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Two censored photos of a Guest wearing short shorts.


  1. Sandra Deffner

    I would hate to be the person sitting on the ride after her stuff was all over the seat … yuck

  2. Walt

    What really is the problem? Disney is turning out so much trash these days and celebrating everything sexual this fits right in. The wholesome days of a Walt’s vision of place to take your kids thats clean and safe are long gone. Long live the Empire

    1. Doh!

      Take your pills and go back to bed, Karen.

  3. Jaxx

    People should have more respect for themselves than to wear clothing like that. She looks like she is a hooker waiting for her next John.

  4. Teddy Gingerich

    “Half naked” is a real stretch. That being said, I don’t like seeing girls and women with their butt cheeks out at the parks (I don’t like it anywhere, TBH). It’s inappropriate, and I do wish CMs had the time to be a bit more observant about violations and do something. I’m absolutely not a prude, but Disney parks are just not the place for your barely-there clothing or your t shirt with explicit language and/or images. Save that for Six Flags.

  5. Kathy

    Post the dress code outside the entry gates in large print and include “Entry maybe denied and your ticket refunded.” Stop the problems at the gates. Disney is private property and they can make the rules. Don’t like it, don’t come!

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