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Comments for ‘Fat Tested Travel’ Influencer Campaigns Disney to Test TRON Seats Ahead of Opening

Left: A man leans forward in a motorcycle style vehicle, testing TRON. Right: A man speaking into a phone camera.


  1. Chris

    Disney should be proactively doing this testing with EVERY new attraction. So, this guy isn’t wrong to want to see this happen. They should also be considering how to provide vehicles to accommodate as many disabilities as possible.

    1. Bob

      You are right, I’m pretty sure the imagineers need to be reminded how to design rides to accommodate as many as possible. It’s their first rodeo, after all.

  2. JMC

    It’s a valid concern. When we were in Shanghai Disneyland only 2 of our party of 5 could fit into the Tron cycles. I sure hope the ones at WDW are bigger than in China!!!

  3. Kaye Pantoja 💋

    There were test seats out in front of the attraction for folks to try out & take photos. Not sure if they’re still there, but they were out there!

  4. Bob

    ‘Fat tested influencer’
    So a nobody wants Disney to give him a free ride? Pathetic.

    And it’s clear that he has never been to Disney, as there are more than enough fat people (which is rude to say, just using his language) who test the rides every day.

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