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Sleeping Beauty Castle with Walt and Mickey Mouse Partners Statue at Disneyland Resort

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  1. David

    Me and my son were the witnesses as it happened. Less then 15ft in front of us as we crossed the tram road.

    1. Family

      I’m sorry you had to see that. Could you possibly tell me what you saw and what happened. We are his family and haven’t heard anything besides confirmation of his death. Thank you.

      1. CR


        1. Ano ymous

          I am so sorry to read about the death of your loved one. Please seek out the help you need to cope with this tragedy. I’ve been there. Deepest condolences

      2. Rick TA

        Friend was there said he heard a loud smack and women screaming, some people ran away. Then he noticed that someone had at the time jumped off or pushed. Sorry for your loss but wrong place wrong time

      3. David

        Are you really his family?

      4. Dux Mom

        My moon and I both witnessed this tragic and horrible incident. It happened right in front of us as er we’re heading to the elevator with my granddaughter. I called 911 after realizing a body landed in front of us. We are grieving and trying to process this horrible event. Please don’t take light of this situation and keep you nasty jokes and responses to yourself.

    2. CR

      I’m sorry y’all witnessed this terrible situation. Please take care of yourselves. 🙏

    3. Mindy

      That’s awful! How old is your son? I’m sorry the other guy was going through massive issues, but to do that in a place crawling with children has to be one of the most selfish acts you can possibly do. I’m sorry you guys had to see that.

    4. TerriLee

      I am so very sorry you had to witness such a horrible act. Praying for you and your son.🙏♥️🙏
      I can’t understand why someone would choose that location knowing that children would be impacted by his actions. I pray his family and friends seek help to cope with such a loss especially at this time of year. 🙏♥️🙏♥️🙏

    5. Connie

      Oh I’m so sorry you had to witness this. Your poor son. ❤️

    6. Wayne S, Williams

      You both take care and keep close tabs on your son. God bless you both!!

    7. Paul W

      Honestly I’m surprised there are not more of these reports. The parking lot is not the only place someone can jump from. Many of the hotels in the area have high floor balconies with only waist-high railings, which of course promote excellent fireworks veiws, but they can also be easily jumped off if someone gets the inclination.

  2. Brian Bugarin

    Condolences to the family that lost a loved one.

    1. Anonymous

      He was a great man. That’s all. Prayers to his kids..🙏🏻

      1. KK

        Not that great if he beat his wife and offed himself in front of families with kids. He’s a selfish narcissist at best. Good riddance.

  3. Mike G

    He probably jumped after he realized he just shelled out $50 to park

    1. Kathleen

      Mike G. Was that really a necessary comment? We get it, you don’t like Disney, but your post is absolutely ridiculous.

      1. Asher

        Haunted mansion now has another ghost😀

      2. Wayne Stephen Williams

        He needs to grow up!!

      3. Mike G

        Um yes it was. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem

        1. Deb

          If you read the man’s post on Facebook, it wasn’t a temporary problem. The accusations that were made by his wife, if untrue or not, ruined his life. He probably would have lost his job and been labeled as someone he wasn’t. His whole life had been destroyed in his eyes. So what did he do? He played in the Candlelight Processional, and enjoyed making music and probably saw no way out. If you read about him online, it seems that he literally grew up in Disneyland. And if it was a false accusation, all I can say is how horrible it was. I am sorry for the people that witnessed it.

          1. KK

            You’re taking a selfish narcissist’s word of what happened. Someone who lied about his marriage for years. Offed himself in front of families with kids. He’s sick. This isn’t his wife’s fault. He wouldn’t have been charged with child endangerment if it didn’t happen. The kids spoke on what happened. Just because they didn’t want to press charges and the state did anyway doesn’t make him innocent. Even his last post was abusive and narcissistic af.

          2. JJ Diamond

            100% agree. People need to learn more about narcissistic behavior and how to spot them.

    2. Mindy


      1. Dave

        Something funny?

        1. Azza

          Obviously not to self righteous pretentious twats with no sense of humour.

          1. DG

            Where’s the humor? Where’s the joke? I love dark comedy from dead babies to the Holocaust or 9/11. Where’s the funny joke about this suicide? I’m not finding any here. I’m not self rigthoues or pretentious. Show me a legitimately funny joke about it and I’ll laugh. So far everyone has fell short.

    3. Tami

      While you have freedom of speech, you don’t have the right to hurt others. Get some self respect and respect for others

      1. Azza

        It was a joke, grow up. BTW he has the right to say whatever he wants. If it hurts you then you need to have a mug of harden the f*%k up.

      2. KK

        The irony posting that comment when this dude’s last FB post was the most abusive and narcissistic thing he could have posted. 🙄

    4. Susan

      Too soon! Have some respect.

    5. Sheryl

      Maybe it was his only happy place and he was out of happy moments

      1. Nelz

        OMG! I’m so sorry, that you guys had to witness that. 😢 So sad.

        Sending his family and the two of you, lots of love. 💝

    6. Azza

      I think that was amusing. Some people are too sensitive nowadays.

  4. I love Disney

    Nobody would do that, jumping on purpose. Must have been an accident.

    1. Mad hatter

      It’s called suicide go educate yourself since you live in a Disney state of mind. Not everyone has a fairytale happy ending. People do this because of depression, anxiety, and numerous reasons that the family will never have answers to. It’s sad and it’s extremely hard to deal with at any time of year but it’s even hard with the holidays.

  5. Tami

    Mental health is really. You can’t see it really. We hide it well. When you get in the sand quick to far and to dark, you can’t climb out. Look army the late great Robins Williams , a very well off man, he couldn’t climb himself out because it got to dark. I would never make jokes about his death or any other suicide. If you don’t know what was in their mind then keep quiet. He could have been a member of military ( 22 comments suicide a day) Learn mental health. It isn’t seen until to late

  6. Mr. Hugo Romero

    To Mr. C
    Former Principal from FVSD
    Great Person

    1. KK

      Great person… except for the abusing his wife and kids part. And offing himself in front of families and kids with no regard. Yeah, real winner.

  7. Erica

    He was a school principal and his dad was a Disney composer. he wrote this on FB before he jumped

    “I hate when people leave this Earth with so many unanswered questions. So, I hope this provides some insight and perspective…” he wrote.

    The note described a dispute in which police had been summoned. “I am on the brink of losing my job,” he wrote. “So, here I am…writing my final FB post to all of you. I need you all to know that a gentle, kind, loving and sincerely good man has been destroyed by one unfortunate night.”

    1. Nelz

      Thank you, for sharing this Erica. What a tragedy. 😢💔

  8. Steve

    So sad

  9. Steve

    He found out he had to pay for Genie+ on top of everything else and took the only reasonable measure.

    1. Douglas Vitrano

      Omg what is wrong with people like you? Mental illness is no joke.

      1. KK

        He wasn’t mentally ill. He beat his wife in front of a kid and took the coward’s way out. Mental illness is real and serious and this guy didn’t have it.

  10. Rick TA

    We feel for the guy and his family as alot of us deal with mental health but what a stupid act selfless act. I bring my kids here all the time as do all of you now I have to worry about the next person that got an idea from this. SMH

  11. Azza

    He could have been demon possessed. I’m serious, they force people to commit the ultimate sin by driving them to despair.
    Often mental illness is hard to distinguish from demonic possession and often they go hand in hand.

  12. Cynthia L Phillips

    Sorry about family’s loss.
    I don’t know how to get this to the owner of the site or who writes the content. They are publishing the wrong number for the suicide hotline.

    it’s now 988 to make remembering easier.

  13. KK

    This dude was a real POS for writing such an abusive, narcissistic post and then offing himself in front of a bunch of families and kids with no regard. Good riddance.

    1. Steve

      Stop abusing your children.

  14. KK

    This dümbass offed himself and he hadn’t even gone to court yet. lmfao Real genius.

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