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Credit: Disney


  1. Ann

    Curious, which restaurant was it?

    1. Anthony

      I think it’s at Goofy’s Kitchen at the Disneyland Hotel it kind of looks like it

  2. Bob

    What a stupid story, wasted a few precious minutes of my life

    1. Robert Jones


      1. Aaron

        Oh shush

    2. Aaron

      Shush, it was a cute story

  3. PR

    Brawl what brawl? I was expecting to see a real fight

    1. Anthony

      I was thinking about the same thing what brawl there’s no brawl when I clicked on this link

  4. Elizabeth

    The final move had me laughing so hard😂😂😂… Guess we know which side Donald is on😂

  5. Scott

    It’s Goofys Kitchen

  6. Noelle

    Not a good time to be joking around. …And they laugh the laugh of the damned. Everyone has lost interest, respect and Walt is turning over in his grave. You took something beautiful and ruined it. See you in Hell.

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