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Epcot harmonious

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  1. Dave

    Hopefully the junkyard is removed from the lake and the great view restored.
    Harmonious was a flop. Watched it twice and resolved never to see it again.

    1. Tinker Bell

      100% agree! I hate this show! Nothing will ever beat Illuminations in my book!

    2. Kristen

      This is one of my favorite nighttime shows. So sad to see it go. People who don’t like it, are we watching the same show?

  2. EE

    Saw it last summer. It felt like a big jumble of lots of different things thrown together, not a common theme (that I felt, anyway). It seemed like it had to acknowledge each category of their movie audiences.

    1. B-rad

      The hardware for the show was ridiculous. Large, ugly and impaired the lake view.

      Since EPCOT was supposed to be venue for supporting countries, I recommend brining back the original New World Fantasy, celebrating and spotlighting each country pavilion around the lake.

      1. Sharon

        I agree with bringing back the original that spotlighted each country.

  3. Diane

    Once was enough for me, the music sucks!

  4. Lynn

    Just saw Harmonious this week and I loved it. Incredibly entertaining and well done show with well- loved music!

    1. B

      I agree, My family and I enjoyed it a lot. The effects were fantastic. Illuminations was getting old for the constant visitor.

      1. Ryan

        This is old for everyone. My wife and I didn’t even bother to watch it the other night when we were there. We went in June and even our niece, who had never been, didn’t watch it. A huge Stargate in the middle of the lagoon. I always expect a wormhole to open up and spaceships to fly out of it.

  5. Mike Cha

    TOO BUSY, TOO MUCH GOING ON. The music wasn’t really fantastic. Dismantle the barges & BRING back ILLUMINATIONS

  6. Ann

    Don’t fix something that isn’t broken . . . BRING ILLUMINATIONS BACK!

  7. Vickie

    I loved it. Saw it twice on my September trip. Everyone around me both times was saying how they didn’t understand all of the hate the show was receiving. I liked Illuminations but I always thought it was kind of a bunch of stuff jumbled together. To each their own!

  8. Anna

    Seen it twice and absolutely loved it. It was meant for everyone around the world and it is what epcot is all about great job can’t wait to see it again.

  9. Dodger

    I haven’t seen the show yet, but ever since I first heard the soundtrack, I can’t get enough of it. I planned our next trip for the last week of March so I can see it before it’s gone.

  10. Matt

    Honestly…in my opinion it’s the best nighttime show Disney has ever created! Amazing music, incredible technology with the water feature/lasers/fireworks/LED lights, etc combined. It’s a feast for the eyes and ears, and I’m completely gutted it’s leaving! I’ve seen the show no less than 20 times, and I still LOVE it! Please don’t take it away!!!!! 😩

    1. Bryce

      I agree! It’s the only show I’ve seen since I’ve only seen the night show 1 time ever, but I loved it! I didn’t mind the machines because it didn’t really take away from the park except to make me guess what it was going to do.

  11. Marcos

    For me it’s incredible.. so much amazing things happening… I can see it many times and still incredible….. amazing job.. lot of technology, water, fireworks, audio, video.. it’s amazing.

  12. Kim

    The show itself is good. It does have a lot going on in it and can be too much for some. I myself like all that they have put into the show.

    However, the esthetics of the lake during the day is hideous. It takes away from the beauty of the park. I wish that they were on boats and would leave. There is nothing that you can do to make them look better sitting in the lake during the day.

    1. Deb

      I loved it. The music, the water with lights… They tried something different. I wasn’t impressed with the show at Magic Kingdom, but I enjoyed it.

    2. Sharon

      The barges used to disappear down a “river” until the next showtime. Why are they leaving the barges as an eyesore on the lake now?

  13. JRR3

    The sooner it’s gone the better. We used to end every visit at “IllumiNations” so that the emotional element of Disney would stay with us. “Harmonious” is devoid of depth and has no real story. With Disney, story is everything! Ditch Harmonious and give us back our gorgeous lagoon view.

  14. Cecy

    I missed the beautiful view of the lagoon.

  15. Rox

    Harmonious doesn’t grab the feels as Illuminations did. At least for me.

  16. jmbrake

    Harmonious was very disappointing. I never got chills or choked up like I used to with Illuminations. I felt harmonious was boring and uninspiring – I never even felt the urge to clap. I wouldn’t waste my time seeing it again and if it is gone in March, I won’t miss it.

  17. Jess

    I love it… my child loves it, the music touches her and it’s very special…. We will be sad to see it go but that’s okay…… ❤️ excited to see what will be next!

  18. Steve

    IllumiNations and “Promise” were so moving and beautiful and the perfect way to leave the park at night with the Disney “feels”. I almost teared up every time I viewed it live. I know the plan all along was for “Harmonious” to be a temporary show, eventually replaced by a permanent show. Please give us something like our dear “IllumiNations”, Iger. Please do it right. Thank you.

  19. Stargate SG-1

    I just like looking at the Stargate.

    1. Ryan

      Yep. My wife and I were there the other night and I told her I was waiting for the wormhole to open and gliders to shoot out of it. She laughed.

  20. Jules

    Harmonious just doesn’t tug at your heart strings like Illuminations did- colors were beautiful, but the permanent nature of the “stargate” and barges takes away from the World Showcase and view. I can’t wait to see the new show- they need to let the team that created World of Color fix Epcot and Animal Kingdom’s night time shows!

  21. Does anyone remember the 1999 – 2000 show ? The parade with the drums !!! I will never forget that show.
    Then it went to the globe and showed the story of life.
    It was the BEST EVER !!!!

    1. Missy

      @ Victoria That was the one with father time. The millennium celebration. I believe it was called the Tapestry of Nations. I agree with you that was incredible..I would love to see that again and have it be recorded in 4k
      That and of course the electric light parade. I know the tech is outdated now but that parade was so special. Even updated it wouldn’t have the same feel.

  22. Taylor

    The show itself was good and worth seeing. It’s unlike anything that has been done before. However, destroying the beauty of Epcot / World Showcase in the process made it a no-go.

    The show was only good because it is not a story, or does not hit any emotions. It’s like the short clips they put on the Tower of Terror at Christmas. Entertaining, but not connected. It feels like a bunch of songs randomly tied together. It’s missing heart.

    The worst part of it all is how the views on World Showcase were disregarded.

    Epcot has lost its identity.

  23. Bob

    Just saw this show last week. It was unbelievable. The crowds packing every available viewing spot seemed to agree. People loves this show. Including me.

  24. Sarina

    It was beautiful. I hope they add a new water show. The park is overpriced for what’s inside and at least the night show made up for what’s missing in the park.

    1. Ryan

      What’s wrong with what is inside Epcot? It is my second favorite after MK because of all the stuff to see and do.

  25. Bryce

    I loved the show! People complain about the mechanicals in the lake, but I thought it looked cool and gave me curiosity to look forward to. The show was great to watch all the nostalgia come back to me, and the magicband+ added to the experience. All negative reviews of it have to be people looking for something negative to say and not truly experiencing Disney for what it’s there for.

  26. AH

    Saw it once and that was enough. Never missed illuminations. It seemed to fit epcot whereas this thing seemed to be just a big advert for things.

  27. Janis

    Our family did not like it at all. We had our little granddaughter with us. Terrified her. Loud thundering explosions for no reason, loud disjointed music and totally obstructed view of the lagoon. Please bring in something inspiration or beautiful or fun

  28. Elaine

    We just got back from Disney World, saw this article popped up and not surprise to see these comments.

    I have seen Illuminations, Epcot Forever, and Harmonious for the first time last week.

    I like it but prefer Illuminations. Harmonious is certainly better than Epcot Forever.

    I feel Harmonious just chop different songs and jumble the them together, and show off some firework& pyro technology.

    There is no “building up our emotion to with lyrics and fireworks that go off in the right time, like Illuminations”. I tear up every time I watch the Illumination. The lyrics and music are so simple, so uniting, so inviting…

    And now they are changing it again? 😱.

  29. Terry

    Show and music = Awesome. Stop whining whiners.

  30. Sue Blue

    This is the worst ever. Instead of a peaceful lake, they added what looks like artillery batteries.

    Personally, I would be happy if they would bring back the original show where the countries lit up. It would be a nice change and no more whiney-nasal songs.

  31. Bri

    It didn’t matter where you were it was hard to see and rarely all parts worked. I didn’t mind the eye sore but you need something in Epcot that is viewable in its entirety from all around the lake. I loved the lights on the epcot buildings.

  32. Edward P. Giering

    The biggest negative? unlike all the other fireworks displays, you cannot watch it from any angle. If you’re not in the right position, the “Stargate” display is invisible. Unfortunately, since they have put so much money into the barges, they won’t be going away any time soon. Lasers, fountains and pyrotechnics, nothing will overcome the viewing limitations.

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