Fight Breaks Out at Universal Orlando After Strange Stroller Incident, Report Says

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Universal Studios Florida at Universal Orlando Resort

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A fight broke out between two parties at Universal Orlando Resort following a strange incident that involved a stroller.

Universal Orlando Resort is welcoming in massive crowds to both Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure, as well as Universal’s Volcano Bay, as Guests continue to celebrate the Holiday season.

Universal Orlando Resort
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As crowds continue to flood the theme parks, it seems that tempers are flaring high, at least for some.

One Guest recently reported that they were involved in an altercation that turned physical while visiting Universal Studios Florida.

“My family and I were watching the parade on Friday (near the gate on Hollywood Blvd) and had our strollers parked against a wall. The parade ended and we were trying to figure out what to do, all hanging against a wall while people walked past us. It was crowded but there was a good 6-7 foot walking path with a single line of people walking. The strollers were about 10 ft away and looked unattended.

Family walking toward the entrance of universal studios florida
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“I’m about to get the strollers when this young lady goes out of her way and literally karate-kicks our stroller down. I saw it perfectly. To be clear, she didn’t trip over it and it wasn’t remotely in her way. She high kicked it completely over and it actually almost hit a couple of my family members. She must have been mad about something else and took it out on that stroller on her way out of the park. We all collectively yell “what the heck” and she says “get the F out of my way” as she turns back at us. She was flailing her arms around with a souvenir cup. I’m being very careful to not touch this girl but I did make contact with her cup. Two seconds later, the boyfriend sucker-punches me in the face/ear and I’m on the ground. He tries to keep punching me but the rest of my family stops him. They both try to leave while we’re yelling for security. Nobody answers. We follow them, continuing to yell for security. No answer, until we get to the exit.”

The Guest said they wrote statements for the police, but that the other party could not be found. Eventually, they found the other party themselves, but were told that they were also being escorted out of the theme park, as it’s Universal’s policy to ban anyone who gets into an altercation while on their property.

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The Guest said they wanted for footage to be reviewed, but was told there were no security cameras in the area.

It’s important to remember that there are two sides to every story, and nothing has been confirmed.

It’s also important to note that Universal Team Members work to ensure that everyone is safe during their trips to Universal Orlando Resort and that there are rules in place that must be followed, and if they are not, it can result in expulsion from the theme park, bans, or even getting the police involved depending on the severity of the situation.

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