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Guardians of the Galaxy cast

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  1. Emily

    I don’t care about Henry Cavil, Superman is stupid and boring.

    1. Steve

      You couldn’t sound more like a clueless millenial if you tried.

      1. J

        She’s not wrong, though. A freshman creative writing student can tell you that interesting characters have strengths and weaknesses. Superman is literally indestructible except for one specific rock that isn’t even found on planet earth. That is, by almost any teacher’s rubric, stupid and boring.

        1. Superman is vulnerable to magic, & the rock is found on earth, seems like it’s everywhere.

          1. Soencer

            What doesn’t make sense about Superman is why a piece of rock from his home planet could kill him. I could understand it making him mortal since he was mortal while living on his home planet, but not it virtually killing him.

          2. Michael

            My idea is that he is so used to the power of the sun enhancing him that his body can not adapt to being mortal so the strain on his body morphing back is strong enough to kill him

          3. one Player

            I grew up watcjing DC and Marvel cartoons and wished they would some day make a live action movies about the cartoon series. I had to wait a long time. An now that they’re making them it has to be ruined by spoiled little brats that can’t get there way. What James gunn has done with every movie that he’s been a part of DC or Marvel has been on point. I always imagined what if he had Kevin Fiege position. An now that he has that same position in DC, I think DC is in the best of hands. DC will now have a timeline and everymovie will be build up for next one coming up. An DC is more violent then Marvel, I hope they don’t turn it into PG 13 movies like Marvel movies. An it looks like Henry Cavill had been working on get a role in Warhammer, and is been his game as a child so I sure he’s good with the departure. Spoil little fans get over it.

          4. Ed

            You have been watching PG-13 movies this whole time; Man of Steel, The Batman, Dawn of Justice, Justice League, Wonder Woman[1 and 2], Aquaman, Shazam, Suicide Squad, even all 3 films of the Bale trilogy are all PG-13…. Only The Suicide Squad and that awful Joker film are R-rated.

            The model will change… Gunn has to change it. DC realizes their first model wasn’t working and that’s why they brought Gunn on board. But, don’t expect the change to be that they get darker and everything becomes R-rated. It’s
            a business and that model will fail to produce big money because it will limit the target audience.

            So, expect the tone to get lighter, expect running jokes, expect them to continue making PG-13 films as they always have. But, most importantly, expect the films to tie in to one a other and feel more intertwined with fewer plotholes.
            A Ten Year plan!

          5. Fatedoc

            WRONG. There is an R version of Justice League. Nitwit

          6. Fidgets808

            Awful Joker film? Hahahaha. You’re a troll for sure!

          7. Sam

            I agree. With everything you said , I’m 47 and yep whinny brats everything you said I wanted to say to a lot of these brats

          8. J W

            The point of comics is for kids and kids will rewatch movies, fixate on them and buy the toys. If you make the movies too “violent” kids won’t see them and youblose the merch.

          9. James

            As you whine about whiney brats…

          10. CancelYourself

            Yeah you know you could have made a argument had you not been the spoiled child yourself. Don’t tell people how to feel about something, especially when it has to do with pop culture icons such as Superman. Is DC better off for having Gunn probably.. Do i want to throat punch him if he’s the reason why he isn’t Superman anymore? Absolutely! Facts I only watched the hot garbage that is DC movies just to see him and him only. Superman wasn’t even on life support before Henry stepped in on Man Of Steel he was full blown dead. He portrayed the character so well in Man Of Steel it’s just him now. Now i gotta wonder if we lost Geralt for nothing now to? Also a Character he nailed so well the shoes simply can’t be filled now. So to end the rant here this is the thoughts of this “spoiled person”. Who are you to tell me otherwise!!?? I think Gunn screwed the pooch here cause I don’t want to see another Superman and clearly other people don’t either (a LOT of others).

          11. BiPolarChica

            I’m 43 and I agree. Not since Christopher Reeves has there been a superman I have cared to watch. Until Cavill. Saying he is ok with the AX is B.S. He didn’t just leave the witcher part for his health. He thought he had a superman movie/part coming up. Yet the little felony Flash Ezra is still going strong…why is he still in DC? Great Role Model for the kitties…But they are they/them…Fk that!!!

          12. Chris Saunders


          13. BiPolarChica

            But as I said you cancelyourself are 100% correct IMHO.

          14. Cor Star

            I wholeheartedly agree with you! Silly people think they know what’s going on behind the scenes better than the ones actually behind them LOL and they also feel like they know how to create movies better than the professionals and it’s beyond ridiculous! I will surely be watching anything that Gunn puts out.. I’m not missing it just because a fan doesn’t agree with every little creative decision that Gunn has made in creating these movies. I’m sure Cavill is fine and honestly he probably isn’t even worried about it like these people are. For all they know he could be wanting to steer his career in another direction and they decided to put him in a end scene just for memories sake. All I know is that I truly know nothing about why they chose to make the decision to switch actors but I have faith that Gunn knows what he is doing and has made the proper decision for the movie and everyone involved. I don’t understand why so many people would miss possibly the most incredible movies just on a hunch that they have and how the feel – SMH on a MF wall! Why can’t people just decide not to watch a movie because it actually sucks rather than not watching a movie because their feelings were hurt. Alas, I guess at the end of the day they will be the bozos missing out and I will be sitting in a theater munching on popcorn and enjoying tf out of a nostalgic yet modern and exciting Marvel/Gunn masterpiece. I love my SciFi and Fantasy movies far too much to allow a guy who is just butthurt to ruin it for me! Anyways.. like I said I agree with this last comment and think this is just petty bratty behavior on the instigators part.

          15. Me

            Dude you making a comment or writing a novel?

          16. Jess

            Someone forgot to put the baby to bed. Poor guy is grumpy.

          17. Monie

            Thank you so much. I think he is the best Superman since Christopher Reeve and he plays the part and makes a believable. All of these people who have never picked up a comic book in their lives are trying to tell other people who have been following them for 4 years or more how it’s supposed to go. I think people really need to just enjoy the movie and mind their business and not try to have a part in every movie TV show actors lives. Get your own life

          18. rh68

            Highly radioactive to him. Doesn’t bother us like one of our radioactive stones will kill us.

          19. FrecklesUSA

            I like this one.

          20. Matt

            Well it a radioactive pieces of his planet that only effect him in a harmful way and gives humans powers

          21. Laurent

            Kryptonite are pieces of Kypton’s core, which Kryptinianas harvested for energy to the point the core became unstable, resulting in the planet’s destruction.

          22. Dean

            It was irradiated due to the destruction of the plant. It’s not just a rock, it’s literally poison.

          23. Michael Mikei

            He was born under a RED SUN, Earth has a YELLOW SUN which changed his biology at the molecular level.

          24. Chris

            It’s called radiation. That is why it can kill him. It makes sense that if the radiation from our sun can give him super powers, something that is completely ridiculous, that it can make a rock from his world into something that is deadly to him.

          25. Nash

            Rely. Stand next to uranium and see what it does to you. The rock has properties that are deadly to his physiology. Just like lead or other minerals here are to us.

          26. Christian

            The yellow sun gives superman his powers. The krytonite kills him because on his planet the sun was different. The radiation from our son when combined with kryptonite kills him.

          27. fsociety

            Couldnt agree more, it makes no sense it would kill him.

          28. Eric

            Okay then why does he have adverse reactions to think four different kinds of kryptonite red green orange and yellow I know red kryptonite makes them psychotic and deranged green makes them weak and could kill them thank yellow makes him lose his mind and able to be controlled

          29. Ed

            Blue kryptonite Makes him Mortal when in his presents and exposure to gold kryptonite makes him human permanently.
            There are more types of kryptonite in DC than there are lantern organizations.

          30. Kent

            It’s called the molecular structure of the yellow sun remember Krypton had a red Sun…..

          31. C

            It’s the equivalent to radioactive material to him its not just some rock if I remember correctly its found towards the core of his planet

          32. Craig

            When the planet blew up, it became radioactive and deadly to kryptonians

          33. DJ

            It’s because it is radiated that’s why it hurts him

          34. Brian

            The rock doesn’t kill him the specific radiation from the rock kills him. Get a clue or at least read a few of the comics before bashing it…

          35. T El

            The prevailing theory in geekdom is that kryptonite can kill Superman because it disrupts his solar panel-like energy absorption. Without energy from the Sun, he weakens and eventually dies. Though kryptonite is a fictional mineral, the way it interferes makes sense

          36. B

            It was irradiated during the destruction of his home world, it’s that radiation that hurts, and can kill him.

          37. Ben Marcum

            Really? Does it make sense that a radioactive rock (uranium) can kill humans? You think Kryptonite was a common rock just lying around on the ground like the common rocks you see around you? It was in mineral deposits deep underground released when the planet was destroyed

          38. Anthony

            It’s not just some random rock it’s radioactive.

            Kind of like people getting weaker and eventually dying when exposed to a bunch of uranium or polonium or plutonium etc.

          39. Todd R Hudson

            It will only kill him if its ingested plus its affected by our yellow sun like he is

          40. Dale

            Kryptonite or The Rock as you call it is radio active. On one story lex keep a rock of it on his pocket and over time it gives him cancer. it’s possible the same phenomenon that makes him super on earth increases his vulnerability to that radiation. However it’s just a comic book so there is no true right or wrong answer.

          41. Winston

            It’s like the inhibitor that neutralizes powers. It’s a ass-pull.

          42. Teri

            The rock from his home planet is toxic to him, because it was irradiated when the planet blew up. That is why it makes him vulnerable.

          43. Glen

            The rock doesn’t kill him, it takes away his power allowing others to kill him.

          44. Joe

            Plutonium is from our planet and it kills us.

          45. Krptonite can’t kill him…it weakens him with it’s radiation. He is allergic to it because of where he came from. Others can kill him when it weakemshim. It’s extremely simple. Different types of kryptonite effect him in different ways…different allergic reactions. He is also not invulnerable despite whether he has kryptonite infront of him or not.

          46. Jay

            It can kill him because the rock is giving off radiation if our bodies are exposed to Radiation we can die if the levels are lethal the level of radiation that is coming off of kryptonite is high enough to kill any kryptonian

          47. Jay

            All superheroes have the same weakness no matter the level of power that they have granted Superman is the most powerful being on the planet very little can physically hurt him but his vulnerability is that he cares for humanity as well as the ones he loves personally and his enemies always use that against him

          48. Baracksamson

            It was irradiated by the planet’s explosion. The radiation is what can kill him.

          49. It’s not plain and simply just a rock from his own planet. It’s a completely different mineral that he is no longer adjusted to. Same thing as the way he was normal on Krypton but on Earth he was unusually close to the sun and absorbing it’s rays is what energized him and made him the being the world knows. And at the same time our dramatically opposite atmosphere radiated partial shards of Krypton making them harmful to his newly
            aquired physiology.

          50. Danny lewis

            Earth’s yellow sun is what gives superman his powers, at the same time the sun makes peices of his planet toxic to kryptonians

          51. Session85

            The pieces of crypton that fell to earth were radioactive by cryptonian standard due to whatever caused the explosion of the planet….. I say whatever because I don’t remember the cause of the explosion

          52. Jere Jeremy Surgeon

            Because when his planet exploded the remnants were irradiated from the sun that went supernova. The reason they lived mortal lives on their planet was because of the radiation from their sun. It’s in the comics and lore. We get atan from our sun but if you was standing on venus with no protection you would be vaporized

          53. Sam

            It doesn’t kill him. It basically does make him mortal. The ability to inflict pain

          54. Gaspard Brumaire

            Superman is the greatest hero of all time, every character has a weakness, but he is special, if u love marvel and DC u would understand how precious superman is the same as Batman, or wonder woman.

          55. R

            It makes him weak and sick. There’s literally dozens of types of “rocks” on earth that will do the same to you right now

          56. Bomer

            Ever heard of poison? Can’t that kill you? How come something from YOUR home planet can kill you, but it doesn’t make sense for a character in a story?

          57. Tyler

            Use your brain if you hav3 one… there’s lots of stuff from earth that could kill you….soo why is it weird there’s stuff from his planet that could do the same? Lol give your head a shake

          58. James

            It doesn’t kill him…it makes him normal.

          59. Dana

            Because our gravity is a lot lighter than krypton and he’s spent his entire life here. His planets gravity can crush him without getting used to it. Like divers coming up too fast get the bends.

          60. Rick

            I believe kryptonite is radioactive and not ordinary rock

          61. Luke

            It’s the sudden change in his physiology, our yellow sun gives him his powers so think of him like a living machine running off of solar energy, take away that solar energy or block that energy by using something that blocks yellow sun radiation (Kryptonite, red sun energy) and supes is drained of his strength, which would be physically jarring as he is being sapped of his strength

          62. Balbir

            It does. Not kill him, it’s stated many times it just takes away all his power, and since he is habituated having these powers he feels extremely weak…. What’s not to understand, it never killed him untill or unless it is used as bullet or spear to penetrate

          63. Zoltan

            Kryptonite is radioactive meteorite from his home planet. Like us humans getting too close to radioactive material, it can hurt us and/or kill us too.

          64. Ryan

            What doesn’t make sense about Soencer is why a piece of metal from his home planet could kill him. I could understand it making him mortal since he was mortal while living on his home planet, but not it virtually killing him. After all, Radium seems like a harmless little piece of material.

          65. DW

            Don’t we have poisonous things on our planet that kill us?

          66. Nate

            Kryptonite isnt just a rock from his home planet, it is pieces of his home planet irradiated by the explosion of their red sun. So it not only weakens him to human levels, it is radiologically toxic to him.

          67. Billy

            And his love for his girlfriend makes him the most vulnerable

          68. Jeremy

            Was going to say the same thing. For being a rock from outer space it sure seems like everyone has it.

          69. Amren

            Rock from outer space that crash landed in earth. How much more ignorant could you be

          70. Grant2

            Yes he’s indestructible, but the people around him are not. You are so shallow.

          71. Paul Hughes

            Superman got killed by a Gunn!

          72. Michael

            Superman is literally part of American culture and heritage. Without Superman, there would have been no superhero ANYTHING, or any 20th Century comic book industry. So quit sounding like a know-nothing.

          73. Larry

            Exactly! SMH. They have no clue. He’s not indestructible

          74. WaveGof

            Why comment back to people who think they know writing so superman being strong automatically means he’s boring they obviously haven’t read none of superman just look at all-star superman one of the best character study pieces ever Superman coming to terms with cancer

          75. KIM

            Would never skip something in the MCU just because DC has NOT been good since the Saturday morning cartoons of the 70s

          76. Diane

            You do realize this is fantasy “right”?

          77. Grammy

            I’m not a comic book fan but love movies. I love the MCU cuz even with 8 spiderman movies in 3 series they never reworked anything to death. DC keeps going over the same material with their big IPs…Superman and Batman. Now we dump a solid superman to go over his younger years…AGAIN. Not that excited about. But not boycotting MCU’s GOTG3.

          78. Joseph

            Thank you for saying that. People need to do their research better. Not too mention DC came before Marvel and still doesn’t get the attention or proper love it’s owed.

          79. Jill

            Cavill or no one. He has played the best Superman ever. If it isn’t broken then why the hell try to fix it!!!!

          80. kevins

            Black magic. An he gets his ass kicked quite a bit.

          81. Saša

            I have some cryptonite left in my fridge though, if you want it

        2. Lad

          Not only kriptonite but he is also susceptible to magic

        3. Warborg

          Since you don’t even seem to really know much about the subject, it kind of invalidates your opinion on it.

          1. Christian

            I love how people who have never followed comics until the marvel movies think they are experts. Watching marvel movies does not make you a comic book fan

          2. Brd

            Seriously get a life expert. My brain just rotted while reading this. And yes superman is boring get over it

          3. Chasing fools

            Superman is boring bc the network are writing that way. Henry is a great image for Superman but the management isn’t concentrating on his depth. Lets demand more of them rather than act like children and blame the victim.

          4. Paul Hughes

            They are mostly kids/teenagers/man-child

            Marvel full of jokes because they crave the REAL JOKER!

        4. William

          All fictional characters are indestructible… that’s why they usually get resurrected. It’s about the struggle not the character. All of these characters have a struggle that exposes their humanity even Superman

          1. D.C.

            Many fictional characters are destructible and die. Have you ever seen The Wizard of Oz? Remember when the house landed on the witch and killed her? She definitely wasn’t resurrected.

        5. CJ

          The older superman’s weekness was also caring for people. Many villains usedthis.

          1. Christian

            One of the most iconic comics is the death of Superman.

          2. And there you have it folks. 1 out of 215 comments actually responds to the boycott issue, and then it’s totally ignored in favour of discussing superman’s strengths and weak eases, because true fans dare about the character, not the person playing them.

            Just as well really, or people might have considered boycotting future cavill h films as retaliation for him leaving the Witcher series…..

            And anyway, there are six months before gotg3 releases. Nobody will even remember planning to boycott it by then.

        6. C

          Superman is more entertaining as a villain.

        7. Dean

          Supman’s main vulnerability has always been the humans in his life he loves and cares for.

        8. Kevin

          More imaginative writers I deratand that Superman might be physically indestructible, but he’s not infinitely present, not is he all knowing. He’s also got a particular moral compass. Those are all weaknesses. But I’m glad you think physical power is everything, for some reason.

        9. David

          If you think that then you know nothing about his struggles. Could you imagine maintaining a relationship with anyone you love knowing that you can crush them into a paste if you aren’t always careful? Knowing that you will out live everyone you know by hundreds of years? And superman has been killed. Multiple times. And he is seemingly the last of his kind besides his cousin.

        10. James

          and any smart rich person can beat Superman. Batman proved that.

          1. Christian

            Batman is one of.the greatest minds in the history of dc. He is right up there with lex luthor whose many power is his intelligence. He has taken out se of the worst villains with some gadgets and his witts alone. No powers

        11. Ray

          Not as boring as this comment

        12. Stephen

          Kryptonite could be located in other parts of the galaxy or just be creative like Bruce Wayne was in Batman v Superman. C’mon people use your imaginations.

        13. ITS A MOVIE!!!!FOR GODS SAKE!
          They’ve been entertaining us for decades!!!

        14. Dustin

          The original version of superman had no weakness but the man who did the radio show needed a day off. They made a weakness.

        15. Dave

          And magic, but they haven’t showcased that weakness hasn’t been brought up in a while.

        16. C

          And that’s only dependent on the version of superman they use, he gets even more boring when he becomes “immune” to his only weakness.

        17. It’s nit about the writing, it’s about the story. I’m sorry that youre unable to understand the difference 🙁

        18. Abbas

          We are seriously debating over Superman here?. Its comics we are talking about even Marvel has some ridiculously strong characters way more powerful than superman, If you think superman is powerful lookup Sentry, Dr Manhattan, Silver Surfer, Galactus, Quantum Superman(Who’s not superman by any means just by name on parallel earth and held ultraman like an action figure)

          What makes Superman special is not his powers or weakness but his story arc, his foes, character being older than any of us the amount of time and details invested into Superman

          Superman is not just a comic character but an icon, If it weren’t for Superman you wouldn’t have Thanos today, Jim Starlin himself admitted that he was inspired by Darkseid so much that they decided to create a character like him so the created Thanos 3 years after Darkseid’s first appearance as a Superman foe , as for him being powerful what makes Superman unique is that he’s always facing foes much more stronger than him, the likes of Darkseid, Braniac, Doomsday

          On the contrary I don’t care for Cavils return though, I think it was a right move by James Gunn opting for a change, fans while keep on whining, they did so too when Daniel Craig was cast as new Bond or when they saw Ruffalo instead of Norton for Hulk, casting Superman wont be easy though, since Reeves iconing portrayal but if they get it right DC while rise again, never liked Snyder bs only okay movie he pulled was Man of Steel even then the character was portrayed differently

        19. Stephen

          Actually, Superman has no defense against magic.

        20. Dude

          Think about it though. His body has adapted to earth’s atmosphere and mineral/chemical makeup. A radioactive rock from a foreign planet would probably most of us up. Watch the Andromeda Strain movie

        21. Ben Marcum

          What rock have you been living under? (Pun intended) Kryptonite is readily available on Earth and can even be synthesized. He is also vulnerable to magic and red solar energy spectrum. He can be depowered with red solar lamps. He can be injured or killed with laser type weapons that operate in that spectrum and harmed with kryptonite enhanced weapons and various alien weapons.

        22. Ghettodude

          He’s vulnerable to magic

        23. Errrbitsh

          Sooo mutants and space cowboys and spiderman all sound realistic lol.

        24. Stewart

          She’s very wrong. Billy Batson — aka Shazam Can kill Kal-El (Superman) and Black Adam. There’s a few others but these two are good for now, so no it’s not just a rock that you can’t find on earth…

        25. Karlezeth

          You obviously don’t understand the character. Even if you take away his powers, he’s still Superman. He also has a flat character arc, which can be frustrating for new and experienced writers alike.

        26. Baja

          Then how did lex luthor find it in a field????

        27. Scott

          You know he also has a weakness to magic right? That’s why doctor fate and zatanna always had one up on him.

        28. Todd R Hudson

          But its not his only weakness he can be mind controlled also magik can hurt him along with his mind

        29. R

          Bahahaha wow you really told everyone you have no idea what your talking about lol

        30. John

          I think superman’s character shines the strongest not when we explore his mostly non existent physical weaknesses but rather the fact that he has a very human mind.
          Break his mind not his body

        31. Daniel

          You are incorrect Padawan, super man is weak to kyptonite and completely helpless to magic. He is only empowered near yellow suns and is one of the most inspirational characters of DCU. His story is very in depth. You’re also sounding like one of those people who like Batman too and think he her Binks was talented

        32. Reynard

          I respectfully disagree; next to Kryptonite, Superman ‘s greatest weakness is Lois Lane.

        33. Dale

          Not exactly true either. He’s vulnerable to magic among other things.

        34. Not a fan of boycotting. It is a product of people who it doesn’t effect their own bank account. I tend to think of all the people who earn their paycheck when making the move. Like all the supporting staff. Not so much for the actors but all the other people.

        35. Isaac

          Superman does have strengths and weaknesses. Krypton ite is his most well known weakness but his greatest ‘weakness’ that his villains take advantage of is his compassion for all living creatures. Of course, what they don’t know is that it is also his greatest strength and what makes Superman really interesting. It’s not just his powers that define him, which is what his villains and fake fans who know basic information about Superman think. For all his godlike powers and his extraterrestrial nature, he is more human than most other humans (Lex Luthor etc.)

        36. Roland

          Didn’t know doomsday used kryptonite to mill superman. Didn’t know superman was weak to magic. Stick to marvel.

        37. Chad

          You’re wrong on every account.

        38. Tony

          Superman has many vulnerabilities! Some of them being the people he cares about. How do you hurt a man of steel? Harm the people of flesh around him. Good story writing could destroy an indestructible character.

        39. AB

          This is a fundamental misunderstanding of Superman and why the character has good writing

          First, his villains ALL beat him first and he has to overcome them: sometimes with smarts alone so clearly he isn’t invincible or perfect, he’s even died before.

          Finally, Superman is about home vs heritage, fitting in, finding your purpose in life, a story of how a God learns to adapt to live amongst men, to be part of a whole even if you’re different.

          Try reading a comic book.

        40. Tony

          Kryptonyte red sun

        41. Pepipapa

          And magic and radiaton of red sun and who knows what else (depends on writer).
          I am not a huge fan of Superman as I find boring as well, but Cavill was spot on for the role

        42. JAMES

          Well put!

        43. Joe

          Superman’s two greatest weakness are Lois and the people of earth. Without the love for humanity he would rule the planet. But it is still not a reason to boycott guardians of the Galaxy 3.

        44. MF DOOM

          you’re not right, you obviously don’t know enough about the character..

        45. Neil

          If that were true, the character wouldn’t be popular and certainly wouldn’t have endured for over 80 years. I think you probably realise that your statement flies in the face of that established and immutable fact.

        46. KingStink69

          Superman’s true weakness is his struggle with being all powerful, while trying to understand humanity.

        47. Crow

          A freshman creative writing student can also tell you that the best Superman stories aren’t the ones where he’s fighting physical forces. They’re when he has to deal with things he can’t stop. Such as the time when he absorbs too much solar radiation and is dying. He now has to grapple with spending his last days with Lois and his son or spend his days saving people.

          But then you probably didn’t bother looking past the “Superman can’t be hurt” part to actually figure out how to write a good story.

        48. Glen

          Anything as strong as Superman can beat him. Doomsday, Darkseid, even Batman built a suit to fight Superman.

        49. Victor

          And has personal Vulnerabilities such as his love for people and his inability to Murder. Supes is more complex than people realize.

        50. skillz

          pay attention to supermans emotional struggles, and how with all that temptation of power he maintains a good character.

        51. Zongo

          And that is why Captain Marvel is also boring as hell

        52. BDivine

          Actually, kryptonite is a real rock on earth- first found in England

        53. Julio

          You’re absolutely incorrect in thinking that Superman’s only weakness is kryptonite. Additionally, the character of Superman is far more complex than I see you have warranted.

        54. Braden

          The fact that he’s indestructible doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any weaknesses. Sure he’s vulnerable to rocks and magic or whatever, but that’s not the point. The point is that despite his power he’s just like the rest of us, and almost more than that he’s good to a fault. His moral code is admirable, but it can’t be denied that it is a soft that can be exploited just like kryptonite and magic. He can’t always use his crazy power when that would mean the death of innocents. He needs to be more careful and responsible than any other hero.

        55. jamie

          Kryptonite can kill him and make him very weak easily. Zack Snyder is a terrible filmmaker and has no idea how to create a character that is remotely likable. Don’t confuse the newest movies with Superman as a character. Superman 1 and 2 by Richard Donner were excellent

        56. mars

          not every weakness had to be physical lmao.

        57. Dan

          Talk about having your head up your arse J

        58. James

          That freshman creative writing student doesn’t get Superman then

        59. Jonathan Miller

          The reasons the mcu and DC are flopping because they directors lack vision they don’t know how to channel their inner child who reads the comic like omg read a bunch of comics before u make a movie interview fans on what we want to see and make it happen

        60. Greg

          In the comics, Doomsday beat him to death.

        61. John D

          Let me, a person from Generation X, tell you why you are all barking up the wrong tree… Superman’s weakness is not anything Superman. It’s Clark Kent, and the relationship he has with others, which makes him vulnerable. And which the current film version of Superman films fails to explore.

          If you watch the original 2 Superman’s with Christopher Reeves those stories delved into this very well and it’s why those movies were so entertaining.

          This was also a problem with Superman Returns movie from about 15 years ago. Clark Kent was hardly even in that movie, and his relationship with other not explored at all.

          If you want superman to be interesting, you ha e to put Clark on an equal level in the film as Superman. Which hasn’t been done in about 40 years.

        62. Kevin

          She is wrong as you both miss the point of the character. One which was actually revealed in the movies. The internal struggle of being nigh invulnerable and not succumbing to the lure of simply taking over because you can. Furthermore, it isn’t just a rock that isn’t even found on earth to which superman is vulnerable as there have been other non earth villains that pose a threat.

        63. Barian

          Superman’s biggest enemy, and the bulk of his more serious comic struggles are due to his inability to understand and anticipate the baser tendencies of mankind. Countless enemies get away with their criminal behavior through deceipt and maniacally planned misanthropy.

          Lex didn’t always have a lunchbox of kryptonite in reserve, yet bested him many many times.

          I would love to ever see Superman portayed on the big screen with that much faith in humanity despite of all the despicable acts we do in our most craven moments. But the film writers always ignorantly call for “green rocks” at the end of act 2 because they are ignorant of Superman’s far more crippling vulnerability; his unflappable conviction that humanity is as good as he believes.

          Makes me sad thinking about how much we always seem to let him down. And sadder still that he will always give us more lattitude to continue to try.

          There’s a far more thought provoking story to Superman that has so far not been tapped. One where he is still quick to smile, even when his eyes hold a vague sadness that he is always needed to save humanity from itself.

        64. L

          Very wrong it doesn’t take much to see Superman isn’t boring watch Superman TAS or read all star superman

        65. Mike

          Superman has weakness to magic.

        66. KaiserMichael

          And that just goes to show that you don’t read anything about Superman, just know his basic backstory, and are talking trash without understand all the facts.

        67. John Sullivan

          Superman has weaknesses though. Wtf are you talking about? 😂

        68. Kord

          So I see your knowledge of writing is at a freshman level. Interesting characters can be strong, look at Invincible and the god immortal Kirby. A good writer knows to focus on why Superman isn’t super because of his powers, but because he’s a super MAN who stands up for truth justice and the American way. Freaking kids

        69. Stephen

          she’s not wrong. you both are…

        70. Catherine

          Wonder woman had to beat Superman up at least three times.

        71. 2TonTone

          Another millennial “J” Superman also possesses few weaknesses. kryptonite and red solar energy as well superman is still vulnerable to powerful psychics especially those with Telepathy and he’s vulnerable to pure magic.

        72. John

          That’s why good Superman stories are not about his powers. It’s about the inherent flaw of humans. For every power Superman has, he was raised a human. He lives, breathes and acts like one. He is a hero because he wants to be one. He wants to help people. He is a good person who would help as many as he can. That is the core of a Superman story. The fact that you don’t know this tells me more about your lack of Superman knowledge and good writing.

        73. Aaron

          He does have more weaknesses actually

        74. Jjt

          She’s not your right

        75. Josh

          As a freshman creative writing student, you’d be smart enough to know it takes real characters like Superman to be well rounded to stand the test of time. Challenge you to write something that will
          stay in the zeitgeist for a century.

        76. Ryan

          Kryptonite didn’t kill Superman, Doomsday did.

        77. Alexy

          No, she is wrong. A freshman creative writing student would tellyou that because they dont know jack about writing hood and fleshed put characters.

        78. Balbir

          You Just lack perspective, Superman is not indestructible, he has more than one weakness, it’s his everyday struggle to keep his power in check, in opening doors, typing everyday stuff which is easy for us, he has to control himself all the time, it’s a story about a god living with humans, and he still has villains which can take him down and not with kryptonite, Brainiac, mongrel, lobo, parasite, doomsday never used kryptonite…
          And still are worthy opponent .. i am sorry that your knowledge of Superman is only limited to the few movies you have watched and made up your mind, which is ignorant But if you had done your research you would not say this… Superman is not boring, he is misunderstood

        79. LordKwll

          Then the Hulk is also stops and boring because there isn’t even a rock. On this planet or otherwise.

        80. Míke

          Any published fiction writer will tell you the same. Superman’s creators had to create friends and kryptonite to make him vulnerable

        81. JaFi

          Both of you are missing the complexities of Superman. For instance, with all his power, he couldn’t save his father from dying in his arms. He has all this power but does not use it for evil, even though he could. Lincoln once said, most men perform under adversity, but if you really want to test a man’s character, give him power.

        82. Tae

          There’s characters just as OP as Sups in many ways yet ppl only complain when it’s sups. It’s no problem with being the strongest in the universe. The problem is the creators thinking earthlings can stop a damn near God level character. When they need to be producing more Villains on the same power scale if not stronger than sups. Let Superman protect the universe instead of just Earth. Allow weaker heroes to become stronger while the Op heroes fight elsewhere. IMO

        83. Le

          Superman is also vulnerable to magic, which hasn’t been excluded at this point.

          However, the best Superman stories take advantage of Kal-el’s humanity. His depthless kindness, empathy (despite being an alien), and fundamental humanity. It’s not about the power set or how difficult the enemy is to overcome. It’s about his emotional and psychological weaknesses.

        84. JB

          You obviously don’t understand the character well. He is vulnerable to many things, not just kryptonite. He gets weaker away from the sun, has to recharge, is vulnerable to magic. What makes him so interesting is his emotional state. He’s a godlike figure that yearns for the human experience.
          Not boring at all.

      2. Jayne1955

        I’m 67 and I’ve seen almost a dozen Supermen and he’s the absolute worst.

        1. Robert

          I’m just hoping that Gunn’s new and improved version of Superman crashes and burns so badly that WB goes bankrupt and Gunn ends up in a back alley turning tricks for food.

          1. Joe

            Why do you want that

          2. Alixander

            I’m pretty sad that Cavill is leaving. I loved his run and it does seem f@cked up how all this negative publicity of Ezra and Amber, legal issues might I add. Whatever, i’m probably still going to watch GOTGV3 but i’m definitely upset about this loss.

          3. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😁 wow, that harshes my mellow

          4. Stewart

            I agree .what on earth is wrong with Kal-El. Henry Cavill does a great job. Of being him.

        2. Christian

          Come on man did you forget about Roth for Superman returns.

        3. Ben Marcum

          I take it you have never seen a Christopher Reeve movie.

        4. Stewart

          Which other one did you Prefer?

      3. VLM

        Superman has been a boring load of papshy smapshy since the 1950s. The Perfect Boy Scout might be a good role model but he’s a terrible character.

        And by the way? DEFINITELY not a millennial, here, and DEFINITELY not clueless when I’ve got a couple thousand dollars worth of comic books from the 1950s and 1960s in my attic.

        1. Jeff

          Ok you’re not a millennial, but storing thousands of dollars worth of comics in your attic means you’re not a genius either.

          1. D

            This is what we call a troll 👏

        2. caputo

          I am a huge fan of Cavil’s Superman and am extremely disappointed that they are not going forward with his Superman. Having said that it is a business decision and fans should try and understand that. I have been very happy with just about everything that James Gunn has done. This outrage is totally ridiculous. The fans sound like a bunch of petulant children, grow up. They are trying to build and plan a universe that will work. Let’s give it a chance.

        3. Stewart Harvey-Wilson

          Maybe call the studio and share some of your comics DC need a lot of help

        4. Scott

          But Henry Cavill’s superman was not a boy scout he killed zod.

      4. Superman was the first. There was no such thing as a Superhero before him.

        1. Mike

          I beg to differ. First there was that character that could bring the dead back to life, make the blind see, and create an institution so powerful it could have a magic city outside the reach of any governments.

          1. Sumadeez

            Definitely fiction

          2. MikeJoncho


        2. Christopher Lichowicz

          Actually, you’re wrong about who was the first super hero.
          It was Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze.
          but, both he and Superman both debuted in 1933. Doc Savage in March (first), Superman – April 18th.
          Doc #1
          Soops #2

      5. Michael

        DCU has made plenty of mistakes and how they handled Henry’s situation was less than what he deserved but GOTG is an established storyline that deserves a proper ending and I believe Gunn will give it that. I will definitely go and see it.

        1. Christopher Poole

          Thank you. I frankly don’t give half a crap about them recasting Superman. How many times have they done Batman now?
          GoTG has nothing to do with any of that.

      6. Isaac

        I am not interested in non of James Gunn direction when it comes to movies. And when it comes to Superman, he doesn’t have the passion enough to make a good script.

      7. Philip

        Pick your battles people. Boycotting for this reason is ridiculous. This is just artistic content love it or hate it and companies will always make moves you don’t like but has nothing to do with your entertainment experience with another movie unassociated with it. I say grow up for anyone who has a problem with Superman not being your Superman

      8. Joe

        Really think it’s a mistake
        Cavil has played and looked the part of superman better then anyone to date
        The history of superman is a purely American story
        And literally the greatest superhero ever created
        And Cavil filled the roll perfectly

        1. Jason

          You actually think this person, with the personality of a rock, was better than Christopher Reeves? WTF

      9. Elizabeth

        I think letting Henry Cavill go was dirty move. He gave up Witcher for the role of Superman.Not going to any of Gunn or Safran movies.

      10. I love galaxy of gurdins because I hear the announcers saying to play that movie for 2023 that’s the year I graduate that year thank you for being fans

      11. Bradley

        To be fair, when Man Of Steel first came out everyone before Generation Z was initially buying it lol

        1. Bradley


      12. Deadinthescene

        You don’t even know what a millennial is and it shows.

      13. Jacqueline Pittman

        I hope James Gunn messes up for firing Henry Cavill.

        1. Jane


      14. Redleg17

        What makes Emily “clueless?”. Some of people take this crap way too seriously. Just a character in a movie, not some sort of demi-god.

      15. James

        Yep superman is entirely.pointless and op

      16. Mike

        I go to the movies to be entertained. I don’t have time for the drama between millionaires and billionaires.

        As it is, the super hero movies have waned in quality since Endgame.

        Black Adam was awful. Wakanda was slightly better, but couldn’t hold a candle to Black Panther.

        Dr Strange was …. Strange. A very long movie about a misguided mother with powers to destroy everything and everyone. Odd, indeed.

        To answer the question posed, I will absolutely go see GOTG. Hopefully, I’ll be entertained.

      17. Mark

        I will boycott,whT they did was shifty after he gave up his role on the series The Witcher. Pretty dirty to me so I’m done with them and their movies.

      18. J2

        You know millennials are mostly in their 30s and 40s right. So you are in the wrong generation pal.

      19. Bad Kitty No Milk Tonight

        Boycotting a movie is the surest way to guarantee lines around the block.

      20. TRiK

        I Couldn’t Agree More with you if I Tried. As a Superman fan since the age of 4, I was Extremely disappointed at James Gunns’ decision. Though I am intrigued as to who he might cast as a Younger Clark Kent/Superman.

        1. Person

          Oh, Superman is one of the most boring characters, and his stories are boring. No matter who plays him

      21. Person

        I’m 40+, and I wholeheartedly agree. Superman is even more boring than Batman

      22. Casualplayer


      23. Jane

        Steve, you’re now in my Will.

      24. Sue

        Henry Cavil is Superman! Shame on you Disney!

      25. Jim

        Making too much out of a small deal. I hope they find a better Superman.

      26. Rose

        I totally agree!

      27. Lou

        Rocket rules, Superman drools!

      28. John

        I concur

      29. Heather

        I am not a millennial. Far from that. Superman needs to go
        to DC Comics and stay away from Marvel.

      30. wolfbaneane

        Don’t confuse millenials with GenZ, their the crazy ones. Also not really wrong about Superman

      31. ARTHUR J HYATT


    2. Jeff

      Emily, you’re stupid and boring and no one would watch you. However Henry Cavill was excellent in the part. As good or better the Christopher Reeeves. He should have had another shot at the role.

      1. Gloria

        Well said Jeff. I strongly agree with you. Henry is excellent as superman. Now that Gunn removed him, I will no longer be watching guns movies. He made a Big mistake in removing Henry. Henry is young still to make more movies as superman. Gunn could wait with his stupid changes. It will not hurt him at all because we the fans love Henry as superman no one else. Gunn could wait until Henry retired as superman. Gunn is going to see a Big Numbers drop in box office because of his ignorance mistake to Henry.

      2. G

        He’s ok but definitely no Christopher Reeves

      3. TomKalEl

        While I agree with you in part, that Henry Cavill played and equally amazing Superman. I’d still have to give it to Christopher Reeves overall though. His bumbling portrayal of Clark made a very noticeable difference between Clark and Superman. The way he walked and talked you’d never think he was Superman. Till he was. With Henry unfortunately as much as I love the guy as an actor, when he was Clark Kent, he was still Superman to me for the most part.

    3. Mr. Everybody

      Emily, firstly, you spelled his name wrong. Secondly, Superman is the oldest of the most famous comic book superheroes. Just because he doesn’t apply to you doesn’t mean he is stupid or boring.
      Thirdly, Henry Cavill has been a fresh change to the Superman legacy, something we haven’t seen since Smallville so if you’re going to make a point, bring some knowledge with you please.

      1. Matt

        Superhero movies keep getting worse. It’s been all downhill since phase 1 of the MCU finished. Everything is woke and it seems that DC is following suit. I have no interest in a Gunn written movie. GOTG2 wasn’t good and the Christmas special was a joke. Also, both suicide squads sucked.

        1. Bob

          Peacemaker was fantastic! Ok carry on!

          1. Jon Ty

            Never support John Xiana. Anyone who kowtows to the CCP should be ignored.

    4. James

      It’s the MODERN AGE!!! Nobody wants to see a punk azz 20’s somethin kid playing him these DC’S & MARVEL movies are for Grown folks now. This ain’t no Childs Play GTFOH!!!

    5. Marc

      You are entitled to your opinion, but I could not disagree more.
      For me Superman was the first big budget superhero franchise.

    6. Rj

      It’s Cavill…..moron

      1. Person

        Cavill Moron? Hmm

    7. Trevor

      Good argument 🤣

    8. Clark

      Emily’s a GenZ brainless. Found out earlier. You should see their social media…Lame. Trying to be relevant in the world. Then save people instead of joining the cult as we now know it.

    9. Volksson

      Superman would vitchsmack those coward weaklings

    10. James

      I thought the article is about guardians of the galaxy.

    11. TomKalEl

      You obviously know nothing about his character and only what you’ve heard from others. Superman is far from boring, and his only weakness isn’t just some rock.
      Deep down Superman is one of the best hero’s BECAUSE of how powerful he is. One of my favorite encounters he had was a fight with Darkseid. Before fighting him he explained how he feels as though he lives in a world made of cardboard. He has to literally focus all his strength both mentally and physically even when he simply gives someone a hug or a handshake, as to not squeeze too hard and kill or seriously injure them.
      Superman’s compassion for everyone is a true beacon of light, he sees the good in everyone regardless of their past and tries to help them, instead of always just resorting to killing or brute force.
      Superman may seem boring to you because again you don’t know enough about him as a character, his morals and beliefs are what make him one of my fav characters, not his powers…..those change too much depending on who’s writing him. But the original Superman, was perfect. His personality hasn’t changed, and that’s one of his biggest powers.
      I’d say you’re boring if you think a character as deep as Superman is boring.
      Lastly to those that said he only has one weakness, lol. Aside from Kryptonite, magic can hurt him too. But his biggest weakness, and also strength, is his love and compassion for mankind.

      1. FrecklesUSA

        Good one.

    12. Me

      Just like your opinions…..dunce

    13. Tony L

      Boycotting Guardians 3 doesn’t affect Gunn at all. He’s already been paid and cashed the check. It doesn’t affect Cavill in any way either. If you believe boycotting Guardians 3 will result in Gunn and/or DC hiring Cavil again for the 17th time, then you’re delusional. It will do nothing to Gunn, SC, nor Cavill. If you’re going to boycott anything (not that it will affect that specific project), boycott the Flash movie, Aquapac 3, Gunn’s DC movies. Doing that may cause DC to rethink their writer/director/actor choices. Boycotting Marvel Films will not.

    14. Tiffany

      Agreed 1,010%!

    15. CWIRTW

      Of course “Emily”, who was likely born AFTER 2002, would say that superman is boring…. Emily should stick to watching “My Little Pony” instead and not comment on classical Characters they know nothing about.

    16. Spicy

      Eat stink

    17. Renee


    18. Paul Hughes

      Superman is THEE Superhero that put Superheros on the map and big screen.

    19. Eric

      So happy that you got that unimportant comment out of your system lol

    20. It was just uncool the way it was handled. They new this was going to happen coming in. So it should have been done immediately. Can’t stand Gunn, Guardians 2 sucked. But I will watch 3 just to finish out the trilogy. Then never watch anything Gunn does again.😉

    21. J

      Superman is DC though. Guardians is Marvel.

    22. DCU Dan

      You are correct about that but they need someone recognize to bring together the whole franchise like the MCU did. Superman and Batman are the only two most recognizable characters. Batman is too dark though.

    23. Duke

      And you obviously don’t like guys… You’re probably one of those people out of the street corner was signs telling people how much you hate men

    24. Jeremiah

      Well it’s a good thing nobody respects your opinion Karen.

    25. G

      Where’s the love

    26. Hexxuss

      Superman was dead after Christopher Reeves died. There never should’ve been any attempt at a new one. Keeping Amber is what will keep me away from the DCU though.

    27. nowy nick

      Power of many

    28. Kitty

      Lol! Yes, I agree with the second part. He could be in the most boring movie of all time (like the Lord of the Rings) and I’d still be glued to the screen! 😍

    29. Seronica

      I agree with you

    30. Chasing fools

      Sorry that you are stuck in victim blaming. Henry makes a great Superman but the Studio management is using him as eye candy for the wmn rather than giving him better scripts with depth. Why don’t you turn your anger or dissatisfaction towards them. Then you will get the Superman that you expect.

    31. John Cavington

      James Gunn knows what he’s doing. These fanboys need to take a seat so they can heal from the butt hurt.

    32. Julian Combe

      Just like you Emily🖕

    33. James

      Just say you don’t get Superman lol

    34. Ky L

      Piss off

    35. Jurell

      Just like u

      1. Liberace

        Eat ass!

    36. Liberace

      Eat ass!

    37. Sorino

      Oh nice but … Who asked what you think?

    38. D

      You shut your whore mouth

    39. John Sullivan

      I must share my opinion on the internet!!!

    40. Williams Steriti

      I bet you watch it though but you criticize but you watch the other ones right all the other superheroes that I bet too something like your brains not too strong

    41. Kris Wintle

      Is Supermam a Bit to hard for you to comprehend.?
      A bit to much story for you perhaps. Best you stick with cartoons.

    42. Rose

      Well, you know what they say about opinions?? Anyway, lots of people do like Superman and Henry Cavill was the BEST! That’s ok, he will do well in his upcoming projects. Who needs DC!

    43. Emil Atik

      What do mean by that exactly?You didn’t say anything particularly negative about Henry Cawill himself(little mad nyself towards,due to his sudddn exists here and there ,almost at oncr and out of the blue..But,still,that’s just him as an actor,how express his characters AND MOST IMPORTANTLY how he looks,which isn’t to debate, LIKE AT ALL..An IDEAL MAN LOOK OF ALL MAN LOOKS there’s what we say,or the non-myopic rational majority would say..Good that’s settled down now and clarified..🙃👍)though,so I would pro-contra argue or discuss with you for eternity, if I have to .One of the biggest endurances of writing out there,if needed,you see🤷😉

      Finally,you did however rather belittle the otherwise exceptional character being Superman,instead.Kinda acceptable,but that’s due to his concept,or what?Care to elaborate now, gurll?😅🙃👍💎🌈

    44. Cihollo1005

      Ouch 😆😆😆

    45. Michael

      You just sound bitter.

    46. Hush

      Okie but this is about Guardians 3.

    47. Kristin


    48. J

      Hi, and you are?

    49. Wasden

      Certainly some disagree

    50. LordKwll

      Nobody cares how you feel about Cavill or Superman. How did you imagine differently?

    51. Aj

      An so is your life… stop hating

    52. P

      Good for u I guess. Superman is iconic. He is one of the biggest names in comics. While, u are entitled to an opinion, millions of fans disagree. Many also cared about Cavill’s portrayal. I am sure they could care less about your thoughts. I know I don’t…

    53. Daniel

      Superman is awesome

  2. John

    Yea, I agree, no Cavil as Superman, I’m out too.

  3. Finn

    Caring about their fans is about as far removed as shooting their movies in actual space. Nameless younger actors to save money.

    1. Joe

      Money that will no doubt go to Gunn and Sarner

  4. Jason

    “Clark Kent Actor”?!

  5. DeLaunhardt

    It seems like WOKE Hollywood just WILL NOT give fans what they want…in ANY franchise.

    …hence their need to get rid of Henry Cavil….and their soon to come RUIN!

    Hollywood RIP……

    1. VLM


      Yeah, sure, because one rando on the Internet has a tantrum, Hollywood is just going to shrivel up and die. Suuuuure.

      Honey, it ain’t “woke” when an actual child predator is still making millions. The Cavill situation has nothing whatever to DO with “woke,” it’s just YOU being a moron and throwing out “woke” as an insult to anything you don’t like.

      1. D

        And you are probably the president of the “woke” club…moron!

      2. Tim

        Im my opinion . its the writing amd the casting. Bit mostly the writing. Batman vs Superman exteneded cut was an amazing movie. More please…..the casting innthat movie was spot on. Too many changes in actors playing characters jas damaged DCU. Comsitancy and story lines need to be improved….Superman meeds an upgrade to modern times but not a new actor. Henry Cavell is one great actor and its Supelrman….not Superboy. Let him play the role

  6. Carlos

    The Disrespect to Cavill is just sickening… Couldn’t Agree more when The Rock said that Cavill is this Generation Superman Hands Down. Was so Exited when I finally got to see his face come out of the shadows on Black Adam and so exited to know that I would get to see Cavill Dawn the Red Cape again… Lets ALL Fans come together and make them feel the hurt by just NOT suporting The Gardians 3…

    1. Jayne1955

      But he’s SO bad. I’m 67 and I’ve seen an awful lot of Supermen. He’s the absolute worst. It’s worse than his Lone Ranger.

      1. Kontra 0mnia

        Hey Einstein, Henry Cavill wasn’t in Lone Ranger.

      2. Lawrence Nicks

        WOW you actually thought Henry Cavill was in the Lone Ranger your age finally caught up with you.

    2. Don

      Cavill is one of the best actors to play Superman in a while. Why do they always want to screw up something that works. If you want to change something get rid of Miller in Flash. He’s useless.

    3. VLM

      ….okay, so what about the disrespect to Christopher Reeves that they hired Cavill in the first place? Being this hung up on who plays a character that’s had at LEAST eleven different actors so far is what’s sickening!

      1. N

        Curious, but what does Mr. Reeves (who passed in 2004) have to do with the casting of Superman in Man of Steel (2013), Henry Cavill or not?

        1. Mon

          I’m still waiting on a good DC movie to come out so I am quite keen to see what Gunn is planning. GOTG3, I will be there just as I have been for every other Marvel film.

    4. Stephanie

      I’m sorry but what does boycotting GotG3 have to do with Cavill not playing Superman again? So you want to hurt all the actors and crew that put in a lot of work on a movie because Gunn has something to do with it. I’m sorry but that the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. I will be going to see GotG3 and I hope Cavill will come back as Superman. He’s the best Superman we’ve had since Christopher Reeve.

      1. daysparrow


      2. Dan

        The fact that you think ANYONE who supports Gunn who is a child pedo is ok is sick!! Yes everyone should boycott Gunn! His a$$ belongs in prison!! Anyone who supports him and Hollywood for money over children is what’s wrong with this world!!! Done with people ignoring pedophile!!! NOT OK!

      3. Trevor

        Stephanie I will not be seeing any film by James Gunn. There is not a single movie I like or own that he was involved with. If actors are worried about being out of work then my guess is they aren’t very good at their job. I hope everyone boycotts all of Gunn’s works.

    5. PooWindu


  7. Jayne1955

    Cavill stunk. I’m not surprised he’s not going on.

    1. Jeff

      Jayne1955, 67 years is a long time to be a moron. Cavill is a good actor and the only thing that stinks is your cheap Walmart perfume.

      1. Hefe

        Jeff, you’re crying about Superman on a Disney website. I wouldn’t lean too heavily into the trash talk, your father is probably disappointed in his son enough as it is.

  8. Dee Rush

    I have other reasons to avoid watching any future movie written and directed by James Gunn – namely “Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2” and “The Suicide Squad”. Both movies were solely written by Gunn. I thought “GotG 2” had a badly written plot, despite strong characterizations. And I though “The Suicide Squad” was an utter mess. But after learning what happened to Henry Cavill, I’m inclined to miss out on “GotG3”. I’ve lost a great deal of respect toward Gunn as a filmmaker in the past five-and-a-half years.

  9. Rob

    Firing is the first step, then the rest of the twitts that thought it was a good idea as well. Won’t be any reaso to see movies in theater anytime soon

    1. Dave

      Lol doesn’t bother me none to much, I’m still gonna pirate it when I can.

  10. Jess W.

    I’m failing to understand what Cavill has to do with Gaurdians of the Galaxy? Oh, because it’s the same director? Boo-hoo! The Guardians movies are some of the best of the MCU. Which still has nothing to do with Henry Cavill (and I’m a big fan of his just fyi). People find any reason for a boycott these days, they’re starting to loose their effect.

    1. Kontra 0mnia

      GotG 2 is a a drawn out episode of 7th Heaven starring Marvel characters.

  11. Beast

    I agree, the only thing I was excited about, as far as DC movies are concerned, was Henry Cavill returning as Superman. I don’t know who’s decision it was giving James Gunn control over anything but I’m baffled as to why.

  12. Mrtin

    Wars. Poverty. Child abuse. Domestic violence. Murders. Etc etc and people losing their crap protesting over some actor not playing a part anymore. Human race has truly lost its way

  13. Rich

    Fed up with the DC studio’s crap. Am not bothering with GotG3. The holiday special was terrible!

    1. Bet you end up watching it. You watched the holiday special that was obviously going to be lame

  14. People complain DC is stagnant doing same thing over and over again. New faces with a proven track record come in and want to change things up. So people complain that they aren’t doing the same thing as before. People just love to complain. How about wait and see how things go.

    1. Merp the great

      I personally love the GoTG movie’s and the holiday special. They make me happy and tied to great memories in my life. I even named my dog after rockets soulmate Lylla who’s finally showing up. I’m not boycotting a movie I’m excited over simply because of choices in another franchise that in all honesty wasn’t even my cup of tea. But that’s my Opinion Opinion and choice and we are allowed to have different views and choices 😉 😏

  15. Wolf Knutson

    I would have loved to see Henry Cavill as Superman once again, but I can kind of understand why Gunn wants a younger guy picking up the reins. And I will definitely not be boycotting GOTG 3 as they are some of my favorites!

  16. Henry Cavil said he was not going to do another Superman movie, it was his decision, not the studios or the Director’s, you guys are just throwing toddler fits over something that was not going to happen…

    1. Bob

      He was in the end credits scene in Black Adam and then he posted a statement and video on his social media announcing his return as Superman. Then a few weeks later Hamada quit as DC Films head and Safner and Gunn were announced as the new heads of DC Films. They decided to scrap all the current projects. Cavill just a few days ago announced he was told he would not return as Superman. People are just upset about all the quick changes that are happening. In time people will change their mind.

  17. Jeremy

    Superman has at least three weaknesses:

    Boyscout morality

    I hope James Gun blows it. The only reason that he is firing these actors is because he lacks humility.

    He’s just like Joss Whedon with a more childish brand of humor.

  18. If this is ALL it takes to make any fan ,ANY REAL FAN, boycot Gardians then you are a Lemming and U need real help.

  19. Warren

    Henry Cavill was an excellent Superman. When you look at this guy you simply see Superman! This is truly disappointing.

    1. Ed


  20. Troll Destroyer

    Boycott this Marvel movie, says DC fans. Nice try tho…

  21. Good job guun you are going to be hated in both franchises now I won’t be seeing GOTG 3 st all and your downfall will be your own fault for rebooting DCU enjoy your painful downfall you screwed up. #boycottgotg3.

  22. Michael Michalovich

    Of course I’ll see the movie , soon as it comes out on streaming, just like every other movie. This so called boycott is only going to make more people go see it.
    There’s no such thing as bad advertising even bad advertising is good advertising.

  23. Jonathan King

    I feel like it’s sad to remove Henry Cavil as Superman considering how good he is as him, but I also feel it’s slightly necessary to try to start from I clean slate, if they want to make a connected universe like marvel. Especially since around 50% of the connected DCEU was pretty trash, even if it had good actors. Also you have a whole flash movie they can’t release, which is a huge money waste, considering they won’t be getting that money back. James Gunn is walking into a barely stable trash fire, and is trying reform it, so if some of trash is the greatest trash ever, it still can’t be excluded from the rest of the fire.

    1. Mike

      DCU has been an unwatchable mess since they started. Clean house and try again (if they have the cash to throw at it). Cavil was fine, but far from perfect. Let them start from scratch, it certainly can’t be worse. And the absolute winners on here calling it “woke” are just worried about living in a world where they aren’t the privileged main character anymore and others get to co-star. I hope introspection is a skill you can learn… Otherwise I’m sorry for all of the manufactured pain you must be in.

  24. Joe

    You idiots ruin everything.

  25. Voice of Reason

    Amazes me how stupid people can be. WB absolutely destroys the DCEU over the years. Finally conceding that it is a dumpster fire, they hire two people to rebuild it. It is completely unreasonable to think that someone like Gunn was going to come in and continue a universe that was destroyed by WB, but was already on the path to failure with Snyder. Look at BvS, people. LOOK AT IT. It’s the whole reason WB started getting too involved in the first place.

    There was only one way to do this and that was from the ground up. They have the perfect movie to reset everything in The Flash as well. There was no saving the Snyderverse and it wouldn’t have been something worth saving anyways. It was already beginning to nosedive ON THE SECOND MOVIE.

  26. Graham Gledhill

    I’ll not be boycotting it.

  27. Von

    Y’all are really arguing about Superman. SMH. I wonder how many of you voted for Brandon..

  28. Warner Brothers ruined the DCU not James Gunn. They did a horrible job with Justice League. Flash is not the flash. Black hair, acts like a kid. He was a CSI science wiz, not some goofy spin off of spider man. DCU was having problems before James Gun. Shazam teased Superman, Black Adam teased Super Man. They are so behind, Flash Point might be re titled Flash Back. Why would we punish myself from watching Guardians of the Galaxy?

  29. Cheri Cook

    No! The two are completely unrelated why would I not see a mcu movie because of this idiot. The man he’s upset about is making a DIFFERENT movie. This is REDICULOUS.

  30. Seth

    ok just to set the record straight on the whole superman thing, it’s not about his physical weaknesses. It’s about a man with the power to do anything striving for good and battling hubris. What’s admirable is his ability to do good with the capability of so much evil that may seem right, and doing the right thing anyway. I’m no enemy really a Superman fan but tbh I thought this bit was obvious 😅

  31. X J-13

    If you don’t care about Superman why are you running your mouth that’s the first question I would ask you Jay now to point out a fact it’s not one Tiny Stone it’s several variations of a mineral that was only found on Krypton they are different colors and have different effects not all or detrimental you clearly do not enjoy the Superman comic universe and therefore you’re not an Enthusiast so you obviously don’t know all that much about Superman so I don’t understand why you were even voicing an opinion except to troll in the comment section and make a lot of people angry so what I’m going to say is this well Superman isn’t indestructible he was killed by Doomsday for one there are multiple other superheroes who are as strong as Superman or as fast as Superman and who actually surpass Superman and various ways what makes Superman so super is his Humanity the fact that he will sacrifice himself for the greater good of even one life a life form that by all human standards does not equal his own but then I guess that sentiments lost on someone who’s sole purpose in the comment section is dark grievances so I say to you title off to Twitter somewhere there’s a bridge missing its troll

  32. S

    FFS, gunns actions now ( whether you like them or not) have nothing to do with guardians movie. Grow up entitled snowflakes. Crying when things don’t go your way is supposed to end when you’re 5.

  33. X J-13

    I won’t be watching any more DC work trash far as that goes I’m going to be watching any more Marvel garbage either to be quite Frank about it all these people injecting their personal beliefs into a story that is shared by all is disgusting and it’s pathetic and it is not in the spirit of the individuals who created these beloved characters or universes and to be honest no one cares about a young Superman. Not one person that I have heard or know wants to see a big screen adaptation of Smallville Smallville was great in its time as it was and it launched the careers of a few people but to be honest with you after several seasons of Smallville not really interested what are the fans of Superman and America want is a return to something recognizable we want Superman to be Superman not to be some injected hormonally challenged teenager who can’t decide whether they want to be a boy or a girl today we want Superman to be Superman we want Superman with the American values that made him who he was he was raised on a real farm with regular American values and that’s what made Superman awesome everyone’s sick of this woke canceled culture bull crap you’re destroying the stuff that we grew up loving you’re wrecking our nostalgia and we’re done with that we should rise against you keep our wallets in our back pockets our debit cards in our wallets and let you and the only way you won’t fail is if you get an injection of dirty Washington money through your CIA handlers because this is a stop being ran against our people and our country by people who seek to destroy us from within what should do is sell off all the stock in these companies that practice all this woke ideology and let you collapse or people with enough money buy all the stock until you own 51% of these companies and then fire all these people with no severance then pull their internal slack messages and expose them so that they can’t get work anywhere due to them what they’re doing to us after we expose them then we can push them out it’s called a clean sweep it’s kind of like a colon cleanse you just strain really hard until there’s nothing bad left inside all these people that are ruining all these things that is spouse American values kind of makes me wonder whose values they’re pushing sort of seems like China’s values to me I mean people are still going to Disney World and still spending money on Disney stuff even though they know Disney literally suppressed the black actor who played Finn on the cover art and poster art for Star Wars even though Finn was one of if not the best character in the movie to be honest with you I was only able to stomach the first movie Finn was the best character in the whole damn movie he was the character I hope would wind up with the lightsaber and being the Jedi but no it got forked over to a Mary Sue who was garbage whose sole purpose was to destroy the inherent Legacy of Star Wars simply because it did what movies and TV and media and everything else at that time did reflect that eras social values it don’t mean you have to agree with it but if that’s what your focused on I bet you have huge college debt because you probably went to school for gender studies or critical race Theory which I don’t understand all you critical race theorists because y’all should be the first people pissed off at Disney over them suppressing a black man just to sell tickets and movies in a foreign country but hey maybe that’s just my American values showing through again dirty filthy American I am expecting people making movies in my country to a spouse my country’s values rather than a spousing the values of a nation state that locks its people inside buildings and then burns them because of their zero covid policy the same country that during the beginning of the pandemic was dragging living people outside of hospitals zipped in body bags tossing them into an incinerator in the parking lot of the building and burning them alive but hey that’s who we’re making movies for right Disney

  34. Mike

    Superman is the purest form of superhero and Henry is the best Superman.

    1. Stephanie

      Henry Cavill isn’t bad, but Christopher Reeves was the best Superman ever. It’s really hard for me to accept anyone else in his role. I grew up with Reeves Superman and he will remain the best forever ❤️. I can’t be the only one who feels this way.

  35. Kekelstvo

    if DC need something is hard restart
    Im upset because Henry is not Geralt anymore
    but nobody care about superman

  36. LaMonte

    I could care less about the DCPEEU and what they do with their heroes. MARVEL has passed that sinking ship, so good riddance to bad rubbish. I am MARVEL all the way and can’t wait for GOTG v.3.

  37. Bob

    People must be leading pretty good lives when their concern is who is cast to play Superman.

  38. P

    Why boycott a Marvel movie for what is going on at DC? It is DC’s problem.

  39. Bobby

    OMG why can’t we have peace in the world but yet people have to find something to cry about. First it’s the changing of the name of the Washington redskins because that jack ass Obama said it should happen to removing the Indian on the butter now this. Just be happy that they’re still movies we can still watch to get us away from this bs. What’s next, the avatar movie should not have blue people but more plaid get a life losers

    1. Donald

      Get bent, cry baby bigot loser.

  40. Stymie

    I see we have mindless robot people in the house. Yes there is a change in the direction WB/DC is taking is it a good thing we do not know let’s wait and see. I can’t say I enjoy movies about one here over and over and again DC has so many characters to add to a line up ,and yes GOTG characters like other marvel movie are changing why hate on it ? Again people I think siperman,wonder woman, and other will come back in some form

  41. Rene'e

    Just WOW! Seems like everybody got their panties in a twist. Hollywood is Hollywood. They’re going to do what they want no matter what. Either go with it or not. There are a lot of things I’m not happy with with the DC and Marvel industry but I’m not going to sit here and boohoo about it like a bunch of 5th graders.
    I for one love them all. I don’t sit there and nitpick and point out all the little indifferences and things they should change. I do kind of agree about the guardians of the Galaxy Christmas thing. It was a little weird. But I absolutely love those movies. They make me laugh my butt off. Chris Pratt is hilarious.. so with that being said I hope you guys all have a wonderful day and find something better to do with your time. Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad or whatever makes your boat float. Peace out 😁

  42. Ryan

    Not real fans, just a couple internet children.

  43. Josie

    “I don’t like this decision so I’m going to boycott something!” I’ve never seen so many adult temper tantrums in my life. I love Henry Cavill too, but the last 10 years of DC films are mediocre at best. Grow. Up. wjen will people stop acting like 3 year olds whenever a decision or opinion isn’t completely aligned with your wants or beliefs? Ridiculous.

  44. Ray

    Not as boring as your comment

  45. D

    I just want a good doomsday movie that’s gory ,violent,and incredibly destructive…🤷🏽‍♂️

  46. Stephanie Strickland

    I’m 64 yrs old, an has grown up with Marvel an DC. I’ve watch the super hero’s transform from comic to television. With the many many different actor as Superman, Batman, Spiderman, an many other, the studio’s have finally got the right actors to play the roles. Other then Christopher Reeves. Henry Cavill is the best Superman ever in my opinion. Mr Gunn why are you trying to fix something that’s not broken. We are really tired of all the different Superheroes.

  47. Ilene


  48. Earl

    Good luck getting people to boycott GOTG3. Not gonna happen.

  49. Brittney

    First Off, leave Marvel out of DC/WB mess with James Gunn. Why? because Gunn chose violence, he chose anger instead of the choice of finishing off what was already established with Gal Gadot, Henry, Aquaman then using Flash/Flashpoint to reset the DC universe to his liking. So you avoid this backlash and everyone gets what they want. Boycott DC, leave Marvel alone. I know I’m done with DC, good luck to you DC fans because I smell flops coming and I’ll be laughing. DC will never compete with Marvel.

  50. Paul Hughes

    If Superman can be killed by a Gunn, what chance does the DC Universe have?

  51. TexasDavif

    Actors and roles get recast all the time, children. Just like in sports, getting fired is part of the biz people signed up for. See the movie, don’t see the movie, but boycotting won’t change anything.

  52. Waldogator

    Haven’t seen a DC movie since original Iron Man.
    No desire to see another one.
    Boring, Boring, Boring !

  53. Jason

    We love guardians of the galaxy, but it took ppl long enough to get over Christopher Reeves an to except Henry Cavil as superman an now we do y’all would be fools to replace Henry Cavil.

  54. Cindy

    WOW ….what is wrong with people now of days…where is your imagination…

    That’s right now of days no one else’s opinion matters but yours…how damn selfish can this generation be!!

    Just watch and keep opinions to yourself or better yet…you have nothing nice to say keep it to yourself!!!

  55. Robert

    So DC fans want Marvel fans to boycott a Marvel movie (with a genius comic action director) so they’ll fire the DC director (the same genius)? Did I get that right?

  56. Troy

    I never have cared for the DC univers I HAVE been very disappointed in all of the phase 4 marvel movies and streaming shows I am also sick of the woke bs in the movies

  57. James

    Henry Cavill was the best superman we had in a long time. He’s weak to magic and kryptonite, there is more than one color of it.

  58. NoMane

    No, this isn’t going to affect GotG 3. The only people who will attempt to boycott(by not going to watch) GotG 3 are Henry Cavill fans, and most if not all of them don’t watch Marvel anyways. Empty threats.

  59. David Roughton

    Boycotting GotG3 to spite James Gunn is just ludicrous. The movie has already been sealed for release (meaning completed & edited) and Gunn has been paid in full for his work (producers/directors DON’T receive royalties).
    Therefore, boycotting a franchise film because of something the writer/director/producer does to ANOTHER franchise AFTER leaving Marvel, is a pitiful cry for attention that is NOT worthy of a TRUE movie lover.

  60. Joe

    Big ass nothing sandwich. These “boycotters” aren’t real fans.

  61. Maureen

    Superman is DC and Warner Brothers where as the Guardians of the Galaxy are Marvel and Disney. Therefore, one has absolutely nothing to do with the other.

  62. John

    You’re a moron.

  63. David

    Well. I loved the first Guardians of the Galaxy films. But to me the Gunn’s suicide squad was any better than the first movie. I not sure he is the answer to DCU movie problems.

    1. Sam

      I’m not an expert on DC, Marvel or any other comics. However, I do know that the original comics created the canon of each characters history and basis of existence. So why are so many people arguing about Superman and Kryptonite? Do you hear yourselves? I think Henry is one of the most talented actors of the superhero and fantasy genre. Carbon, Man of Steel and The Witcher… All top notch. It was a long held belief that every supe had at least one weakness. It was a matter of it being revealed. Do you not want to watch and enjoy these movies? Sounds like a bunch of entitled poopy pants toddlers who always got their way and then went to go work as Twotterphiles. Welcome to the real world, you sniveling little twots!!! Wimpy-ass pricks.

  64. I

    Hell TF No!Most Marvel fans don’t give af about DC!

  65. Kayla

    So everyone is mad cuz of a change in Superman?? But how many times has Batman changed?!?!?! It’s OK Marvel movie r better anyways and always have been🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  66. Dcac

    I boycotted dc movies long back when they replaced christian bale as batman… I instead watch dc movies through pirated sites… Hurt them where it hurts the most ;p

  67. Mx. Me

    Cavill was an awful Superman. We should rejoice that he finally got the axe. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  68. Dray

    The franchise and the whole Marvel Universe died with Stan Lee. ‘Nuff Said!

  69. Sam

    Honestly i love guardians of the galaxy way too much to boycott it over some dude firing the old superman (who i dont even care for in the first place). If you wana boycott the superman movies go ahead but why mess with a great series like guardians? I always want as many people supporting good entertainment as possible in hopes that there will be more. Ill never get tired of them lovable psychos

    1. MizHope

      I’m with you! And also, what sense does it make to boycott Guardians, a Marvel asset, over trouble at the DC house? The whole thing has me scratching my head

  70. Kat

    No way,. I’m not skipping GOTG3,. Marvel shouldn’t be punished because of Gunn either. Cavill is great. It’s sad he won’t be Superman anymore.

  71. Stephanie

    I will still see Guardians Of The Galaxy 3. I was never a fan of Henry Cavels Surperman. I will always only recognize Christopher Reeves as the best Superman ever ❤️!

  72. Bobby

    I can guarantee 99% of the Twitter chumps saying to “boycott” GoG3 have never been laid. I like the MCU movies and DC movies just as much as the next guy, but
    If you’re big moment in life is the time you got so passionate that you’re legit trying to start a revolution ….. about a make believe flying alien in spandex based on a childrens book…. I can assure you that you will no longer feel that strongly about it if you had boobs in your face.

    1. Bobby

      And you can switch Boobs out with whatever body part and whatever gender applies to your situation. I just said boobs because I had a pair hitting me in the face like 5 minutes ago.

  73. You know Cavil is probably making more money from his new Warhammer series that he is making that he was probably going to get from Superman anyway? Leaving DC was a good thing for him.

  74. Xelita

    I’m supposed to boycott my people playing in Guardians because of something happening over Superman? Seriously?

    Yeah, I’ll do that when people boycott voting in the USA for lack of suitable candidates….

    Or when they boycott politicians for being sponsored by corporations….

    Or when they boycott Disney for not checking/changing suppliers selling clothes with Disney and Starwars characters with high amounts of lead….

    Or they boycott Hershey for the lead found in dark chocolate….

    I don’t think it’s necessary to continue the list. You get the picture.

  75. Mario

    This is poorly written. The author should be ashamed of themself.

  76. Pattie

    What DC did to Henry Cavill is absolutely wrong. Their decision to change actor after he was previewed at the end credits of Black Adam is unbelievable. I will band all future DC movies for myself and family. And encourage others to do so as well.