequel experience so repeat guests get a brand new story.

  6. jlasf

    I agree with the two positive comments. And note that comments from people who have gone are great. And from people who haven’t are negative. It tells you something about the experience. I went two months after it opened and it was fantastic! One of the most fun things I have ever done. I was busy running missions all day and exhausted by the end. The rooms are designed to feel like actual cruise ship rooms and the in-room droid, D3-09 is a hoot. My suggestions: create a “classic” cruise with Leia and Han. Have a late night trip to Batuu and Oga’s. Create package with other Disney premium hotels with private guide included. In other words, create more exclusive features. Starcruiser is very expensive – and I’m someone who can easily afford it. Give me more reasons to justify the cost. I’d love to go back.

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