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Magic Kingdom crowd levels memorial day weekend

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  1. Royz

    Put the Genie, Genie+ back in the lamp.
    Discontinue lightning lane, and fast pass of old.

    Go back to regular queue line and mobility/disability queue access.

    Why does it have to be so complicated?

    1. Steve

      To make more money. Disney is all about greed.

    2. Peggy


  2. Manny

    If you keep buying the product Disney has no need to discontinue it.

    Furthermore, it is getting to the point the LL is longer than the wait line, but they are holding up the wait line for every paid line cutter so you have two sets of unhappy guests.

    As long as Disney has this as a revenue stream and the self-entitled keep buying without the ire of others who have to wait this will not end.

    Voice your opinion not just here but actually in the park.

  3. Paul W

    I love Disney and have already experienced the Anaheim park during Christmas week. That was 10 years ago and even back then I couldn’t even move from Main Street into Adventureland…the archway was completely blocked by a wall of people. Trust me that I will never be visiting Disney during that week ever again unless I win the lottery and can afford the highest available VIP tour. If I do want the holiday experience again, the week after Thanksgiving is when I’ll be doing it.

  4. Bob

    Clearly, Disney does not intend to manage park guest times based on the limited venues available in the various parks. The only thing that will force a change would be a law suit or a substantial fine by the state.

  5. Theresa

    While I would have loved to go to Disney for my 25th wedding anniversary (which was the plan a couple years ago), that dream is long gone thanks to LL and Genie+.

  6. Peggy

    We went to Epcot 1 st day here got on one ride. And candle light processional and fireworks. Couldn’t get on other rides with das. To crowded. Hard to move around with wheelchair. Yesterday MK hit on 2 rides and parade. Haunted mansion broke down went to get back on and told we were 26 mins to early guy made us leave line with two wheelchairs. I had to make another das to try get back on.

    Girls got upset my mistake we thought line would move slower. Too crowded to move about comfortably with wheel chairs. We left 1/2 day. Really wouldn’t care if we had annual pass but having disabled in family couldn’t see paying for one through out pandemic. Gave ours up can’t get another so the 109.00 for the 4-5 hours really is pricy for us. We have no plans 12/31 or 1/1.

    Hoping 1/2 will be better.

  7. Terry

    Even if disney did get rid of the genie + and went back to the old way, crowds and lines would still be a problem as they have over built on-property resorts and those folks want to go to Disney parks. This has added to the crowds and disney appears to have no interest in keeping folks who stay else where.

    As the saying goes build it and they will come.

  8. Chapek Sucks

    Park Reservations and Genie+ have made going to Disney a Human Rube Goldberg Machine.

    They have overcomplicated themselves into a mess, and the only solution is to hit Reset Button. Go back to what was simple and worked.

  9. Randy

    Tell me you know nothing about Disney without telling me you know nothing about Disney.

  10. Laura Burgett

    We were at Disney from Dec 26 -31 st and it wasn’t any busier then when we went in may a few years back. Wait times were ridiculous but we just jumped into lines when the waits were short and we also purchased the genie+ . There is no rose Worth waiting more then 30 min for. Although Flight of passage and rise of the resistance are 2 AMAZING RIDES . I would wait maybe an he for them but thats the max.

  11. Danielle

    We went to Disney and Epcot this last week and waited for hours in line. The worse was for frozen…3.5 hours. We had a wheel chair and had no way of getting out of line. It was awful. LL and genie is making it worse! The put 5 standard wait for every 20 genie…

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